Last Week’s Workouts + “Fran” Rx

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I love it when other bloggers recap their workouts for the week. I like seeing what they do for exercise and how they balance their various workouts and incorporate rest days, so I decided to recap last week’s workouts for all of you nice people. I also wanted to recap my most recent achievement, which is actually one of my biggest goals””if not the biggest””for 2013. I’m pretty pumped about it. With that said, here’s a recap of my workouts for last week!

Sunday: Off

Monday: CrossFit

wallballs medicine ball

10 Wallballs
200m Run
10 over-the-medball Burpees

This workout was really deceiving. It didn’t seem too bad, but, man, it was rough. My quads were burning, and I was seriously sucking wind by the end of it. The combination of the three exercises just hurt so bad. I was out running my 6th 200 meter when the clock went off, so got 5 rounds + 10 reps. It was an awesome workout, and I actually hope I see it again, which is NOT something I usually say about WODs! Haha! I dunno. For some reason, I liked this one.

Tuesday: Long walk with Murphy + 5 mile run

walk with murphy

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Spin class at The Handle Bar


Friday: CrossFit

photo (2) (600x600)

Do you see where I am going with this?

Friday was “Franday,” which means our box did “Fran.” You may have heard me talk about this workout on CNC a few dozens times in the past. It’s the CrossFit benchmark workout, so it’s a big deal and everyone gets pumped for it.

grumpy cat fran

It’s funny to think back to my very first Fran. I was brand new to CrossFit and had no idea what to expect. I scaled the workout””I used #35 for the Thrusters and a #3 band for the pull-ups”” and I still remember finishing Fran and thinking: what the heck just happened? I couldn’t understand how a workout that took me less than 6 minutes to complete, took so much out of me. I also remember thinking there was no way in hell I’d ever be able to Rx Fran. Like never ever. After my first attempt, I actually set a goal for myself to do Fran at Level 1 because I truly thought 65-pound Thrusters and unassisted pull-ups were out of my reach.

Fast forward to five “Fran” attempts later”¦

fran Rx crossfit (450x600)

Yep, that’s right. I finally Rx-ed her, and I finished in 5:45.

It took me a year and half to do it, but all of my hard work finally paid off. Those 65-pound Thrusters were nothing! Ok, well, by the round of 9, I wanted to die, but I barely dropped the bar. The pull-ups were more of a struggle, and I ended up doing two at a time toward the end, but I had a string of 11 and 7 on the set of 21, so I was pretty happy about that.

Boy, I’ve come a long way since my first Fran. Check out my progress… just another reason why performance tracking is so important in CrossFit. You can see your gains in black and white!

photo (3) (600x450)

Awesome, right? I’ve been on a high since Friday. I still can’t believe I did it. Now, I want a sub 5-minute Fran! Proud but never satisfied!

Saturday: Off

Questions of the Day

What’s your typical weekly fitness routine look like?

Have you achieved any of your goals for 2013 yet?


  1. Whoa – look at you. What a great picture! You look like one of those Olympic weight lifters. 🙂

    I’m working on weight-loss goals this year more than fitness goals. I’m almost half-way to my weight loss goal though. Nothing motivates the way progress does!

  2. congratulations tina! great determination pays off, clearly! i started crossfit a couple of months ago and we haven’t done fran yet, but i’m excited and nervous to see it on the board one of these days! question for you – did you do standard pull ups or kipping?

    i usually see a trainer twice a week, go to crossfit 2 or 3 times a week, and supplement with the gym. i aim for 5-6 workouts per week. 🙂 i like the variety. as for goals, well i’m hitting little ones all the time since i’m new to crossfit! i just got the hang of kipping pull ups last week – now i need to figure out how to string a bunch together. i love the constant challenges.

  3. I really wish I could try crossfit, it seems like such an AMAZING workout. Bummer my wallet can’t afford paying for two gyms! Loving how you incorporated your rest and active days into your week- good stuff chic! 😀

    1. @Christine@ Apple of My Eye: I dropped my other gym after joining a Crossfit box, which is something I said I would NEVER EVER do! I ended up getting a treadmill, which was the one thing I kept saying I would miss — access to the treadmill in bad weather — and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. I’m not suggesting that’s what you should do, I’m just saying that I was such a gym devotee I NEVER thought I’d leave, so even I was surprised. The one thing I didn’t realize was that there is so much more than just a daily WOD at a Crossfit box. Mine has Barbell Club, Endurance Classes, Mobility Class — so I’m really not missing much.

