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Good morning! Happy Tuesday to you!

So, I love reading surveys and learning new things about my favorite bloggers, so when I saw this one on Julie‘s blog last month, I was all about it. I also wasn’t sure what to blog about today, so here are some random ramblings from my life lately. Enjoy!

Lately I've Been Survey

Lately I’ve Been”¦

Making: No-Bake Mini Vanilla Almond Coconut Bars. I make a batch pretty much every week, so I have a little something sweet to snack on whenever the craving strikes. Mmm! And they take like 5 minutes to make. Love that.

No-Bake Mini Vanilla Almond Coconut Bar

Cooking: Garlic Mustard Drumsticks. We’ve eaten this recipe quite a lot in our house lately. Organic drumsticks are just $1.99/pound at Trader Joe’s, so I’ve made a big batch for the past three weeks now. It’s such an easy recipe and always turns out well.


Drinking: Marylou’s iced coffee. Surprised? I didn’t think so. Haha! My father-in-law bought me 4 pounds of Marylou’s ground coffee, so I’m drinking even more of it lately!

IMG_3817 (800x600)

Reading: I’m still reading 10% Happier, but it’s my goal to finish it this week. Plus, I’ve raved about it so much, Mal wants to read it now. He keeps bugging me to hurry up with it!

Wanting: A weekend with no plans. Well, yes and no. I love that we have so many fun things to look forward to this summer, but I’d love a lazy, low-key weekend too.

Looking: Forward to spending a week on vacation in Oregon with Mal’s family. They’ve never met Quinn, and we’re staying at a really cool place with all sorts of outdoorsy stuff, so it’s going to be fun!

005 - Copy

Playing: Silly games with Mal. Always. We’ve moved on from hiding the skull to tiny photos of Murphy. I had a few leftover after I printed some photos for Quinn’s birthday party, so I cut them up and started putting them in Mal’s stuff.

SAM_2398 (800x533)

Wasting: Time trying to find the best online deals for summer clothes for Quinn. He now has a whole new wardrobe! Here’s how I saved some serious cash: Used Ebates with TreadUp, Zulily, and Kohls. Signed up for their emails lists and text updates and then just waited for the sales and discount codes to come in. I honestly don’t think I spent more than $10-15 per order with all of the deals/coupons I used, but I got a TON of stuff for Quinn. (I’m kind of a psycho about finding deals online, and I’m okay admitting it.)

Wishing: Mal was on summer vacation. Darn snow days. He’s not out of school until next Monday.

Enjoying: The daylight. My favorite time of year is right now when the days are really long.

Waiting: For good news tomorrow.

Liking: The exciting news from General Mills. Have you heard? The company is removing all artificial flavors and colors from the entire line of their cereals. They listened to you guys! As they move in this direction with their cereals, their team has used a variety of ingredients like fruit and vegetable juice combinations and spice extracts for colors, so they sent me some of the spices and flavorings they’ve used to inspire them in this journey. Pretty awesome, right?


Wondering: How we’re going to survive a 6-hour flight with a very active one year old. Please pray for us.

Loving: Our friends. Somehow Mal and I got really lucky with such amazing people in our lives.

Hoping: We keep up our Happy Birthday sign tradition next year. Since Mal, Quinn, Murphy, and I all have birthdays right near one another, we put up a ”˜happy birthday’ sign and then changed the name after it for each of our birthdays. It was fun, so I hope we do it again next year.

birthday sign tradition

Needing: A sugar and wine detox. I definitely lived it up last weekend, but, whoa, I need a detox.

Wearing: KUT from the Kloth. I first got hooked on their appareal, thanks to all of the amazing jeans that my stylist at Stitch Fix sent me, but now I’m obsessed with their shorts, tanks, and dresses too.

IMG_3891 (800x800)

Following: @fuckjerry on Instagram. It’s so frickin’ funny. I laugh out loud almost daily at his posts.

