Kill Cliff East Coast Championship, Game Night & a Baby Shower {Weekend Recap}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! How was your weekend? Mine was a lot of fun and actually pretty busy!

On Saturday morning, Mal and I woke up bright and early to spectate the Kill Cliff East Coast Championships in downtown Boston. We picked up Kerrie and then headed into the city. #pugfeet

IMG_0856 (700x700)

On our way into the venue, we bumped into Rich Froning and Chris Spealler. Helllllllooo! Two of my favorite male athletes! What great timing!


The event was a two-day CrossFit competition. The first day was an individual competition followed by a team competition on Sunday.

IMG_6642 (700x525)

There were so many top athletes (aka CrossFit Games competitors) at this competition, so I was super excited to see them in action.

IMG_6643 (700x525)

The event was sold out, so it was packed and seating was hard to come by.

IMG_6646 (700x525)

We eventually managed to snag some seats on the bleachers, thanks so some friends from our CrossFit box.

IMG_6650 (700x525)

I absolutely loved watching the elite athletes compete live and in person””so inspiring!

IMG_6649 (700x525)

Tommy Hackenbruck and Austin Malleolo doing 30-pound wallballs!

IMG_6655 (700x525)

IMG_6658 (700x525)

IMG_6659 (700x525)

Watching the elite ladies was easily the best part of the competition for me””Stacie, Talayna, Lindsey, Christy, Becca”¦total girl crushes. What these ladies do is so, so, so inspiring.

IMG_6670 (525x700)

In one of the workouts, the ladies did fifteen 135-pound overhead squats. Uh, that’s my 1RM for clean and jerk. I can’t even imagine getting that weight overhead and then squatting it 15 times in a row in front of thousands of people. Some of the ladies even did the OHS unbroken! Amazing.

IMG_6674 (525x700)

Stacie and Talayna”¦ abs for days!

IMG_6679 (700x525)

Thirty 20-pound wallballs? No big deal.

IMG_6675 (700x525)

After Saturday’s competition, Mal, Kerrie, and I headed next door to Whiskey Priest to grab a late lunch. I went with the turkey chili and a side of broccoli. I also ate a bunch of Mal’s French fries. It’s a good thing he likes to share!

IMG_0883 (700x525)

After that, we dropped Kerrie off at home and then stopped by our house to grab Murphy to take him to our friends’ house for a game night.

IMG_0890 (700x525)

Our friends had all sorts of delicious appetizers to munch on, but I especially loved the olive tapenade toasts, and I probably a good half dozen of them! They’re cream cheese mixed with goat cheese spread on mini toasts with chopped olives, garlic, and a little red wine vinegar. Holy yum! Must recreate.

IMG_0888 (700x525)

As always, playing Cards Against Humanity was absolutely hilarious””although, Murphy always gets so judgmental when we play this game. He thinks we are horrible people.

IMG_0892 (525x700)

On Sunday, I woke up early to squeeze in a short workout at Open Gym. I rowed 1,500 meters to warm-up and then did this quickie WOD below. It took me almost 19 minutes to finish.

IMG_0894 (525x700)

Then, I headed home, quickly showed, got ready, and then went to Jen’s baby shower.

IMG_0904 (525x700)

She’s having a boy! Out of our six friends, who are currently pregnant right now, five of them are having boys! There must be something in the water.

IMG_0905 (700x525)

I was starving by the time I got to Jen’s shower, so I loaded up my plate with a couple of pieces of quiche, fruit salad, and salad greens.

IMG_0906 (700x525)

I bought Jen a few different things from her registery, but then I stubbled upon the most adorable onesie-pant sets from Carter’s that I just couldn’t leave behind. One was orange with little whales on it and the other was yellow with little anchors. They were super preppy and perfect for trips to the Cape this summer. Jen really loved them!