      Oh, also, I know a lot of gyms are doing Crossfit ‘style’ classes now. That’s actually how I got into it — the YMCA I was going to added a class called Insane Fitness Training that was basically Crossfit, and I loved it so much I had to try the real thing!

  4. At the moment, since I’m unofficially training for a half marathon my week looks like this:

    Monday: long run
    Tuesday: body pump (easy on the squats & lunges)
    Wednesday: short tempo run, sometimes spin too
    Thursday: rest day
    Friday: body pump (usual weights)
    Saturday: short run
    Sunday: rest day

  5. Awesome workouts! My weekly workouts are currently running (and PRing 🙂 ) and doing Blogilates videos! I’m trying a no-gym-July thing to show myself (and others) that I don’t need a gym to stay active.

  6. Wow – congrats! That’s incredible! I do strength training 4 days a week and throw in some HIIT every now and then. There’s a box opening by me and I’m seriously considering doing it!

  7. I’m glad to see when you have these awesome, intense workouts (with variety), but you also pay attention to rest days. Those are so important and often ignored in this “healthy living blog” world!

  8. Congrats…what an awesome accomplishment! Right now I’m doing Zumba 4 days a week and running once a week. My goal is to add more strength training into my routine. I definitely don’t do enough of it!

  9. Congratulations!!!!!!! That’s a huge accomplishment. I teared up a little bit like I do when I read marathon stories. Haha. I have yet to attempt Fran, but I’m sure it will come up soon!

  10. Did Grace RX on Saturday! It was a miserable 10 minutes and my poor planning of heavy deadlifts on Friday didn’t help but nonetheless I did it and finished it. Shooting for sub 6 min. next time. Once I get pullups, Fran is next!!

  11. good job. I dont think we have even done FRAN yet but I am excited. Ill prob do 55# thrusters, no band for pull ups and see how I do. I hope to RX it within the year though. great accomplishment!

  12. Way to go Tina!!! I’m training for my first half marathon in the fall so in general my workouts for the week look like this…
    Monday: 2 mile run and Strength (mostly legs)
    Tuesday: Strength
    Wednesday: 3 mile run
    Thursday: Strength (mostly upper body) and 3 mile run
    Friday: REST =)
    Saturday: Long run
    Sunday: REST =)

    I’m also battling some hip issues so it’s I gave my self lots of time to slowly increase my mileage and get my muscles stronger to compensate for the fact that my hips are goofy!

  13. That is AWESOME that you PR’d Fran!!! Thrusters are the DEATH of me…give me pull ups all day long, but thrusters….YUCK!!! I’m guessing that’s probably WHY I haven’t PR’d yet…. 🙂


  14. 2 crossfit questions….a box just opened near me and the cost is $290 per month. 1) is that the standard cost? I thought it would be closer to $180. 2) for a beginner is it better to do the pay per class at $30? I wonder how sore I will be and if I will be able to go enough the first month. Advice welcome…..

    1. Prices vary from box to box and based on the type of membership you get. Personally, I’d get a monthly membership. Those per class rates really add up!

  15. It’s funny because I can’t say I have a typical fitness routine. I have certain workouts that I love but I am constantly switching things up. I love to try out new classes and new activities all the time so I never really get into a routine. Keeps life interesting!

    I watched a CrossFit competition on TV this weekend for the first time. It was insane! I get stoked when I lift 20lbs. Haha. Congrats on your Fran accomplishment.

  16. Our box is tackling Fran this Friday, and it’ll be my first time! Right now I’m at the point where I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do a pull-up without a band, though. 🙁 My goal is to try to get close to that point this year, though.

  17. Congrats on your Fran time. AMAZING! I’ve been crossfitting for almost a year. I’ve done Fran 2x, the last time was a few weeks ago. I went for it Rx but with a 10 minute time cap I had 8 pullups left and I was sooooooo mad! Hopefully I finish it next time. Awesome job!

