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As my husband would say, “it was a long run for a short slide.” Even still, I’m so glad that I went to the House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year media lunch yesterday. It was neat to see the kitchen in person and make some new connections.


The event was held at Rockefeller Plaza and featured an all-new design by Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo’s Flipping Out. The Kitchen of the Year basically brings the pages of House Beautiful to life and gives visitors the opportunity to experience an “ideal” American kitchen. It was a really cool event, especially for culinary enthusiasts, design lovers, and anyone who just loves pretty kitchens, like me! Plus, if you’re a fan of Jeff Lewis, you’d have the chance to meet him. (I didn’t know who he was before the event, but he’s quite the handsome devil! 😉 )

If you’re interested in seeing the Kitchen of the Year for yourself, it’s open daily from now through Friday, July 23. Each day, cooking demonstrations and tastings, tours and presentations on everything kitchen design-related will be offered. A complete schedule of events can be found by visiting the Kitchen of the Year online at


Jeff Lewis’s design is a 1,000 square-foot, fully-functioning kitchen, which includes an additional 1,000 square feet of outdoor living space. The fully furnished decks outside were perfect for entertaining– the media folks mingled and enjoyed lunch there.


Both spaces were open, clutter-free, clean, and minimal.



The style of the kitchen leans more toward modern with a mix of natural elements. It was sophisticated, functional, and great for entertaining. I want a kitchen like this!!



For some reason, both the kitchen and outdoor decks reminded me of something you’d see in California. Maybe because it was bright and fresh-looking?

_MG_4415.JPG _MG_4417.JPG




The Kitchen of the Year features a number of innovative components from companies like Kohler, Kraftmaid, Restoration Hardware, The Container Store, Kate Spade (tabletop accessories) as well as many others. It was very upscale stuff.

_MG_4429.JPG _MG_4434.JPG

_MG_4443.JPG _MG_4449.JPG

Ok, now I really want my own house with a fancy-schmancy kitchen! I loooovvvvee it!!


Ok, now onto the food! :mrgreen:


The event provided a delicious spread of “light bites” with sandwiches from Natures Pride, flatbread pizzas from Bertolli, lots of big fresh salads, and a few desserts from Magnolia Bakery.


The sandwiches included a Chicken Salad with Green Apples, Golden Raisins, and Slivered Almonds on Whole Wheat Bread as well as Brie, Apple, and Watercress on Multi-Grain Bread.




Salad and dessert selections.

_MG_4466.JPG _MG_4469.JPG

Sliced tomatoes with mozzarella and pesto.





I grabbed a little bit of everything from the spread, including the Brie, Apple, and Watercress sandwich, which I am now determined to recreate at home. The crouton + feta salad was also excellent. I wish I had a recipe for it!


All in all, a great event! I’m happy that I spent 9 hours on a bus for it! 😉

Question of the Day

What would your “ideal” kitchen include?

P.S. Two charity organizations are beneficiaries of this year’s Kitchen of the Year. Money raised from the project will support The Alpha Workshops and select products will be donated to Habitat for Humanity at the conclusion of the event.



  1. My ideal kitchen would be very streamlined and have ample cabinet space to keep all of my appliances. I need counter space, too. And it would have a very large, very fancy cappucino machine to feed my addiction, haha.

  2. hmmm….what exactly does watercress taste like? is it strong or mild? those kitchens are BEAUTIFUL. i hope that when i decorate my house one day that my aunt helps me. she is SO creative! i love her sense of style when it comes to decor. she’s got these little glass vases hanging on her walls with coffee beans inside as “soil” for fake flowers. it look SO cute…like a little bistro!

  3. My ideal kitchen definitely needs a big island. I need it for prep space. All my commonly used kitchen appliances I leave on the counter so that I can access them easily instead of storing them so I need more prep space. And a sink in the island would be fabulous.

    I love Flipping Out and the kitchens probably have the Cali vibe because that is where he is.

  4. I def. want a fancy smancy kitchen. Even an Ikea kitchen will do. I love the outdoor extension of the kitchen, and you’re right- it does look like it should be in California. What an awesome event!

    In other news, I’m having a coconut water giveaway on my blog if you’re interested!

  5. Wow! That kitchen is twice the size of my first apartment!

    My husband and I dream about kitchens all the time! We want:
    * Lots of windows
    * Lots of cabinets
    * An island with a counter-top gas range and large griddle top
    * A wall unit double oven (one convection, one regular)
    * Huge bottom-freezer, french door fridge
    * Large, stainless steel, under-mounted sink
    * Separate beverage cooler!

    Plus more if I thought too long about it!

  6. i would love lots of open cabinetry (i have a tendency to not shut doors), soapstone or poured concrete counter tops, a huuuuuuuuuge farmhouse sink, and a big ol’ refrigerator. my jury’s still out on stainless, though, because dog nose prints take forever to buff out!

  7. Wow, everything looks gorgeous! All in a days work 😀

    My dream kitchen would include massive amounts of cabinet space as well as plenty of counter top space. An window seal herb garden with a highly organized pantry. A special little nook that is perfectly lit 24 hours a day for food photography and plenty of props 😀

    Oh. And a maid to clean it up when I’m done.

  8. I think Jeff Lewis is adorable but, unfortunately, he doesn’t play for our team ;(

    My ideal kitchen would include a chef and a maid to clean up 😉

  9. oh my gosh…idea kitchen would be huge with a built in fridge, LOTS of counter space, an island (with the stove in the island), nice stove, lots of huge cabinets, a pantry with loads of shelves…sink at the window…

  10. Right now, my ideal kitchen would include a dishwasher 😀 And a vitamix. Which means I have to start earning more than a PhD student does and move to America. Both impossibilities right now. Cry.

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