Last Week’s Workouts {34 Weeks}

Things are definitely starting to slow down for me on the workout front. I was hit with some serious exhaustion for most of the week, so I haven’t been super motivated to work out. I still made it to a few CrossFit classes and went for a couple of walks, but I can definitely feel my body changing and wanting more low-key activities. That said, here’s a recap of last week’s workouts!

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Sunday: Off

Monday: CrossFit

Monday was an all strength workout, so no WOD, which was kind of sad and definitely left me wanting something more, especially since Snatches and Russian Twists aren’t in my wheelhouse anymore. No big deal, of course, and I was glad to take it easy. I substituted Deadlifts and Overhead Squats instead and went moderate-light on weight.


1) Snatch (full squat): 6 x 2 @60-70%
2) Front Squat: 8@60%, 6@70%, 4@80%
3) Russian Twist: 3 x 30 @45, 25

Tuesday: 60-minute pug+podcast walk

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: CrossFit

Thursday was the first time in nearly 2.5 years of CrossFitting that I saw an AMRAP and thought to myself: “Great! I can go as slow as I want.” Haha! With an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), the time duration of the workout is the same for everyone, so I didn’t feel the need to push myself too much. My goal was just to keep moving. I finished 7 rounds + 7 reps.

Pregnancy modifications:

  • Over-the-Bar Burpees —> Squat Thrusts
  • Box Jumps —> Step-ups

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Friday: 45-minute doggie date/walk + 1 hour of yard work

Murphy and I went for a walk with Kerrie and Bentley, and then I came home and helped Mal with yard work for about an hour. Raking and bagging leaves was no problem, but squatting down/bending over and weeding made me want to barf (aka squishing Baby H. into my lungs and stomach more than he already was), so I didn’t last long after that! Haha!

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Saturday: CrossFit

It was “Bring a Friend to CrossFit Day” at 781 (I almost got my sister to come with me, but then she had to work – next time!), so we had a huge class at 9:00 AM. It was also “Smuggle a Medicine Ball Under Your Shirt Day.” Haha!

photo (9) (900x900)

The WOD was a partner workout, so I teamed up with my friend Lele, who is a CrossFit ninja. She’s seriously good at everything, so I tried my hardest to keep up with her pace. I actually felt really good this morning””much less tired than I’ve been all week! Lele and I finished 3 rounds + 88 reps.

Pregnancy mods:

  • Sit-ups —> Kipping Knee Raises
  • Burpees —> Squat Thrusts


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  1. Nice mix of workouts! I know what you mean about not having a WOD..that little blast of high energy supercharged give it all you got is a much needed challenge! 🙂 Hilarious pic with the medicine balls! You should make them strap the balls to them and do the workout to see how you’re feeling at the moment!

  2. I love that you call you walks “pug and podcast” walks. 🙂 I’m a run and podcast-er myself (and walking when I was injured).
    The amount of exercise you’ve been able to keep up is seriously impressive, and I’m sure it will pay dividends in the delivery room and postnatally. I’m sure it’s getting harder and harder to do just normal movements (such as yardwork), yet alone workout moves. Great job doing all you do!

  3. You go girl! Wish I could get my deadlift form right….it always makes my lower back hurt. I’m not pregnant, but I’m still so inspired by you 🙂

  4. LOL at squishing Baby H!! I did a trash pick-up event on Satuday and at 30 weeks, I felt the same way, it was so hard to bend over!!

    My workouts are gearing down too, my focus has turned more into being active everyday, as opposed to formal workouts. My hubby and I like geocaching, so I’m counting all the trail walking as exercise!!

  5. I was just in Boston for the marathon last week! Such a beautiful area to run/walk around! Wish I could have stayed longer and explored some more!

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