  18. So far my goals are “get to cross fit at least twice a week.” I misread the time for the class on Saturday, and so I ended up working out with the coaches instead of with a class. It was actually really nice and helpful since I’ve only been 4 times (but am already annoying my friends and trying to get them to join me.)

  19. Congratulations! Fran RX’d is my goal too. That is an amazing time. That gives me hope. I am working my way at stringing my kipping pull ups together. Great JOB!!! Good luck with that sub 5 minute fran. You can do it!

  20. Congrats on Fran! Huge achievement!

    I’m splitting my time between running and using the elliptical then weight lifting/core work. I’d love to mix it up and if Crossfit weren’t so bleeping expensive in DC – one box charged more than $150/month! – I’d try it. Any fresh workout ideas – please share!

      1. @Tina: No – that’s for 9 classes a month. First you have to take 6 fundamental classes and that’s $200. For the silver membership, 13 classes a month it’s $189 and for gold, unlimited classes it’s $220. There are other boxes around but this is the closest.

        Still, I pay $26 a month for my gym membership. It includes numerous classes including TRX, pilates, HIIT and yoga plus a good assortment of equipment. I get tired of the same old, same old. They offer all these classes – maybe I should take one! Ha!

  21. This might be dumb, but what does it mean to “rx” a workout?

    This week I ran 2 3 mile runs and 1 3.5 mile run! I also took a yoga class in Milwaukee. A few bike rides were sprinkled throughout the week as well!

    This year I:
    Ran my first ever 5K (and have run 2 more since with 6 more to go this summer!)
    Ran a mile straight without walking for the first time in my life!
    Reached a healthy BMI for the first time in my adult life
    Traveled abroad for the first time ever!
    I started my blog!

  22. That is AWESOME! Congratulations! I’m hoping to maybe Rx Fran by my 2-year CrossFit mark (August 2014)…I actually did a WOD Rx’d yesterday for the first time, 11 months in, and it was incredibly exciting. Though I only realized about 4 hours AFTER that I had done it, hah. 🙂

  23. My biggest goal for 2013 was to run 5 miles. For some reason it’s so intimidating to me. Anyway, you motivated me to give it a shot today, even in the 90 degree Boston heat! I made it 4.6 miles, so I’m almost there, but the heat really did me in. Thanks so much for the motivation, and congrats on your Rx!!!

  24. Hey, how do you cook your Brussels and carrots? Like, if I just want to put them in microwave is that healthy? In a plastic covered container with water or no? For how long ? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m trying to be a healthier/sanitary cook…and if you roast or sauté them, do you microwave them first to ensure they are softer pre-cooking?

    Is it okay also to for example, thaw a salmon burger in the microwave on a plate for 1-2 minutes prior to cooking? (if I forget to take it out earlier in the day…but want to oven-bake it maybe, just wondering if microwaving it thawed first is okay or no?).

  25. What an achievement! This post is really timely for me because I’m trying to work out how much I need to/should exercise and am playing around with my regime. Basically, I want to stop watching what I eat so much and step up the exercise to compensate! I’m thinking two one hour military fitness classes and three 30 minute Jillian Michaels sessions plus walking every day should do it…

  26. Congrats on the Fran Rx! Way to go on crossing a big goal off the list 🙂

    I didn’t really have any fitness goals for the first half of the year (mine were more weight loss related – I’ve recently lost 137 pounds), but for the second of the year my goal is to complete the Couch to 5K program. I’ve never been a runner, but always wanted to be!

  27. Track/hill sprints: 2x/wk
    Combo of MPC & body splits followed by HIIT: ~3-4x/week
    Group ex: ~2-3x/wk

    I’ve definitely checked several of my 2013 goals off my original list…much earlier than I’d expected, for some. Time to set some new ones!

  28. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Fran! 🙂 My typical weekly workout routine consists on 2-3 days of cardio (intervals) and 3-4 days of circuit training (some CrossFit inspired). I’ve even been introducing hot yoga lately to mix things up. I don’t do CrossFit regularly, but was introduced to Fran last year and it’s much harder than it looks on the board! Congrats on your achievement! 🙂

  29. Hard to believe you did #35 for your first time doing Fran! Wow, progress! I seriously need to get my pull ups together. Can only do 2 in a row before have to stop and re-adjust. Little by little…woo hoo on the RX!

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