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The first part of the hurricane just passed through. We’re in the eye of the storm now. Irene stirred things up, but, thankfully, she caused no major damage at our house… yet.

_MG_3189 (500x333)


Just a window-blown fence.


A flattened tomato plant.

_MG_3200 (500x333)

And a messy backyard.

_MG_3205 (500x333)

I’ll take it. I guess we got lucky here in southern Massachusetts.

I know Irene isn’t over yet, but I think the media sort of blew it out of proportion for our area. I was really freaking out about it, but then the hurricane didn’t hit us very hard. Better safe than sorry, right? I would never want to be unprepared during a hurricane. Yikes.


This afternoon, I enjoyed a surprisingly delicious lunch. It tasted much better than expected.

_MG_3139 (500x333)

A mushy mess of green with a side of cherries!


The mushy mess of green was mashed potatoes with steamed broccoli, Garlic Gold, and avocado mixed in. Who knew those flavors would go together so well?

_MG_3165 (500x333)

The meal was also really satisfying. The avocado provided lots of healthy fats, the broccoli was packed with fiber, the potatoes sat like a rock in my stomach, and the cherries offered a little bit of sweetness at the end of the meal. Perfect.

_MG_3135 (500x333)

I’m attempting to make lasagna for dinner tonight. It’s sort of crazy that I’ve never made one all by myself before. Wish me luck!



  1. 11+ deaths…and look at the damage/power outages/flooding we have in here in NJ and in NY, VA, NC, MD, PA, CT…I definitely don’t think the media blew it out of proportion 😉

    Glad to see you are safe!

    1. @Danielle: @Danielle: agreed! I live in NC and the coast (OBX) was badly beaten up! I grew up in Western Mass. near the VT/NH/MA border and towns in that area are having historic flooding! Just b/c one wasn’t affected doesn’t mean it was blow out of proportion! Plus if they didn’t warn everyone and something more drastic occurred everyone would be complaining! Hope everyone remains safe!

  2. I’m happy that you’re safe and that Irene was less scary than everyone thought she would be!!

    Good luck making lasagna tonight– it’s so easy and delicious you’ll probably turn it into a staple meal afterwards 🙂

  3. Glad it wasn’t so bad. It actually weakened and was considered just a tropical storm as of this morning, so it’s not an actual hurricane anymore, which is why it wasn’t so bad.

    That lunch looks delicious! It almost looks like stuffing, I will have to make that asap!

  4. Oooo I LOVE the idea of mixing avocado with mashed potato… yum! I agree that the hurricane was not as bad as they said it was going to be- but looking at some of the news pictures seem like some places got it much worse, so we are lucky I guess 🙂

  5. Most of Scituate is without power, tons of trees down and power outages in Hingham. Tens of thousands of people stranded trying to get home due to all the airport shut downs up and down the East Coast, emergency workers gone from their families for days at a time so they can be on call. I think it had quite a big effect. I’m feeling quite lucky right about now.

  6. Anything with avocado and I’m pretty much sold – it looks incredible. Glad you didn’t suffer too much damage!! Hoping it stayed that way for the rest of the day!

  7. Good luck with the lasagna!! It’s not so tough, I have faith 🙂

    Glad there wasn’t too much damage! I was saying yesterday that I didn’t think it would be so bad but that I was glad we were prepared. Not too much damage in central MA either, but Worcester floods so easily that even atop a hill my neighbor’s yard got pretty nasty!

  8. i remember the media doing other things out-of-control in the past few years. i guess if there’s no other news, of course they’ll focus on something that will get people’s attention. but you’re DEFINITELY right. i’ll take being a little over-prepared and coming through fine. :p every time.

  9. Never would have thought to put that mix together, but it looks tasty! I’m glad you escaped hurricane damage, let’s hope it stays that way! As a California girl, those hurricanes sound absolutely terrifying to me.

  10. I love everything in your green mashed potatoes, but would never have thought to combine it all! Glad to hear it wasn’t bad for you in MA. It was not blown out of proportion in NJ. We are dog-sitting/house-sitting for friends only 4 miles from our apartment…I can’t find a single route to get back to our apartment to check on it because there are so many road closures due to flooding and downed trees. Highways are closed due to 4 feet of standing water. Our friends who were supposed to fly back into Philly tomorrow were given the option of flying back on Thursday or after Labor Day.

  11. The storm was definitely overblown in New York as well, lots of people were out walking around today taking advantage of the slow pace that the city was moving at.
    I am sorry about your tomato plant but at least everything else is okay!

  12. That’s so good to hear that you made it through okay. It was so scary hearing all the news reports here on the West Coast. We’ve never been through something like that and can’t imagine how everyone must have felt. Good to hear that the damage was minimal.

  13. The media definitely did not blow this hurricane out of proportion. The area you live in has luckily escaped severe damage.

  14. You guys definitely got lucky! Here in Richmond they were totally wrong with the forecast, we weren’t supposed to catch hardly any of Irene. 15 hours later there were 50+ mph winds, close to 400,000 power outages (4/5 of the city/metro area), trees down on cars and houses and a few fatalities even. I do NOT want to go through yesterday again, very scary :/

  15. it was a mashed potato day for me too! i had shepherd’s pie for dinner 🙂 hope the lasagna turned out well, my mom has kind of scared me on making it, and i’ve never been too into ricotta. i do like it if it’s not too cheesy though!

  16. I am so glad that the hurricane left you and your family in one pieces!! I HAD HAD HAD to comment on your blog today because your “mush mess of green” is being featured in the exact same bowl that I used all summer in MI for my smoothies!!! I love the look of the texture on the outside and pattern on the inside.

  17. I’m on the South Shore & it wasn’t so bad in my neighborhood. Thankfully, I didn’t lose power or a tree didn’t fall on the house/car. I can’t wait for tomorrow when the sun comes out!

  18. I think that mushy mess looks great, I am so weird about the foods that I love 🙂 Glad you guys made it through Irene without too much damage, sorry about the tomatoes!!! Hope the lasagna went well 🙂

  19. Hopefully Irene stays tame, I’m on the east coast of Canada so hopefully we see a tame tail-end!! Glad you didn’t have much damage!

  20. Glad you all are safe and that Irene didn’t hit you hard. I’ve been worrying about family and friends in CT and NY.
    Good luck with lasgana…first time I made lasagna it was not pretty…but I’m also not much of a cook 🙂

  21. Your bowl of greens sounds awesome! At first I thought it was stuffing, lol.

    I can’t wait to hear about your lasagna! I love making lasagna and everyone does it different… for instance, I don’t cook the noodles before hand, I layer them in raw and let them cook in the lasagna in the over. Yumm!

  22. Glad you didn’t fair too badly with the hurricane. I definitely think oversell and under deliver with hurricane news is much better than for the media to downplay it and people get hurt. One thing to start thinking of way in advance though is insurance. Way too many people weren’t at all prepared for the flooding that isn’t covered under a standard renters/homeowners policy. You really have to plan in advance for those things.

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