Noticing: That I like telling people I’m 35 years old.

Knowing: I have the most wonderful little boy ever. I fall in love with him (and his crazy hair) more and more everyday.

IMG_3755 (800x800)

Thinking: It’s totally normal to keep your birthday candles with the potholders in the kitchen. No? Growing up this is where my mom kept them, so that’s where I keep them now. Mal had trouble finding them for my birthday donut last week, so, apparently, it’s a weird place to keep them.


Feeling: Happy, content, and thankful. Turning a year older definitely makes you look at your life a little more closely and my life is a zillion times better than I ever imagined it to be.

IMG_3886 (800x800)

Bookmarking: This recipe for Avocado Cilantro Lime Rice. A reader shared the link with me last week, and I need to make it ASAP. It sounds so good!

Opening: A recent order from Boxed. Have I mentioned how amazing this service is? We use it ALL the time. All the time, people. FYI: You can save $15 on your first order with code B8TGW.


Questions of the Day

Where do you keep your birthday candles?

What is your favorite Instagram account to follow?

What are you needing right now?

Any advice for entertaining a one year old for 6 hours in a confined space?

P.S. Be sure to enter my giveaway to win a $250 gift certificate to Lorna Jane!!


  1. i’m needing a massage!!!! bring a bunch of new toys for quinn (see if you can trade a few with a friend so you don’t have to buy all new toys! borrowing for the win!!)

  2. Haha! That is where I keep my birthday candles too! Yikes- I feel for about anxiety over entertaining a cooped up and active one year old. We had trouble entertaining Matilda in the car for 8 hours. Lots of snacks, books, toys, songs to sing, and pray for long naps!

  3. I don’t have birthday candles in the house currently so I suppose I keep them at the store. 😉

    Right now I need it to be Saturday so my boyfriend is finally home from a two week work trip.

  4. I have always kept the birthday candles with pot holders, too! Glad I’m not the only one, ha!

  5. We keep our candles there too. I am needing some motivation to get the home organized for the massive amount of toddlers invading our home this weekend for my little man’s 2nd birthday party.

  6. Quinn is the cutest! Almost makes me want another…almost!
    I keep the candles with my baking ingredients and yes anal-retentive has a dash!
    You must check out! Great ideas if you’re feeling crafty….

  7. Hi Tina!

    Would you mind sharing where you’re staying at in Oregon? We’ve been looking for a fun place!


  8. We keep our candles with our spices/sprinkles/etc. All “baking goods,” right?

    Go to the dollar store, buy lots of random new toys, and wrap each one. He will have a blast unwrapping and discovering new things. Lots of snacks. Also, bring a change of clothes for him AND you, just in case. And baggies to put dirty clothes in. I also think an ipad with kids movies helps, at least for 15 minutes or so…

  9. I can’t believe that school is still in session out there! That’s Pittsburgh they were out weeks ago. Stupid snow storms!

    I love following @harlowandsage on Instagram..they have the cutest dog pictures!
    I need to get over this little cold I have..I can’t stop coughing and it’s so frustrating!

  10. @Girlwithnojob is an absolutely hilarious Instagram. I am really needing some quality beach days. I feel like summer is slipping away and I haven’t spent nearly enough time at the beach soaking in the rays!

  11. I keep the candles with the basket of spices/baking supplies. I was also thinking this was so “obvious”, but I guess that’s just where my mom kept them too 🙂

  12. We keep our candles in the refrigerator (like they are going to melt!?)…my entire family always has so I guess that’s where they go in my mind.

    I love finding surveys like this…it’s the perfect and fun way to get a post together when I’m feeling a little less than creative! 🙂

  13. I have never used Boxed, but just went to give it a try because of all the great things you have said about it. When I entered the code for $15 off, it said “Oh darn 🙁 Unfortunately this promo code has been fully redeemed by our users.” Bummer..

