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Hi, guys! Let’s get right to it. Fun day to recap!


Our friends Erin and Ping (pug) came to visit bright and early yesterday morning. Erin (and Ping) had already eaten breakfast, so Mal made a couple of bagel egg and cheese sandwiches for us. On the way to our house, Erin offered to pick up Marylou’s for us, so I also enjoyed a delicious Peanut Butter Wonderful Iced Coffee with breakfast. Thanks, Erin!

IMG_7575 (563x750)

After breakfast, we dillydallied around the house for awhile and then headed to downtown Hingham to explore. After discovering how adorable it was, I added it to my Summer Bucket List as something I wanted to do in the next few months, so I suggested it to Mal and Erin. It was an absolutely beautiful day, so they were game.


We wandered around for about an hour””popping into cute shops and window shopping””before getting hungry for lunch. Mal remembered that “Dine at Caffe Tosca” was on my Summer Bucket List, so he suggested it for lunch. Perfect.

IMG_7590 (750x563)


For lunch, I ordered the Beet Salad, which came with arugula, goat cheese, roasted onions, walnuts, and a citrus vinaigrette on the side. It sounded delicious, but it didn’t have much to it, so I asked for chicken on top.

IMG_7587 (750x563)

Caffe Tosca was super cute and the food was great– fresh, flavorful, and interesting. I’d definitely dine there again!

IMG_7588 (750x563)

After lunch, we wandered around downtown Hingham a little more and then stopped into a café for iced coffees. (Yes, I know we have an iced coffee “problem.”)

IMG_7593 (750x563)

I ordered a “French Kiss” iced coffee, which I thought was just iced coffee with caramel flavoring, but it ended up being a total sugar bomb with all sorts of sweet stuff in it. It was actually pretty gross. I didn’t want to waste it since I paid $4 for it, so I brought it home to mix with regular iced coffee to dilute its sweetness.

IMG_7592 (750x563)

On the drive home, leaving downtown Hingham, I noticed the lines on the road. Red, white, and blue! How cool!

IMG_7595 (750x563)


At home, Erin and I hung out in the backyard while Mal took a nap. I snacked on some watermelon and drank my iced coffee.


A couple of hours later, Mike (Erin’s husband) and our friend Jim arrived at our house. We hung out for a little bit and then the guys fired up the grill for dinner.

While we waited for dinner to cook, Erin and I snacked on some veggies and hummus.



On the menu for dinner: burgers, chicken, sausage, Sweet Potato Wedges, and salad.


My plate:

IMG_7613 (750x563)

After dinner, we headed to The Launch at the Hingham Shipyard for an outdoor movie.

IMG_7617 (750x563)

Jaws was playing! So fun!


I love sharks, especially Great Whites and Hammerheads, but they also scare the crap out of me. In fact, I won’t go much deeper than my waist when I swim in the ocean because of watching Jaws. As a kid, I’d even get freaked out by lakes and sometimes pools. I thought maybe a shark was hiding in there or something?

IMG_7619 (750x563)

Please note Mal’s shirt in the photo below. (It’s a huge shark mouth! Haha!)

IMG_7620 (750x563)

IMG_7622 (750x563)

Drinks for the evening.

IMG_7626 (750x563)

Pretty sunset!

IMG_7627 (750x563)

The movie started at dusk, so we arrived a little before 8:00.

IMG_7623 (750x563)

We all got comfortable and enjoyed the show.

IMG_7633 (750x563)

IMG_7631 (750x563)

Question of the Day

Are there movies from your childhood that still scare you today?

On my list: Jaws (obviously), Poltergeist, and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. Eek!



  1. I’m the same about Jaws/sharks. I get goosebumps when I see news stories about sharks (like the recent photos of the great white spotted off of Cape Cod) and get freaked out by what lives in the ocean!

  2. I finally had the Pleasure of trying Marylous while I was in Boston and got the peanut butter wonderful but I must ask: it tasted pretty chocolatey and not peanut buttery at all. Is that just how it tastes? It was good but not quite what I was expecting so I had wondered if they made me the wrong one?

    1. It doesn’t taste exactly like peanut butter, but it sounds like they put too much chocolate in yours. Usually, it has a sweet nutty taste to it.

  3. First and foremost, I am totally insanely jealous to see you in JEANS! We are having record breaking heat in Chicago right now and I’d die to be able to sit outside in jeans and not swim a pool of my own sweat. I’ve been waking up at 3:45am to get my run in and not sweat to death!

    Scary movie, uhhh every scary movie ever made, I am a total wimp and hate all scary movies!!

    1. @Dana: Dana, I’m in Iowa and we too are having the record 100+ heat. I was wondering what the heck the weather was all about when I saw all the jeans! Impossible to imagine right now.

  4. i saw the shining before going on a family trip to europe where we stayed in lots of huge, old hotels that (in my mind) looked JUST like the one in the movie. it was a good thing my brothers and i were sharing rooms, or i don’t think i would have slept the whole trip! why my 12 year old self was seeing the shining is beyond me. i still can’t watch it today!

  5. i love sharks (but they scare the crap outta me too)! i actually have 3 shark tattoos. when i was little, i was afraid of the shadowy part at the edge of the swimming pool too, thinking sharks lurked there! weird that i just finally watched Jaws in the past year, huh?

  6. “Wizard of Oz” was my favorite movie as a child, so my parents rented “Return to Oz” for me when I was about three. Scared the PANTS off me then, and I still find it creepy to this day. Luckily I can do creepy better now than back then.

