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“It’s snowing! It’s snowing! It’s snow-ho-ho-ho-ing!”

That quote is from Pee-Wee’s Christmas Special. :mrgreen: I guarantee my mom and sister laughed out loud when they read it. We say it just like that every time it snows!


But, seriously, it’s snowing.


Sadly, snow and I just don’t get along. Brrrrr!



Mid-morning, my stomach started to grumble, so I snacked on some mixed nuts and a vanilla-flavored calcium Soft Chew. I love the sweet + savory flavor combination.



For lunch, I tried a new product from Gardein, who sent me a bunch of coupons over the summer to sample their products. I liked what I tried, but our local grocery store only carried three of their products, so I got bored and stopped buying them.

Well, last week, Mal stumbled upon the Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders in the freezer section of the store. He loves chicken fingers, so he was psyched and immediately added them to our shopping cart. I broke them out this afternoon to give them a whirl.


While my Crispy Tenders cooked in the toaster oven, I had a little fun with the pug and a piece of carrot. Murphy’s really good at “Sit, Stay, Okay!” 😀


About 15 minutes later, the Crispy Tenders were finished cooking and I added them to a big salad with a crumbled feta and Asian Ginger Plum Dressing.




The flavor and texture of the Crispy Tenders was A LOT like real chicken fingers. The vegetarian “meat” even looked like actual chicken. I’m a big fan of these babies. I can’t wait to tell Mal!


After lunch, I did a little baking. Mal and I are sending his grandma some of my Oatmeal Raisin Bars for Christmas, so, while I was at it, I whipped up a small batch of Oatmeal Butterscotch Bars. I polished off a couple of them, no problem.


Time to buddle up to take the pug for his long walk of the day. Wish me luck!



  1. Aww, I play the same game with my pug! It’s amazing how patient he can be if there is food involved. I like to have him lay down and wait ’til I’m heading out the front door before I say, “Okay, go get it!”

  2. I just noticed it’s snowing here in Maine. Mixed emotions. It’s pretty, but ugh is it cold and slippery on our brick sidewalks!

    Those “chicken” tenders look legit!


  3. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for snow. You’re more than welcome to take some of ours away! Your lunch looks like it belongs on a restaurant menu! 🙂

  4. The snow looks so pretty from my office window, but I am not terribly enthusiastic about walking around out there. Stay warm! P.S. More evidence that Murphy and Clark are destined to be besties: Clark loves carrots, they’re one of his favorite treats. 🙂

  5. Brrr. Doing a 5 mile run tomorrow – inside! I’m not fighting the snow AND the streets AND a bad hip. Two out of three is my limit.

    I love Murphy so much. I want a dog, always lean towards a corgi – but pugs are just pure sugar too!

  6. I wish it would snow in Dallas! It’s in the 70s today and not feeling too Christmas-like. I put some baked goods in the mail today for Billy’s grandmother. 🙂

  7. I tried those chicken tenders because I am a college student and they are easy to prepare! I loved them too and was also surprised by how similar they were to real chicken! Definitely a winner!

  8. I need to try the Garden chicken tenders……I had another one of their “chicken” products and I couldn’t even finish it…it tasted so rubbery and I was really disappointed….hopefully the chicken tenders are a lot better

  9. Those ‘chicken tenders’ look so authentic!

    I can’t get over Murphy’s cuteness. Every time I see him in your posts I always say awww…

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