LE TOTE Fashion Rental Service Review + Discount Offer

This post is sponsored by LE TOTE.

Ok, guys, here we go. I’m going to attempt this whole fashion blogger thing. Pugs are a great photo shoot “accessory,” right?


Don’t I just scream “fashion blogger”?


Murphy’s face kills me in the photo below. Haha!


You guys know I have zero fashion sense, but I enjoy dressing well and looking good, which is why I love online clothing services so much. They take the guesswork/hassle/wasted money out of shopping and dressing myself. Plus, they are a lot of fun! That said, I want to tell you guys about a new fashion service called LE TOTE that lets you rent their garments and accessories on an unlimited basis. It’s like you have an infinite closet because you’re constantly getting new items in the mail. LE TOTE carries all sorts of upscale and designer brands, such as French Connection, Anthropologie, House of Harlow, Tulle, Kensie, BCBGeneration and more. Isn’t this a great concept?


Intrigued? Let me explain how it work””it’s simple!

Favorite // Browse the latest styles, click the heart to add items you love to your closet.
Customize // We style, you decide. You’ll always get 24 hours to customize what we send in your tote.
Receive // We’ll send you three clothing items and two accessories. Shipping is free both ways!
Wear // Wear each piece for you as long as you want! One week, one month, however long you need! Don’t forget to rate your tote so we learn more about your style!
Buy // Love something? Keep it and send the rest back. Members get up to 50% OFF the retail price.
Repeat // Return your tote in the prepaid envelope and we’ll ship a new tote immediately! It’s unlimited totes each month and free priority shipping both ways!

First you fill out your size profile and ”˜like’ all of your favorite pieces by clicking a heart icon. This adds the pieces to your closet. (Mine is pictured below just to give you an idea.)


After that, a stylist curates your tote with items in your closet and items that fit your style (you get 3 garments + 2 accessories). Your stylist chooses items for you, but 24 hours before your box is shipped, you can go in and switch out items you don’t want or need that week, so you can customize your tote and get exactly what you want.


Once you receive your tote in the mail, you can wear what’s inside as much or as little as you want””2 days, 3 weeks, however long you please. Then, you send the whole tote back in the prepaid envelope (shipping is FREE both ways) and LE TOTE sends you a new tote immediately. It’s super easy and you get unlimited apparel and accessory rental for just $49 per month.


So, what if you loved something in your tote and just had to have it? You can buy it for a highly discounted price! Just hang on to it and send everything else back. This lets LE TOTE know that you’d like to purchase it and they’ll charge your credit card on file. For instance, I was totally and utterly obsessed with the NOIR LUXE Grey Basket Weave Pouch in my recent tote, so I held onto it when I sent the rest of it back. LE TOTE reduces their prices up to 80% off retail for members, so I only paid $30 for it. Score!


LE TOTE offers insurance for $5 a month, so you never have to worry about damages. Their products also go through a rigorous quality control process, so you can wear everything right out of the box, which means no laundry for you. Plus, customer service is available 5 days a week by phone, online chat, or email, so they are ready to answer questions or help with any problems you might have. They sometimes even help with style advice or style emergencies!

Ok, now it’s time to tell you about my first tote from LE TOTE!


You already saw the FREE PEOPLE Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Top in the photos above and it was perfect piece for me. I work from home and work out on a regular basis, so a comfy, relaxed top like this one received quite a few wears. I paired it with leggings after a workout, but it also goes well with jeans or shorts.


The cuffs were my favorite part of this top. Funky, right?


If you read my post from Wednesday, you probably already saw the RD STYLE Mixed Media Long Sleeve. I really loved this piece.


You could dress it up or down, and the detail on the back was so cool.



Up next is the NOIR LUXE Grey Basket Weave Pouch that I mentioned above. It was the perfect size (it fit my semi-big wallet, iPhone + keys), and I know I will use it all the time, so I just had to have it.


The other accessory that I received in my tote was the AVA Tropical Enamel Bangle, which I was SO CLOSE to keeping, but only decided against it because I already own quite a few bangles that I should wear more often. This one was awesome though and stayed put on my wrist instead of sliding up and down non-stop, which is my biggest gripe with bangles.


And, finally, I received the SANCTUARY Belfast Jacket in my tote, which looked amazing on the model in the photos online, but did not look so great on me. It was too big and baggy and basically looked like a trash bag on me. Boo. But the great thing about LE TOTE is that I can wear what I like from my tote and then just send it all back when I’m done.


Belfast Jacket

What I love best about LE TOTE is that you can stay on trend and fashionable without having to commit. You can try something out, see how it works with your lifestyle/wardrobe and then decided whether to purchase it or not. I especially love this because I’m totally one of those people who buys something, hardly ever wears in, and then gets annoyed with myself for wasting money. LE TOTE allows its members to purchase items at deep discounts, so you get quality pieces that you know you’ll wear at an affordable price. It’s a win-win!

Are you thinking about signing up for LE TOTE? Here’s a little incentive: Get 20% off your first month when you sign up using this link. The code CARROTSNCAKE will automatically be applied to your order when you go through the sign-up process, so no need to re-enter the code””just be sure to use the link to get it.


  1. I love that long sleeved mixed media shirt. I was actually going to comment asking where you got it, but then I saw a very similar one at Athleta this week!

  2. I dont understand this service- you are paying to wear used clothing?? What if nothing in one tote looks good? Can you return one month?

    1. Yep, you can return your tote as many times as you’d like within in the month. So if you get one in the mail and you don’t like anything or nothing fits, you can send it right back and get a whole new one. I like this concept because you can wear what you like a few times and then get a whole new tote just a few days later, so you always have something new and fun in your wardrobe! 🙂

  3. Wow! This is AWESOME!! Can’t wait until it comes to Canada. This would be the perfect little reward to yourself while you’re in the process of losing weight – Beautiful clothes that actually fit, without the guilt of only being able to wear them short-term while your size keeps changing. Enjoy!

  4. hahah Murphy’s face is so cute! I use Le tote, i love it… i had to put it on hold for two months because of my lack of funds hahah but it’s SUCH a good idea! I like it a lot more than stitch fix that only comes once a month…..

  5. I wish I would have read this post a few days ago! I just signed up for this service a couple days ago and would have loved the discount. Thanks for the awesome review though, I have heard a ton of great things about them and can’t want to get my first tote!

  6. I LOVE my totes that come in. I have a tote exchanged about once a week. I love that I do not have to commit and I can choose from a list before they send it.

    Below is a link for $25 off your tote.
    Let me know how it works. FYI they have Super Awesome customer service!

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