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When you read in public, do you ever find yourself laughing out loud? Do you ever feel self-conscious about it?

The reason I ask is because while reading a blog post about picking your battles from The Bloggess on the train ride home from Rialto yesterday, I laughed out loud a number of times, but I felt super self-conscious about it. I mean, I wasn’t letting out loud, boisterous laughter, but I definitely noticed a few people starring at me. I actually felt embarrassed about laughing. Maybe I looked like some of weirdo, who escaped the loony bin laughing to herself. I dunno. Maybe I’m weird.

Tina Fey’s Bossypants also had me laughing out loud at times! I just started it, but I’m loving it so far. Her writing style totally jives with my sense of humor.

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One Year with Back on My Feet Boston

I didn’t end up running with Back on My Feet this morning, but here’s a wonderful video that BOMF shared at the birthday breakfast last week.


This morning’s breakfast was quick and simple: TJ’s waffles with homemade carrot cake jelly spread on one half and peanut butter on the other half. My appetite has been all over the place lately, but this breakfast hit the spot. It was exactly what I wanted.

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Feel Great Weight

It’s that time of year again: wedding season! If you’re at all like me, a number of weddings fill my social calendar for the next few months. Over the weekend, I attended my friends’ wedding in gorgeous upstate New York. The ceremony was held at a beautiful Catholic church and a reception with dinner and cocktails at a nearby hotel immediately followed.

I absolutely love weddings, but like many celebrations, it’s not always easy for me to control myself when I’m surrounded by the many opportunities to indulge in delicious food and drink. I don’t want to wreck my diet for the week at a single event, so I use a number of tricks to navigate weddings and keep my calories in check: How to Survive Wedding Season on a Diet.

Question of the Day

When you read in public, do you ever find yourself laughing out loud? Do you ever feel self-conscious about it?

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  1. I always seem to have my laugh out loud moments in the office. It’s dead silent, and here I am losing it. My coworkers already think I’m nuts–might as well seal the deal.

    Fey’s book is definitely on my to read list!

  2. I laugh out loud a lot at work. It’s embarrassing and makes it pretty obvious I’m taking a break from work. I also laughed out loud all the time while reading Chelsea Handler’s books.

  3. Hahah I love Tina Fey! She’s wonderful. And yeah, I do laugh in public and I always feel weird about it.. but whatever. There are much stranger things than the sight of me enjoying a good book.

  4. I always get embarrassed when laughing out loud if I am reading something funny but at the same time maybe hearing someone else’s laughter could brighten another person’s mood so I try not to worry about it as much anymore!

  5. lately i’ve just been using the kindle app on my phone instead of carrying a book so when i laugh out loud i look even crazier since it doesn’t look like i’m reading anything!

    some times i tear up when i’m reading something sad on the train – i find that even more embarrassing!

  6. I do this ALL THE TIME, and yes, I feel self-conscious, and no, it doesn’t stop me from doing it time and again!

    Carrot cake jelly? Can you share that recipe?!

  7. I read the same post from The Bloggess and was also trying not to laugh out loud because a cleaning lady was in my room at the time! Normally, I might not control myself because I don’t care, but being at work, I wasn’t necessarily supposed to be reading things that were making me laugh out loud so I was trying to hold it in!

  8. Oh my gosh, I laugh out loud all the time! Haha I’m sure people think I’m nuts but I can’t help it – when something is funny I think it’s pointless to try and subdue your reaction.. Happiness is contagious, right? πŸ™‚

  9. I laughed out loud so much at times reading Tina Fey’s book, I thought I was going to wake the rest of the house! I actually would purposely not take her book with me to read when I was out in public, because I knew I would be laughing like a crazy person.

    And that carrot cake jelly sounds amazing!

  10. Aaaah!
    I read Bossypants on a plane ride and couldn’t stop laughing. The other people on my flight must have thought I was nuts. Great laughs, and great career advice too. Love LOVE LOVE the Tina Fey!

  11. I totally laugh out loud in public if reading or listening to something funny. Laughter is good for the soul and I hope to make it contagious when I do it.

  12. I can’t wait to read Bossypants! Please post a review when you’re done πŸ˜€ I laugh out loud when I’m alone and reading something all the time… I’ve moved past embarrassment and stopped caring πŸ˜›

  13. I totally find myself laughing out loud in public when I’m reading! It’s not embarrassing really. When I get embarrassed is when I am not reading, not on my phone, or anything, but think of a funny thing that happen to me or that someone said to me and start laughing seemingly over nothing at all.

    And carrot cake jelly spread! Please share!

  14. Bossypants was absolutely hilarious! I was not only laughing out loud, i was practically snorting because it was just too funny! I also recently cracked up out loud watching the movie Bridesmaids! My laughter must have been embarassing for my friend sitting next to me!

  15. I’m reading Bossypants right now and it makes me laugh out loud all the time! She is amazing and puts in writing things that people only think subconsciously. Enjoy it!

  16. I have laughed out loud reading a book, I don’t feel self conscious about it, because I’m enjoying myself… what’s to be ashamed of! πŸ™‚

  17. I laugh out loud in public all the time (at things I’m reading) and, while I might feel self-conscious at first, I eventually just don’t care. Sometimes, it’s just too funny! One of my top laugh-out-loud culprits is, she always has me laughing so hard … I just can’t be helped! πŸ™‚

  18. I read Bossypants too and laughed out loud and almost dropped the book trying to hold in my laughter…all while on public transit. If you just started the book, you will definitely be laughing out loud a lot more. It’s super hilarious.

  19. Bossypants is laugh out loud funny! I also laugh a ton over David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs’ books. If I’m in a terrible mood, I only have to read a chapter in order to feel better.

  20. I laugh out loud sometimes when I’m reading, and automatically feel a little self-conscious. But then I remind myself, who cares? As long as it isn’t disrupting anyone, so what if I am finding a little humor in my day. Besides, laughing is good for you. πŸ™‚

  21. Yes … and no, I never feel self-conscious. When I laugh out loud, it seems so funny that I’m actually laughing out loud that it makes me laugh more. I seriously love to laugh πŸ™‚ And it always makes me feel happy when I do.

    I say laugh often and laugh loud!

  22. Snorted. I have snorted trying to control my laugher while reading this in public! πŸ™‚ And, telling people you snorted in public by suppressing a laugh makes them want to read it that much more! πŸ™‚

  23. People just look at you because they want to know what you’re reading so that they can laugh too! I am always jealous when I see someone laughing at their computer, a book, a movie, etc. I want to know what’s so funny!

  24. So glad you loved The Bloggess post! It brightened my entire day. I often laugh out loud on the subway and I don’t care. I’d rather people think my life is entertaining!

  25. I’m waaaayyyy behind in your posts this week!

    I have taken to listening to NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” Quiz show while I run….and I think everyone in my town now knows me as the crazy lady who screams out random words and laughs maniacally as she’s trucking down the roads!

  26. Just did my FIRST EVER KINDLE PURCHASE! Bossypants, it was! And you couldn’t be more right… not only can I not put it down but I am laughing aloud in public. It’s getting a little ridiculous- you would think I would learn to just NOT read it in public but that would totally negate the whole inability to put it down aspect, no?

  27. I sometimes feel weird about laughing in public. I think my laugh is annoying when some men find it sexy. I think a laugh, smile, some kind of emotional enjoyment is an attractive thing. It shows that your living. Except on me, I don’t like others staring at me as I laugh hysterically.

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