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Mal and I were supposed to spend the July 4th weekend in New Hampshire with my sister and fiance and some of their friends, but we decided not to go. With flying out West last week and flying down South next weekend, we thought we’d be better off enjoying a “staycation” instead. Plus, after all of the fun we had in Seattle and Victoria, I am still recovering! Basically, I need a vacation from vacation! So, a “staycation” was the perfect option for this long weekend.

Staycation Tips

From &

  • Schedule start and end dates. Just as you would with a vacation, schedule a beginning and ending for your staycation to make it feel like an official vacation. Otherwise, it runs the risk of feeling like just another string of nights in front of the tube.
  • Pack that time with activities. Plan a daily activity, and make sure something takes you out of the house ”” for fun ”” every day.
  • Declare a “choratorium.” That means no chores! Don’t make the bed, vacuum, clean out the closets, pull weeds ”” nothing. You’re on vacation!
  • Take staycation photos or videos, just as you would if you went away from home for your vacation.
  • Enjoy your “staycation” by becoming a tourist inside or near your own home. Consult guidebooks and check out websites like to find the best local eateries.
  • Stay in a nearby hotel. Tell them you’re a local, and they may give you a discount so that you’ll recommend them to visiting friends or relatives
  • Join your local museum to get on lists to identify when the best cultural opportunities are happening

More great tips!


I started-off my staycation on the right foot with a hearty bowl of banana-peanut butter oats.


In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 3/4 cup vanilla hemp milk
  • 1 banana
  • 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter



We’re out of iced coffee, so I drank black tea with breakfast this morning.

Mal and I are looking at houses with our realtor ALL afternoon today. We have a list of about 8 or 9 homes that we plan to see.

Spending that day looking at houses might seem rather “un-staycation-like,” but we really enjoy checking out houses. It’s sort of like we are on House Hunters! 😉

I’m off to enjoy my staycation! Enjoy the holiday weekend, blog friends!



  1. I actually prefer “staycations” on long weekends. It can be stressful going away for just a few days and having to go right back to work without any real down time. I hope you (and my fellow readers!) have a lovely weekend and a Happy 4th Of July!

  2. I love the idea of a staycation. You get all the benefits of a vacation, without the high costs or travel stress. If I’ve got any holiday left at the end of the year, I’m definitely going to schedule one in.
    What else have you got planned?

  3. I’m on a “staycation” for 10 glorious days! I’m excited to be staying around here with nothing to do but relax. My big plans are to take the commuter rail in town next week with my sis to see Food, Inc. and to try Ufood grill. Exciting!

    Haha! My aunt and I went to an open house last month for shits and giggles and I pretended to be on House Hunters…”I love the dark floors!” “Oooh granite counter tops, love them”. Good luck today, I hope you find your new home among the lot!!

  4. i’m having a staycation too. 🙂 although i should take more of those tips into account – i started off my day with laundry haha.

  5. We are doing a staycation too. I love doing day trips, and we really started getting into visiting new beaches and vineyards last summer.Being able to sleep in a bit and not having to rush off for a flight or a drive is pretty nice too 🙂

  6. We are also doing a staycation since I got laid off a few months ago. But we have lots of bbq’s and swimming time planned with friends and family so it should be fun! Good luck with house hunting! We love that show, especially the International version. I am fascinated with how other people live in different countries.

  7. We never do staycations right. Thank you for the tips…we need to work on it. The oats look so good. That is my favorite combination!

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