It’s Not Too Early To Think About a Fall Half Marathon

Hello! How’s it going?

Let’s start with some EATS from yesterday. Remember when CNC was mostly a food diary? I honestly like it better now, but it’s fun to go back to that style of blogging every once in awhile. Plus, I love seeing what other people eat””it gives me great ideas for my own diet””so I thought you guys might enjoy a recap of what I ate yesterday! Here goes…

Pre-workout snack: A banana. Usually, I eat a full breakfast before working out (I hate exercising on an empty stomach), but I didn’t have time, so a banana it was!

IMG_5137 (1024x1024)

Post-workout breakfast: Scrambled eggs with tater tots, roasted broccoli, and buffalo sauce + Marylou’s white chocolate chip iced coffee.

IMG_5147 (1024x768)

Lunch: Salmon Cesar salad – not this exact one, but very similar.

SAM_3089 (1024x683)

Afternoon pick-me-up: Dirty Chai Tea Iced Latte.


Afternoon snack: Cereal + banana slices + soymilk.

IMG_5148 (1024x768)

Dinner: Sirloin Steaks with Mashed Purple Potatoes & Summer Vegetables <– from Blue Apron!

Ok, now let’s talk about fall half marathons since that’s all we’ve talked about lately. “We” meaning Mal and me and a bunch of our friends. We recently registered for the South Shore Half Marathon and plan to do some of our training together, which I am super pumped about. I love training for races, but when I have friends to do it with, it’s so much more enjoyable. I always thought I was a “cat runner,” but I am definitely a “dog runner.” Ok, sometimes I am a cat runner. I really do love zoning out with a podcast/good music on a long run. It is so relaxing for me.


Anyway, I thought it might be a little too early to start thinking about a fall half, especially since the one we registered for isn’t until November, but it’ll be here before we know it. I’m thinking about doing this training plan from Runner’s World, but it’s only 10 weeks. I think that’s plenty of time to get me ready to run a half, but I’m really excited and want to start sooner!! Maybe I’ll look for a 12-week plan, so I can “officially” start around Labor Day? Anyone have an awesome 12-week half marathon training plan that they want to share with me? 🙂

Questions of the Day

Have you started thinking about a fall race yet? If so, which one are you considering? 

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  1. It is never too early to start. The only thing you want to consider is potential Burnout if you start too early. But that can be fixed with some rest and consistent motivation you can use throughout your training cycle. I am a RRCA certified running coach and would not mind putting together a training plan for you!

  2. Most of the local half marathons in my area are already sold out for fall! Crazy, I know. So I may be looking for one within an hours drive which will give me a lot of options. December 5th is the OUC Orlando half which takes you through downtown Orlando. Hopefully the weather is less hot and not humid!

  3. Half marathons are my absolute favorite race! I love having one on the horizon so I have a goal. It makes my running have a purpose and I definitely push myself harder when I know I have a race coming. I haven’t thought about the fall yet but will soon!

  4. I was just having this discussion with my running buddy. We are thinking of running the Detroit half, which means training starts soon! Hal has always been my training plan of choice.

  5. I think your math is off! If the half is November 1st, it’s only eight weeks between the race and Labor Day. If you find a 12 week plan you can start in early August! 🙂

  6. I love seeing what people eat:) My blog went in the reverse direction of yours and has lately turned into a food diary. Funny how it changes over time! I love reading yours:)

  7. I registered for the cape cod half in Falmouth the week before your half. I am using the run trainer app for my training and it has a few plans and you can pick how many runs you want to do that week. Since I am impatient to start it has be running some base runs until training starts.

