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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Remember this guy?


He was my first celebrity crush, back in the late-80’s.


I also loved Corey Haim, Scott Baio, Joey McIntyre, and Kirk Cameron, and, of course, I hung their photos from 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat all over my bedroom. I probably stared at them while listening to my Pocket Rocker. I was cool like that. 😉


For breakfast, I enjoyed a lovely jar of oats this morning.


Again, I had to rescue this mostly-empty peanut butter jar out of the garbage. I had a little “talk” with my husband this morning.



In the mix:


And, as always, I enjoyed a glass of iced coffee with vanilla soy milk.


Question of the Day

Who was your first celebrity crush?



  1. Jon Bon Jovi, I cried hysterically at school when KIIS fm reported he got married. You know, because I really had a shot with him at 10 years old. In college I was OBSESSED with Dave Matthews, posters all over my walls, ceiling, etc. In college my roommate had a poster of JTT on her wall (kind of as a joke but we both thought he was hot), which was AWESOME considering he’s a good deal younger than we are.

  2. My first celebrity crush was actually the guy from Early Edition. I don’t even know his name now. I had a thing for older men…

    And my first girl crush was, of course, Xena Warrior Princess.

  3. ralph was my first crush too – and i’ll know you’ll be jealous when you hear this – i met him a few years ago. we were at an awards show and i babbled like a teenager. he was very sweet. i was also in a play with tamilyn tomita, who played his love interest in karate kid II, which was so surreal b/c all i did when i was a kid was wish i was her so i could kiss ralph macchio.

    i did a whole post recently about the new karate kid movie and how i’ll refuse to see it.

  4. Joey McIntyre. HANDS DOWN. I remember sitting on my front porch when I was young and blowing a kiss out into the air and saying “send that to Joey!” mmm I wonder if he ever got it 😉

  5. If we’re being honest here…Billy Ray Cyrus. I had SUCH a crush on him when I was, like, five years old! After that I really had a crush on the son from the John Candy movie “The Great Outdoors.” Then I moved on to greener pastures, with JTT. Obviously.

  6. Ralph Macchio was a little before my time, although when I discovered him in my later years, I found him quite dreamy. My first celebrity crush was a tie between three (I can’t remember which I liked first!): Leonardo DiCaprio, Devon Sawa and Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT!!). I’m surprised my mom let me buy the magazines with the pin-up posters, but she did. Probably because she remembered what it was like to crush on Shaun Cassidy in her teenage years. 🙂

  7. Leonardo DiCaprio (I saw Titanic 11 times in the movie theater for him!) & Lance Bass from N’SYNC (before he came out)

  8. I can’t believe no one’s said Neil Patrick Harris/Doogie Howser! Not only was he adorable, but he was smarter than adults, was a doctor, AND was an early blogger. (Remember how he used to write in his diary on his computer at the end of each day? Oh yeah, Doogie was a blogging pioneer!)

    But yeah, I may or may not have drawn several pictures of him when I was 9. And I may or may not have hung them all over my room.

  9. My first celeb crush was Joey from friends! I remember having a YM (yep so old lol) and he was on the cover. I’d bring it to school everyday and all of my friends and I would drool over the pictures lol! Oh to be a little girl again would be so fun! No work, all play lol!

  10. Ohhh, this is hi-larious. So many good choices here … but I think my first celebrity crush was Leonardo DiCaprio when he was in Romeo and Juliet. I was in seventh grade. I was a late bloomer when it came to celebrity crushes, I guess! 😉 But, oh, I loved him for awhile! A group of about 15 girls and I went to see that movie for someone’s b-day sleepover and we spent hours before hand pretty-ing ourselves up to go to the moive theater. Cause, yeah, Leo was going to see us through the screen and all … ha ha, too funny!

    Oh man, I think I had a crush on Nicholas Cage for awhile too, yuck! Ha ha! City of Angels, what can I say? lol

  11. My first celebrity crush was Andrew Keegan… I can’t even remember what show he first starred in, but he eventually had a role on 7th Heaven (by then I’d moved on to Justin Timberlake – who is still my crush to this very day). I, too, would cover my walls in posters from Teen Beat! 🙂

  12. My first I think was Micheal J Fox…when i starred in thoe Return to the future movies. One of the biggest crushed I had was Jordan Knight. And I also had my walls plastered with their faces all over.

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