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Hi, friends!

Just popping in to say ”˜hello’ and let you guys know that we’re still waiting for Baby Haupert to make his arrival. I’m still not having any (obvious) signs of labor, but I’m having fun trying to encourage it! (I know babies come when they’re ready!)

IMG_3511 (675x900)

On Friday night, Mal and I ordered (spicy) Thai food for dinner, hoping it might get things moving.

IMG_3518 (900x900)

No luck, but, as always, Lime Leaf was delicious!

IMG_3513 (900x900)


IMG_3521 (900x900)

On Friday afternoon, a special package from Julie arrived in the mail for Baby Haupert. Of course, Murphy immediately thought it was for him, so I let him sniff the box.

IMG_3526 (900x900)

Once he was done sniffing, I started to open the wrapping paper. Murphy was sitting right in front of me, watching me like he usually does, but then he did something totally unlike his usual pug self: He snatched the box out of my hands and ran into the other room with it! Whaaaaattt? Mal and I just stared at each other and then started laughing because Murphy doesn’t typically do stuff like that. It was so random.

IMG_3529 (900x900)

We found the pug in the living room frantically ripping the wrapping paper off the box.

IMG_3533 (900x900)


IMG_3531 (900x900)

I eventually grabbed the package and opened it myself. And, of course, Murphy wasn’t far from the action.

IMG_3538 (900x900)

Inside was the most adorable little socks! (I already packed the fish ones for the hospital since they match Baby H.’s going home outfit.) Thank you, Julie!

IMG_3541 (900x675)

After that (and on more than one occasion), Murphy tried to grab a sock and run off with it. He’s SUCH a sock monster. He’s also in for some big changes once Baby Haupert gets here. It’s not going to be Murphy’s world for much longer!

IMG_3543 (900x675)

I’m actually not too worried about how Murphy will adjust to the new baby. He’s (mostly) a chill, laid-back dog, who loves just about everyone, so I can see him getting along with Baby H. just fine. I actually think he’s going to be sort of indifferent to him””like Murphy will probably sniff Baby H. and be a little curious, but, overall, I don’t think he’ll be all that interested.

Questions of the Day

How did your dog react when you brought home a new baby? Any advice for us?



  1. You have a great attitude about the wait! You’re right- the baby will come on when it’s time. We don’t have a dog, but I’m curious how my 4yo will adjust… it’s definitely been her world for four years! She’s super excited but has no idea what it’s really going to be like. 🙂

  2. My dog was so great with my neice, super curious and interested, but kept his distance. I hope he’ll be just as sweet with our bundle if joy come September.

  3. I remember doing everything possible to try and get my baby girl to come out once I was past my due date, but nothing worked. I waited all the way until 42 weeks and then had to be induced. I hope you have better luck than I did!

    My golden retriever was fine with both my babies. I mean, she was obviously saddened to not be our baby anymore, but all she did was come over and sniff and lick them and that was it. Goldens are so awesome with kids.

  4. 1. The socks are adorable!
    2. Murphy gave me a needed laugh to start the day!
    3. I know you feel VERY pregnant but you can’t even tell you are pregnant in the photo you posted standing over Murphy. You do “over your due date” very well!!

  5. We have 2 chihuahuas and they weren’t too bad – they really had nothing to do with him. At Christmas though one of the dogs peed on only the baby’s presents!

  6. While we were still at the hospital, I had my mom – who was dog sitting – take home a blanket out daughter had been wrapped in. It gave Berger a chance to get accustomed to her smell before we brought her home. Also, we got home before my mom brought Berger back, so when he walked in I made a big deal over him before he saw the baby. I made it important that he wasn’t replaced but got a new person to love him. Now he and my 1-1/2 y/o are best friends! 🙂

  7. I have never had a dog, but I have a cat and when I brought my first born home for the first time everytime I would put the baby in it’s bassenet to sleep, my cat would lay at the head of it like it was a little guard watching over her.!!! but never touched the baby. Just sniffed her and always wanted to be close like it was protecting her.

  8. Awww love the ‘lil socks!

    i bet Murphy will be a chill dog with the baby. 🙂 I’m 32 weeks pregnant and a little nervous how my bi-polar kitty will react to our baby… fingers crossed he’s a nice, big brother!

  9. Murphy’s so cute! We got our dog as a puppy when I was 6 and my younger brother was 3… Then the even smaller came along but Barney was just great! He even had his head crawled over a few times and he never batted an eyelid! Murphy sounds like he’ll be great if he loves people anyways 🙂

  10. Our dog was a little curious, but mostly didn’t care anything about the baby. We have a chocolate lab mix. My sister’s puggle is generally all over the baby, though. Lots of licks!!

  11. I hope Murphy is good with baby H. We had to send our dog to bootcamp because she snipped at our’s twice. Didnt make contact but we werent taking any chances. She’s better now but we always keep them seperated because it’s not worth the risk. We’re really bummed – we were hoping to have one of those “instant friends” type situations. Hopefully when he’s older. Good luck! I can sympathize with the waiting game.

  12. Aw! Love him. Frank went nuts when we first brought Kay home. Every time she cried he’d freak out. We had to keep them somewhat separated for a while. I’d say just be patient! Some dogs seem to act like a baby is no big deal, some freak. Just give Murphy lots of time and attention when you can 🙂

  13. I hope baby h appears soon, for you! I only have cats & they did great! One cat that was afraid of loud noises has never left his side (Lars is 5 1/2 months now & the cat completely adores him).