  8. Running the CIM (my first marathon) the first weekend of December. I guess its still ‘technically’ fall then. 😛

  9. I’m always so eager to start training, so I’ll add on extra weeks just to start getting in shape! Fall races are the best and I’m excited for mine to start. Can’t wait to follow your training again 🙂

  10. I am registered for the Scotiabank half marathon in Toronto in mid-October. I’ve been getting my running back up to par post-baby, so I’ve been running 3-4x per week, but I’m officially going to start training next week, so that will be 12 weeks until race day. I got my training plan from a friend who ran Boston this year. She is VERY fast! I can share with you for sure. Maybe email me and I can send it to you via email? That’s probably easiest. The thing is that her plan has you running 4 days per week and I want to run only 3 days per week because I have two young kids and I also just started Crossfit. I am aiming for a PR for this half marathon too. My best time is 1:48 and I haven’t run a race in 6 years, but I know I can do it. Anyways, let’s chat via email and we can talk training deets if you want.

  11. There’s only a few half marathons in st louis to choose from so it makes my decisions pretty easy 🙂 that’s awesome a bunch of your friends signed up too! I can’t ever get anyone to sign up with me hah

  12. I’m running the Crazy Horse half marathon in the Black Hills. BEAUTIFUL! It is the first weekend of October. Just did my ‘test’ run to see if I needed to start now or in a few weeks. I was able to easily run 6 miles, so I’m going to start my official training in two weeks!

  13. I use Hal Higdon when I’m looking for a training schedule. I was thinking of doing the Bay State Half Marathon (Lowell, MA) in October (I’d have to start my training this weekend!!) but I’m not sure I want to do it. It really is a commitment and sometimes I do not have the time to do a long run with an 8 month old and a husband that travels. But I may start the training anyway and if I can stick with it I may register end of August. (If there are still spots) Waaahhh, I’m so torn

  14. I use the RunKeeper app to track my runs. Have you tried it before? They offer a lot of great training plans.

  15. Yay fall races! I’m thinking of registering for a half in October, and already threw together a training plan. I like to build my miles veeeeeery gradually, and I’ve got a lot going on to keep me busy outside of running.

    I’ve had a lot of success adapting Jeff Galloway’s training plans- 2 30-minute runs, plus a long run on the weekend. I’m also obsessed with his Magic Mile, b/c I love to see my speed progression. Plus yoga and a complete rest day each week. I’m never going to be a top finisher, so I focus on staying healthy and injury-free.

  16. I have high hopes to be able to do my *very first* half marathon this year. I am planning on registering for the Rock N Roll in my hometown of San Antonio in December. I plan on relaying the Harbor Half in Corpus in November as well. I have started to pick up my mileage in preparation for a 15K trail run next month. That will be longest run to date once completed.

  17. Fall races are the best! Cooler temps… pretty leaves to distract you… all the essentials : ) I’m running NYCM in November, but will hopefully be running a local half in September and October as part of training. I’d also like to run the Philly half again just for fun !

  18. I’ll prob be running the Chicago Half. I ran the Chicago Spring Half and just finished the RnR last weekend. I hadn’t run in 2 months and there were heat advisories, but I managed to finish. It was awful but if I can finish a race with so little preparation like that, then I know fall should be a piece of cake!

  19. Ah, I registered for that race last year. at 7pm the night before the race, they postponed it due to the ‘hurricane’ conditions we had. They rescheduled for 2 weeks later and I got too sick to run. My friends said it was a beautiful course, a bit hilly.
    I cannot wait to do this race this fall!

  20. It seems like we got the same Blue Apron order 🙂 We had the salmon Caesar salad on Saturday and sirloin steaks with the purple mashed potatoes last night (SO good)! This was my first time trying out Blue Apron and so far I’m a fan!

  21. Salmon Caesar? YUM!

    That’s funny that you like to eat something before a workout – for me, I SO MUCH prefer exercising on an empty stomach 🙂 To each their own!

    That’s awesome how excited you are for the next race! Looking forward to hearing which plan you decide to go with.

  22. I hope most people have started their training already if they are running fall races: especially marathons! I have three races on top, Parks Half Marathon ins September, Ragnar DC Ultra in October and the Philadelphia Marathon in November. Good luck!

