When was the last time you checked out the label on your sunscreen?

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Hi, guys!

Who else is super excited that it’s officially summer? Woohoo! It’s time for BBQs, swimming, and long hours of fun in the sun! Speaking of that last thing, when was the last time you checked out the label on your sunscreen? Conventional sunscreens might be protecting you and your family from the sun, but you’ll also be applying a whole bunch of harmful chemicals to your skin. Yikes.

To start, some studies have shown that the chemicals in sunscreen can mimic human sex and thyroid hormones. While the FDA hasn’t investigated common sunscreen ingredients for harmful effects, the Danish EPA did so in 2015 and found that most of the ingredients (16 out of 19) didn’t have enough information available to determine whether or not they’re safe.

One major ingredient, oxybenzone, a chemical found in most commercial sunscreens, triggers skin allergies and mimics estrogen when absorbed into the body (and it can be absorbed into breast milk). I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get a sunburn at this point! Luckily, there are alternatives, and I’ll tell you about my favorite ones.

Beautycounter’s Protect All Over Sunscreen works like a charm for the whole family – no white streaks when applied, water-resistant, great for sensitive skin, SPF 30 and, best of all, all the ingredients are actually nourishing your skin while protecting it from UVA and UVB rays. Just check out some of these ingredients: aloe, beeswax, green tea, orange and lemon peel oils, peppermint oil, tangerine fruit extract. I’m not used to my sunscreen sounding so delicious! Ha!

If you’re looking for a more on-the-go protection (or one that’s easier to apply to an active 3 year old), Beautycounter’s Sunscreen Sticks for the face and body are must-haves. They’re easy to apply and packed with more awesome ingredients: coconut oil, acai fruit oil, Shea and cocoa butters, and more. And if you’re looking for year-round protection, Beautycounter’s SPF 15 Protect Lip Balm works as both a great lip conditioner and sun protectant.

In the past, I was always a bit worried about what was in my sunscreen. I mean, I remember using one in particular that would always make my eyes water and my nose run every time I used it. Ugh, I can only imagine what kinds of chemicals were in it! But now I’m so glad that I’m able to confidently protect my family from sunburns this summer without having to worry about what else their skin might be absorbing.

Question of the Day

Have you been to the beach yet this summer?



  1. i’ve been working on going more natural with my beauty routine and definitely need to roll that over into my sun protection, so thank you for the reminder & suggestions!! i’ve been to the beach a few days this season so far, but am going to mexico next week so i need to stock up!! have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    1. @jordan @ dancing for donuts: Still Sunscreen is essential especially when you spend a lot of time outdoors ad on the sassy beach. I always recommend sunscreens for brides who cannot stop finding pleasure in beach wedding events. Some decide to dance and sweat in the sun and do not want a single mark on their faces. Lol.

  2. I’m surprised your sunscreen has citrus oils in it given how photosensitive those particular oils are. Seems counterintuitive to me.

  3. My niece sells Beautycounter and I love their products. I’ve bought the sunscreen and it’s really great, but the price point is too high and I wish they would make it more affordable for families. When I had young children I could not have afforded this as I would have gone thru a tube every weekend. I hope they will make this easier to buy for young families.

    1. Thank you for this comment. I completely agree. I wish that more companies /representatives of the companies acknowledged and addressed this issue. I have always been extremely natural-ingredient focused, and conscientious of what i put in/on my body. However, I am now a single parent to a young child and we often struggle financially. I try my best to do whats best for us and our health, but so many things are just not possible. Safe, affordable and effective health care (which i think of suncreen as being) shouldnt just be an option for the wealthy.

  4. My boyfriend has been struggling with acne prone skin lately, and we have been trying a couple of sunscreens to help when he is out there in the sun. The only problem is what we have used so far hasn’t been effective enough. It turns out what what we bought from the local perfume shop was actually chemically based.

    Thank you for this post, especially for the recommendation. We are trying to get better sunscreen. I love my boyfriend. And I hope he looks great again.

  5. Wow.. I never had an idea that sunscreens can contain such harmful chemicals. Thank you for the information. I will avoid them like a plague from now onwards

  6. I have found TruKid Sunny Days SPF 30 to be the best sunscreen for my kids. The best thing about TruKid is that despite being a zinc based sunscreen, it does not go on thick, pasty and white. Rather, it is easy to apply and it blends in quickly and easily. This is a big difference from most zinc-based sunscreens, which have a tendency to turn people into ghosts with their distinct opaque white hue.

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