  14. In addition to the already mentioned bringing a hat or blanket the baby used home for the dogs to sniff (my husband was able to go home a bit while we were in the hospital after AJ was born so he did that, otherwise my parents would have), I went into the house first when we got home so the dogs could lose their mind with excitement for a minute and then have time to settle a bit before we brought the baby in. We put baby+carrier on the floor for the dogs to sniff and then they were over it (until he started crying a little while later, which meant our pit mix decided to whine and cry along with him. That stopped within a week thank goodness.) Good luck!

  15. Oh you had me with that blog post title! I keep checking to see if baby H has arrived yet, so excited!
    Murphy is just too funny! I can’t believe he grabbed the box and ran, what a little stinker, hehe.

  16. That is hilarious that Murphy snatched the box!!! I have a puggle who is nuts, but she is afraid of all random objects so she would probably have just barked ain’t it or something! When she’s in a weird mood, she still grabs socks and runs around with them like she did when she was a puppy… I’m sure Murphy will be fine with the baby, good luck!!

  17. My dog hates kids. He isn’t aggressive or anything he just prefers to walk away and ignore them. However, he loves “his” baby. He cuddles her and licks her and now that she’s 1 they chase eachother around like maniacs. He is still un interested in other kids but loves his girl. 🙂 His love began the moment we came home from the hospital. He sat in front of her when she was in the swing or on the floor and slept in front of her rock n play in our bedroom. Once she moved to the crib he slept outside her door every single night. If I don’t get her fast enough in the morning after she starts chattering he comes and finds me or scratches at her door.

  18. We have two pugs. They were super curious when we brought our daughter home, but never over stepped any boundaries. Pugs are so good with kids! One of my pugs is an attention whore. My daughter is 3 years old now, and Zoey always has to be where she is, in her face, checking the floor for crumbs, etc. My daughter thinks it is funny, but other times she will say, “Mom! Zoey’s bothering me!!!” My other pug just wants to be left alone and will run in the other direction if my daughter comes near her.

  19. What is that Thai dish called? It looks delicious! Can’t wait to see the announcement when your little one arrives (and hear the name!) our second son just turned 2 months old. Enjoy this amazing fleeting time

  20. When we first brought R home anytime she cried our cat would meow like crazy…it was so weird (and annoying!). Ps. I once heard someone thing about eggplant parm getting things moving…

  21. Murphy seems like he will be great with the baby. Especially because you guys seem to keep him involved with everything. The best advice I can give and have heard works good is to have Murphy smell the babies blanket(or other thing with babies smell on it) prior to baby H coming home so he knows the smell. Good luck with everything!!

  22. Our dog did great and loves his buddy! He’s still a little roudy around him (he’s only 2 years old) but did just great as soon as we brought our little man home. I think you’re doing great by letting Murphy around all of Hippity’s items/car seat so he gets used to the smells! Though now Hawkeye wants all of his the baby’s toys and the baby wants the dog toys.. oh, and Hawkeye has chewed/eaten a few baby socks/mittens..and tries to lay on all of the little man’s blankets.

  23. Ironically we thought Ollie was going to be loving on Austin but he just moped and needed my attention. James who I thought was going to “aggressively curiously” was surprisingly timid and chill with Austin. He’d sit by his crib or by me when I nursed Austin. It was really sweet. It took some time with Ollie but it’s a major adjustment for them too! I tried to spend my “free time” with the dogs when I had it.

  24. Our puggle mostly ignored our baby boy for the first 7 months. Now that he’s eating some solid food, she’s all about him. She sits by his high chair and he figured out how to reach down to let her lick his hand. She’ll come up and give his face a quick lick now and then and almost always sits by my side on the couch while I’m nursing him now. The best part is that our son lights up and smiles and laughs EVERY time he sees her. They are going to be such good friends. I’m sure someone already suggested, but it may be a good idea to send someone home with a receiving blanket that the baby was wrapped in at the hospital before you bring him home so Murphy knows his scent and will think of him as familiar. It was also suggested that you both come in and greet him when you get home, and then have your husband bring the baby in. If you’re nursing, the baby is going to be with you SO much in the early days, that you don’t want the dog to see him as “yours” and get jealous – by having Mal bring him in, the dog will think of him as both of yours. We knew our dog would be safe to be with the baby – we just wanted the transition to be as easy on her as possible.

  25. OMG our dog (a weimaraner) freaakked out when we first introduced the two of them. He growled and his hair stood up. It was actually really sad because I thought we were going to have to part with him, but now the two of them are best buds. Nitro can’t leave Gavin alone. Like at all. I’m sure they’re going to be best buds once Gavin starts walking!

  26. I wonder if Murphy could smell Julie’s dog, Sadie, on the present and that’s why he went nutzo? 🙂

  27. LOL! My dog loves opening gifts! He loves tearing at the paper until he gets to his toy. I also let him assist with opening my gifts. I love the photo of Murphy running away with it in his mouth!! I heart Murphy stories!

    I have no advice as I have some time before our LO arrives but I have heard bringing home an item that smells like the baby prior to bringing the actual baby home is a good idea.

  28. Lol this post made me laugh. Murphy is something else! Congrats on the arrival of Baby H! Can’t wait to see photos 🙂

  29. We have a pug and when we brough home our first child, she could have cared less. Our Molly (pug) is the most gentle and tolerates alot as far as toddlers are concerned. Murphy will be awesome!

  30. Maybe Murphy thought it was a BarkBox – which is obviously for him! I’m sure he’ll be find about Baby H – he seems to be a really laid back dog anyway (aside from the usual – barking at the ice cream man, etc…).

    My sister’s boy dog let’s my niece do anything to him – she’ll pull on his ears and such…her girl dog will tell her when she’s had enough (which isn’t too much). But, I know both dogs love her because she throws food out of her high chair and leaves trails of crumbs/food.

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