Late-Summer Bucket List

Hi, guys!

Earlier this week, we went to the beach with a couple of our friends for the first time this summer. We (especially Quinn) had an awesome time, so we wondered why the heck we hadn’t gone before now. I mean, hello, it’s the end of July and we live like 15 minutes from the beach. Get it together, Hauperts!

IMG_9651 (960x1280)

I guess we didn’t go to the beach until now because we thought it was a such a big ordeal, but it probably only took us 30 minutes (maybe less?) to pack up our things and get ourselves ready for the beach. It really was SO SIMPLE, so we definitely need to go more often. FYI: Our beach tent is THE BEST!!! It takes 2 seconds to open and maybe 30 seconds to pack up. Best purchase ever!!

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Frozen grapes at the beach are the bomb! I ate like half of them myself. Once you start, you can’t stop! 🙂

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It was such a fun day, and I can’t wait for our next beach outing! Maybe next week?!?

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Speaking of our next beach adventure, we have a number of things we still want to check off our “bucket list” before the end of the summer. (Apparently, we’re a little slow on the summer stuff.) In no particular order, here’s what’s on our late-summer bucket list:

  • Eat lobster
  • Make s’mores
  • Go to the Cape
  • Read a book
  • Go on a road trip
  • Play Pitch
  • Watch the sun set
  • Have a fire pit
  • Visit the driving range
  • Play beach games
  • Buying treats from an ice cream truck
  • Drink Moscow Mules

Question of the Day

What’s on your bucket list for the remainder of the summer?

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  1. I saw that you were at Nantasket Beach. I live in Scituate and we have great beaches too which is closer to Hanover. In addition, you can rent kayaks and paddle boards. Scituate Harbor is one of best south of Boston. There are shoes and lots of restaurants. The Mill Wharf Restaurant upstairs has a great Caesar salad with salmon on top as an add on. As you are just in Hanover there is a great shortcut behind the Mall in Hanover to get you there quickly. It also has Widows Walk Golf Course on the Driftway on your way to the Harbor. Check it out,

    1. @Barbara:
      There isn’t really a lot of public parking for Scituate beaches though. Pegotty has a few for non-residents and maybe you can find a spot at Minot but its kind of a crap shoot. Also Nantasket has bathrooms which is always a bonus.

  2. Thank you for the tent review, I’ve been debating if we need one. My bucket list includes more bike rides, beach time and relaxing. I’m ready to slow down!

  3. Our summer has been flying by with lots of indulging and so I feel like the remainder of the summer I want to SLOW down and take it easy! Appreciate the simple things that make summer so great.

  4. Hi Tina, Just wanted you to know that Fox News is in Scitate right now doing a “zip trip.” In case you want to turn to that channel.

  5. I love your bucket list! I just started reading my summer book, “The Good Girl”. I also want to read “We Were Liars”. Some items on my/family list:

    – Run the falmouth road race (This is my biggest item and I’m beyond excited to check it off!)
    – Trip to the beach (I have the same hesitation that it will be a big ordeal with a 21 month old, We just need to do it!)
    – Start fostering Labs (huge bucket list item for us, we need to fill out the app and have a home visit first)
    – Go to Davis Farmland
    – Eat Lobster
    – Get in some more date nights, I love outdoor dining in the summer! (and we now have a go to babysitter!)

  6. You should go to the Cape, and check out Corporation beach in Dennis if you’ve never been. It’s awesome for toddlers. Tide pools, rocks and tons of little crabs to find, bathhouse, and snack shack that has great food! if you go you have to buy the homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip ice cream sandwich. TO. DIE. FOR. worth the 5 bucks, and can easily be split three ways between you, Mal and Quinn. If you stay long enough you can catch a cool sunset too. That’s like 2 bucket list things all in one day 🙂

  7. I made it my mission to do some new, fun things this summer.

    1. Rented a cabin on a pond in Maine
    2. Went to a beach on the Cape that I have always wanted to go to
    3. Went tubing down the Saco River
    4. Going to Hampton beach for a night at the end of August

    Still want to try paddleboarding

    1. We camped at Crawford Notch the beginning of June and wished we had waited till it was warmer to tube Saco. So gorgeous up there

  8. Beach trips are the best! Inexpensive, easy and fun! I think when the kids are babies it’s not as fun. When we lived in Portsmouth, NH we beached it every weekend!

    We need to take our boys to a baseball game! We live in Milwaukee now…

  9. Agreed! I live in Boston and have been to the beach twice all summer. It’s so busy! I’d love to have a lobster bake at some point and grab ice cream!

  10. We have already done so much and it feels like it’s a been a long good summer. Next week my family and I head to Vegas. From there we are driving across country. We plan on seeing a lot. Starting with the Hoover Damn, Grand Canyon, Sioux Falls,Colorado, Mount Rush More, and ending up back on the east coast, hitting Niagara Falls and Cape Cod before returning to Maryland. With two teenage boys it will be an adventure for sure. Griswold style. 😉 Excited to have this opportunity before my oldest son graduates this upcoming year!

  11. Hi Tina!

    Just wondering if you have ever done a post on things to do in Boston/the Cape? I looked under Travel but didn’t see anything specific. My husband and I are heading up to Boston in October for the Clemson/BC game over Columbus Day weekend. We wanted to do a day trip to the Cape and thought about taking a ferry from Boston to Provincetown but didn’t know if we would be better off doing something else for a more “Cape Cod” experience since we just have one day.

  12. Is there anywhere in Boston area where you can have a fire pit in a park or beach? Love fire pits but haven’t found anywhere in Boston area (I live in Brookline).


  13. That beach tent looks really nice! We haven’t been to the beach either this summer, and we only live about 15 minutes away. I’m glad you guys had a nice time. We would love to do something fun before school starts in 2 weeks, like maybe go to Legoland.

  14. We made a bucket list the beginning of July that is on our fridge! This is our first summer in upstate NY and we wanted to make sure we got everything done. Still left- go to a drive in, go camping(reservations made), go to the beach.

  15. Frozen grapes are the best! Just as good as candy 😉
    My bucket list is never ending…I live in the ocean state and have yet to go to the beach!
    Also you all make such a beautiful family 🙂

  16. Longtime reader here, but seldom comment. I used to love reading your blog, but lately it is so hard to dodge all the pop-up ads that refuse to go away and are so totally interspersed within your writing. I know you have to make a living, but the ads have greatly increased since you changed your format. Has anyone else noticed or am I the only one????

    I really enjoy reading about you, your family and food, but don’t love all the distractions. BTW, I read other blogs, but have never seen this many ads.

    Thanks for listening to a devoted reader!

    1. What pop-up ads? There should only be the pop-up to sign-up for the CNC newsletter, but none other than that. Sorry you’re running into that issue!

  17. OK i’m going to buy that Beach Tent! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 Looks like a fun beach day for y’all 🙂

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