  14. weird question, but what size dress did you get from KUT? im looking for a dress for a summer wedding and think that would be a perfect dress (looks super comfy) but am hesitant to buy online because i cant try it on! did you find they fit true to size?

  15. We keep the candles with my baking supplies – I feel like I should change it up now, haha

    I’m needing to loose the last 5 lbs. of post-pregnancy weight. Why is it so hard to loose the last 5 lbs…any advice!? I’m thinking of changing up my workout routine.

  16. Where is Oregon will you be visiting? I live in Bend and always get excited when people visit our beautiful state. 🙂 Looks like you are going to be visiting at a great time – the weather is supposed to be really hot and sunny (you just never know in June).

  17. My wine detox is called pregnancy, haha. Can’t wait to celebrate in 5 more months with some vino.

    Bring lots of distractions! Books, fave toys, new toys, and finger foods. Not sure if he takes a pacifier, but if he does bring a few! We also had a wheels on the bus app on the ipad that helped out once in a while.

  18. I feel like the pot holder drawer is also used as a “catch all” drawer. I store a lot of random things in there too.
    @arron_crascall is hilarious! He makes the funniest videos!
    I need a spa day and a hair cut!

  19. I love teh @fuckjerry account as well!! So funny!! We keep our candles in a box of supplies for parties like napkins, forks and plates lol. I love Boxed as well. So smart, I don’t have to run to the store 900 million times a month for toilet paper or paper towels!

  20. that is exactly where I keep my candles too!!!!! For a while they were in the “junk” drawer, but they kept breaking! 😀

  21. So excited to hear about your trip to Oregon. My future husband and I will be spending part of our honeymoon there for a week in August. We are renting a house on Cape Meares and in Portland!

  22. My husband will also be in school until Monday (when I’m sure at least half of the students won’t show up for the half day!). That dress looks great on you! I love it! I’ve been looking for another summer dress to wear to work.
    I believe my in-laws also keep their candles in the same exact place!
    Right now I need more people to enter for free tickets to the Gluten Free and Allergen Free Expo in Worcester, MA! The entry is on my blog and closes today (though I may extend since I don’t have anyone entered to win). This is in no way a promo for my blog, just trying to get some free tickets out to people! Please let me know if there’s anyone you think would be interested!

  23. That is awesome about the General Mills cereals. I’m excited to try them out! As for the flight, I would just say that you will want to make sure that he has plenty of things to entertain him. My daughter loved the airplane magazines, her toys, and my phone. I would bring my iPad for her to watch a movie on next time around. Good luck! 🙂

  24. I think the candles are in a drawer where I keep grilling tools…not sure why. Doesn’t really make sense?? My fav instagram right now is “@tunameltsmyheart”. Cute dog of course. I’m going to have to start following the ones mentioned here though, sound fun. Needing- time to sit out on my deck to chill and maybe read a book. I don’t have any kids so I don’t have any travel advice, sorry!

  25. Good luck on your flight! We just did a trip to Hawaii with my 1 year old daughter. Upgrading to the extra comfort seats (with the extra leg room) was the best thing we ever did. She was able to get up and down from our laps without us having to walk the aisle with her. Also, snacks!

  26. haha a funny post! You look so incredible, I can’t get over it!
    A new book with pictures of something he’s never seen before- that’ll keep him entertained for hours! 🙂

  27. We only just introduced the iPad to our 21 month old during this around the world trip we are currently on. It’s a great distraction if he’s feeling a bit impatient from having to sit on long international flights. I can recommend many games such as Broom Games (Room on the Broom), Peg Plus Cat (Tree Problem and Big Gig), The Gruffalo, and there are many many others with colors and animals (SoundTouch, FW Deluxe, Music Color, etc). Even if they’re too young to play the game they can just watch the screen and interact with it by touching it (and I keep the iPad muted so it won’t annoy other passengers). Also packing lots of snacks and interesting/novel toys is a good idea. Good luck for the flight!! I’m sure it will be fine 🙂

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