IMG_0912 (700x525)

Jen’s shower concluded with the most delectable marble cake with buttercream frosting. Her sister gave me the hugest piece and said “good luck” with a laugh. Little did she know my love for cake, and I ate about 95% of it. DELICIOUS.

IMG_0914 (700x525)

After Jen’s shower, I headed home, cleaned the house, did 3 million loads of laundry (I can’t even imagine how much we’re going to have once Baby H. arrives) and relaxed with Murph ”˜N’ Mal on the couch. We watched Don Jon, which was a super weird movie. #pugrolls

IMG_0922 (700x525)

Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite sport to watch?

Who’s your girl crush?

What’s your favorite cake flavor combination?

My replies: CrossFit, Stacie Tovar/Julie Foucher/Christy (Phillips) Adkins, marble cake with vanilla frosting or Funfetti cake with Funfetti frosting

P.S. Check out my interview on the GaiamTV blog: Find Your Everyday Zen!



  1. I was at ECC on saturday and sunday too! An athlete and friend I train with her roommate is a games athlete so we got to see her compete on sunday. Got to meet Akinwale and Valenzula too!

  2. People are always amazed by the amount of sweets I can eat for my little 5’0 100lb frame. I dont know if I am proud or if I should be shamed…

  3. I just had the opportunity to watch Talayna and Sam Briggs duke it out down here at Wodapalooza Miami. It was amazing!! They had an open water event in the bay of Miami and those girls wizzed through like no biggie! I would love to be able to watch Camile or Julie compete! Maybe the 2014 games!

  4. do you still do hand release push ups at crossfit, or strict, or on your knees? lol. Its good to see pregnant women still crossfiting. We had a lady visit our box that other day that was pregnant! go pregos!

  5. Favorite sport to watch: hockey, Girl crush: Lauren Fleshman/Kara Goucher, Favorite cake: funfetti with funfetti frosting in cupcake form 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!
    I’m a first time commenter (been reading for a couple months now) but I just had to say you pushed me over the inspiration edge to trying cross fit and I’m really enjoying it!
    Hope you had a great Monday!

  7. OMG… The first time my husband introduced Cards Against Humanity at a get together, I had to sit back and take it all in… LOL The second time, I played and had so much fun… so, so wrong lol but so many laughs!

    I am usually a chocolate cake girl… really almost any chocolate combo will do! I will say, my daughter and I found a neopolitan cake this past weekend and shared a huge slice… that combo was amazeballs!

    My husband and I have been involved with AdvoCare now for 3 years… it’s our full time gig. Rich Froning is now a non-paid endorser… and we are seriously excited about that!

  8. Girl crushes are Queen Bey and Jennifer Lawrence.

    I looooooove CAH! My favorite card is “women in yogurt commercials”!

  9. The Kill Cliff Competition was AMAZING! I had such a good time and was so inspired. I was Star Struck ALL day, and would have been more had I run into you (big fan of this blog). No joke, my favorite sport to watch is Crossfit, though most of my friends don’t understand why I am watching people just exercise. They don’t realize how much more it is than that.

    New girl crush after Saturday = Rachel Martinez

    And big shout out to my coach’s boyfriend, Mat Fraser, who one the whole thing!

  10. That’s so funny about the boys thing… that seems to be the same way down here in southern MD. There seems to be a lot more boys in the past year (mine included) than girls. Maybe an east coast thing?

    Banana cake with strawberry icing… hands down… or chocolate and peanut butter…

  11. Hockey hockey HOCKEY!!

    Girl crush is Kara Goucher for sure. I’ve been around her a few times at expos and she’s so freaking fit and pretty. But also all the times i watch the Crossfit games on tv i’m completely drooling over their bodies

  12. Oh my gosh that cake looks incredible as do the olive tapenade toasts. Maybe you can recreate them with a Laughing Cow cream cheese, yessss! I actually really loved Don Jon, but I don’t know many who feel the same way and don’t know ANYONE who liked it quite as much as I did. I even liked it despite the fact that I watched it w/my dad (holy awkward).

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