  7. “The Exorcist”! I slept with the lights on for weeks after seeing that — and I still lived at home with my parents!

  8. OMG I totally used to think sharks were everywhere when I was little too! I wouldn’t go into the deep end of a pool if I couldn’t see the bottom because I thought a shark would get me! hahah why do they allow little kids to watch movies like Jaws??

  9. I’m cracking up that someone can actually still wear a sweatshirt up there…arrg jealous!

    And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, your muscles look amazing.

  10. It looks like you had the perfect summer day! I love the idea of outdoor movies in the summer and it was great that you both got to bring the pugs. It is so darn hot in Texas, even at night that I think our pug would die of heat if we took her to an outdoor movie. It was still 92 degrees at 10:00 PM last night in Dallas!

  11. For a long time I was terrified of clowns after seeing about twenty minute of Stephen King’s “It”. I still don’t think I could see that movie now, although I did read the book.

  12. Poltergeist. For sure.

    Quick question, if you don’t mind. May I ask what photo collage app you are using? I just downloaded one last night, and it seems to work okay, but I thought I’d check to see if there’s something out there I might be missing. Thanks!

  13. Oh my God, poltergeist still freaks me out! The closet scene haunted me for years. And I love downtown Hingham, it’s such a cute place to wander around and browse through the little shops, really pretty at Christmastime too!

  14. I’m scared to death of clowns because of “It”. When I was young, I remember not feeling well and going out into the living room to tell my parents. The scene from the movie (I think–I’ve never actually watched “It”) where a little boy is being dragged down a storm drain by a clown with fangs was on, and it’s scared me ever since!

  15. OMG the outdoor movie set up is so adorable. I’ve always wanted to go to those “cinema in the park” screenings, but they seem to be few and far between! Also .. question for you .. how do you grill sweet potatoes on the bbq? I’ve never heard of that before and am very intrigued! The movies that haunted my childhood are pretty much any scary movie (to this day I have never even made it through a “Scream” movie), but especially any Stephen Kings (The Shining, “It”, etc).

  16. Looks like you have a fun day! 🙂 I’ve always felt the same way about sharks…swimming anywhere can freak me out. When I was little, I made the mistake of watching that terrible movie “Anaconda” (with Jennifer Lopez) at a friend’s house. It’s incredibly fake but it still manages to scare me, haha.

  17. I love outdoor movies. When I lived in Ann Arbor they would play one ever Sunday night during the summer. It was great!

    I still get spooked by a lot of movies but I’ve always been terrified of Jaws. I didn’t want to swim in the ocean for a loooong time after I saw it the first time!

  18. Jaws-never even seen it. When I see a shark on TV, I close my eyes and turn away. I don’t even like it when people make the music in the pool.

  19. After I saw Jaws, I was afraid to get out of bed at night (I’m not kidding) because I literally thought a shark might come up through the carpet to eat me!

  20. Ooooh what a FUN day! Jaws scared me real bad when I was younger too. Now, not so much. But I don’t really have an issue swimming in the ocean anymore–just because the likelihood of a shark attacking is so low (my husband’s influence and rationality, not mine! Hah.)

    Love the red, white, blue stripes!

  21. all of the food pictures you posted look so good!

    it seems you’re really taking advantage of enjoying this summer… so cool that Ping and Murphy came to see Jaws with you all! hopefully Murphy doesn’t try to reenact any scenes… especially if he sees you with a nearly empty nut butter jar.

    de duh… de duh… de duh de duh de DUH!!!!

  22. Looks like a great day! I love your pug children. Scary movies, in general, freak me out. I like to close my blinds before it gets dark because I feel like I’m going to look out and see a face in the window. Yikes!

  23. I didn’t know they showed movies like that at the hingham shipyard – that’s awesome! And this is so random but Return to Oz (aka Wizard of Oz 2) was one of my fave movies growing up, and though I haven’t watched it for (quite) a few years, I know it would still terrify me now. I hope I’m not the only one who’s seen that…

  24. The Thriller video freaks me out too! My old favorites (bc I looove scary movies) are Halloween and Friday the 13th.

    My friend’s mom made her and her little brother watch Jaws when she was little before they went to the beach, so she didn’t have to worry about them going into the ocean unattended!!

  25. Poltergeist is so creepy! When they rescue the little girl and they’re both covered in all that red goop…aaahhhh so gross!!

    I’m still afraid of the witch from the Disney cartoon of Snow White. She scared me in the movie, and then my parents took me on the Snow White’s Adventure ride in Disney World and she popped out around every corner! I screamed and cried the entire time and have been scared of her ever since, lol. Something about those big bulbous eyes…::shudder::

  26. I totally wanna go to an outdoor movie showing in the future! It looks so fun, but the general weather here in Seattle won’t permit it, except for maybe a few weeks out of the year. 😉

    I loved your beet salad, and the addition of the chicken made it look sooo much better! 😀 I kind of need meat or a really big hunk of protein in my salads to make it feel substantial, and like an actual meal!

  27. The Birds! Still one of the scariest/freakiest movies I’ve ever seen, but I LOVE Jaws! My little brother loves it too, he was too scared of the genie in Aladdin (my favorite childhood movie) but he would watch Jaws everyday if he could since he was really young. Its funny seeing the special effects in old movies like that though, imagine how real they could make Jaws look if that movie was made today! (and it’d probably be in 3D)

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