  23. My husband and I registered for the Sacramento Spartan Sprint-this is our second one but it is not until November also. But it’s exciting because we are getting lots of people from our gym to do it and for many it will be their first Spartan experience.

  24. I am putting together a running program at my school where I teach for the students to get involved in my half marathon adventure! I wasn’t really planning on running the half, but I figured if I could get my school involved and have students run with me, it would motivate me again. I have run quite a few halfs but this time should be more fun and for a purpose!

  25. I have already signed up for a October marathon and I’m super excited. I’ve been trying to keep myself in half marathon shape but when I miss planned workouts it can derail me. I think just giving yourself extra time for busy days, cross-training or whatever comes up (hopefully not snow in September).

  26. It’s definitely not too early! I am signed up for the Los Angeles Rock n Roll Half Marathon on October 25. I’m training with Team ASPCA and helping to raise money for a good cause. It is exciting to train with a group once a week instead of being so lonely on long runs! Plus, Team ASPCA provides a training plan so it takes all the guess work out of it.

  27. I did that training plan for my half this spring and loved it!! It was almost exact for the time i planned as my goal half marathon time. I did start it earlier too and loosely followed until I hit the 10 week start of the plan. It definitely works!!

      1. @Tina:

        Hi Tina – I also did this training plan for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon in Nashville this spring. It was my first half post babies (ages 3 and 1), and I work full time as a 2nd grade teacher, but the training was really manageable, and I actually did every single run as prescribed. I did the tempo and speed work on the treadmill at night after the babies went to bed, but my long runs outside in my hilly hometown. I followed the times suggested — even though some of the tempo runs were really tough for me — and I got my goal time for the race. Hope it works for you, too! You inspire me to always try to find time to exercise and finally fit in strength training. My son likes to grab on to my arm, and I am tired of him having so much to grab on to! =)

  28. I’m signing up for the Philly Rock n Roll on October 31st! It will be my first half marathon. Very excited!

  29. i wish they would open up marylou coffee in nyc.. i still dream about that peanut butter iced coffee you had. i suppose starbucks flavored iced is the closest thing, but they don’t have these cool flavors and i find sb too strong!

  30. Yay!! I start training for a fall half marathon that’s also in November. We officially start training 8/1! Glad we can virtually train together! 😉

  31. I ran the South Shore 1/2 last year. It had to be pushed back 2 weeks due to a freak early snow/sleet storm. On race day it ended up being SUPER cold. The race it’s self was really fun, but I’d recommend packing a change of clothes or at least a heavy jacket in your bag at the end. The finish line festivities will be much more enjoyable if you’re warm & dry! Good luck!

  32. I’m helping a friend train for the Portland Marathon, but I’m doing the Newport Beach Triathlon that day instead. =P I’m in the lottery for the Big Sur Marathon in April 2016 and I’m definitely doing the Portland Marathon in 2016 with my friend. I didn’t realize I was going to like distances longer than 13.1 until I decided to keep my friend company on her long runs! We are on the lookout for a half in January/February 2016…I’m all about planning ahead!

  33. didn’t get the lottery for the BAA half in October so signed up for Newburyport half. Making a weekend of it with friends. Ultimately, i’m running Princess Half at Disney World in Feb 2016 so excited for the season!

  34. i’m signed up for a half in portland, maine in october and i’m about to sign up for the lake placid classic in september! excited for some gorgeous views 😉

  35. Yes, doing the Nantucket half on October 11th. There are quite a few fall ones in New England, would love to get one more in if I’m doing the the training…

  36. I’m registered for Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November and the Deja Vu race at the Louisiana Marathon in Jan. My Deja Vu will be a 5K Sat. and a Half Sunday. Normally, I wouldn’t have registered this early for LA but they gave a great discount!

  37. I’m training for my first ever half marathon! A local run on September 20th in Lansing, Michigan. Nervous and excited! I’m doing Hal Higdon’s novice half program and am on week 4!

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