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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Things are definitely slowing down on the exercise front, but I’m still making my workouts happen! That said, here’s a recap of last week’s workouts!

Sunday: First Basement Workout

Ball Slams

Monday: 60-minute pug+podcast walk

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: CrossFit


Thursday: Home gym workout (It’ll be on CNC early next week!)


Friday: 60-minute spinning class

Kerrie and I tried out a new spin studio in Quincy called Shred, which was great. (FYI: Your first class is free!) I definitely got a good workout (I was a sweaty mess by the end of class), and I really loved the instruction and music. Both were excellent!

photo (10) 

Saturday: 75-minute pug+podcast walk

Question of the Day

Let’s do a workout check in! Please share a quick recap of your workouts from last week!



  1. I just wrote about my workout recap today, actually. Six days on, one day off with a rest day tomorrow. I taught three one-hour BODYATTACK cardio classes, taught three one-hour BODYPUMP resistance classes, took a yoga class and did a core workout at home. Not too shabby! Wishing I had a nice home gym like you to do more stretching and rolling though. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. So impressed with how strong you’re still going. It will definitely help in the delivery room and you won’t have to come back from post-natally from as big of a difference.
    I got in 2 runs, 1 HIIT, 1 strength, 1 yoga. I usually aim for a mix like this 5-6 days during most weeks.

  3. Great workouts! I went to Shred in Quincy a few weeks ago. 🙂 Are you going to check out their ‘Surfset’ class after the baby?

    I’m 27 weeks pregnant so my workouts are slowing down. I did 5 days of power-walk/jogging and a bunch of squats and push-ups thrown in the mix.

  4. I’m impressed with your exercise this week! I still think you are doing more than many non pregnant women! For myself, I had 3 days of cardio(incline walking at 15) plus two days of full body weight training.

  5. m: pullups (assisted 90-lb) 3/10 + abductors + :30 shoulders & arms
    t: RPM :45 spin class
    w: stairclimb + :30 legs
    th: 2.5 hours of yardwork!!
    f: restorative yoga + :30 total body + :15 booty burn
    s: :30 core dynamics

    I am so impressed with how you are still going! I did lots of swimming after I hit the 30 week mark, started getting cramps doing everything else. You’re awesome!! I’ve started to post my workouts on my personal blog and it totally motivates me to get a workout in even if I am feeling schlumpy!

  6. Almost 33 weeks preggo myself 🙂

    Workouts last week:
    Monday: 30 minute treadmill walk at.incline and upper body weights
    Wednesday: 60 minute spin
    Thursday: 30 minute recumbent bike and lower body
    Friday: 35 minutes arc trainer
    Saturday: 30 minutes easy walk with dog
    + misc dog.walks

  7. No major race in sight except a 10k coming up on 18 May. Doing some leisure runs with a couple of tempos in a week. Core work and upper body exercises every alternate day. Bought a new geared hybrid cycle so doing some sight seeing around the city.
    By the way, you are awesome, love your blog and that’s a pretty cool home gym you made there. When’s your due date? All the best.

    1. Here are some of my favorites:

      Balanced Bites
      Revolution Health Radio
      The Paleo View
      SCD Lifestyle
      NPR Science Friday

  8. I post my workouts on my blog each week too – it’s a good way to keep myself accountable and a lot of readers say they like to get ideas.
    this past week looked like this for me…
    su: yoga, run, walk
    m: upper body weights
    tu: lower body weights
    w: rest
    th: run, walk, core
    f: walks with my dog and husband
    sa: run, walk

  9. You’re doing awesome!! The end is sooo close now. I just posted my workouts today (now at 27 weeks)- still getting in some running, and a mix of spin, circuit strength training, and walks. I keep meaning to add in swimming but have a hard time motivating myself to get to the pool!

  10. You are inspiring! Although I do notice how empty your basement walls look in your basement. I’m now imagining your new home gym with those cheesy motivational posters on the walls… with a pug theme, obviously. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? That would definitely get me through a tough workout! Or make it harder…due to laughter…

  11. It is incredibly inspiring to hear you working out at this stage, I have no doubt that it will pay off in the future, so stay strong and healthy!

  12. It is incredibly inspiring to hear you working out at this stage. I have absolutely no doubt that it will pay off in the future, so stay strong and healthy!

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