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So, our heat went out again last night. We had our furnace serviced just a few weeks ago because of the same issue, but, unfortunately, it went out again. *sigh* (Is it Spring yet? Oh, yea, it is. Is it summer yet? Jeez, Louise. I am so done with this winter-like weather.)

IMG_0467 (800x600)

I woke up in the middle of the night because I was cold, so I went to turn up the heat. (Mal sometimes turns it down a little bit because he doesn’t like the house too warm when he sleeps.) Usually, the heat starts right up when I adjust the temperature on the thermostat, but it never kicked on. I woke up Mal and he went downstairs to check the furnace. The heat came on for maybe 20 seconds (hooray), but then it went off again (boo). At that point, it was 64 degrees in our house, so I “ninja-ed” into Quinn’s room and put a sweater on him. Miraculously, he didn’t wake up! It was pretty amazing.

When Mal woke up around 5:15 AM, the house was 56 degress (brrrr), so he put a couple of blankets on Quinn and started a space-heater to get us through the early-morning. (We called our heating company as soon as we realized our furnace crapped-out again, but they couldn’t get someone out until the morning.)

IMG_0457 (800x600)

Quinn slept until about 6:15 and woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He didn’t care one bit that our house was cold, especially after Dad told him it was “like camping.” Haha!

IMG_0461 (800x600)

IMG_0465 (800x600)

While Quinn ate his breakfast, I ate mine, which was a bowl of sweet potato oatmeal with walnuts, chia seeds, and apple butter. It was originally overnight oats, but I just couldn’t eat cold oats when our house was 56 degrees, so I heated them up.

IMG_0452 (800x600)

After breakfast, we all hung out in the warm bathroom while Mal got ready for school. Party in the bathroom!

IMG_0469 (800x600)

IMG_0480 (800x600)

Thankfully, it was a daycare day, so I dropped off Quinn, so he would be nice and toasty there and then I swung by Marylou’s for an iced coffee.

IMG_0482 (800x600)

When I got home, the heat guy was waiting for me. Hooray!

IMG_0483 (800x600)

Murphy wasn’t sure what to make of the heat guy, but he fixed things right up for us and we’re back in business! Thank goodness!

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Questions of the Day

Do you like sleeping in a warm or semi-chilly house?

Do you like camping? 



  1. Hi Tina! What was wrong with your furnace? Reason I’m asking is because the same thing is going on with ours! Lately it’s been blowing cold air. Once we shut it off and turn it on, it starts to work, but this morning it was about 2 minutes on and then off. Ahh! I just don’t want to buy a new one 🙂 haha

    1. There’s a kink in the line, so the oil doesn’t move through properly. It’s also super old and really needs to be replaced.

    2. @Heather @Fit n Cookies: This kept happening at my house too! We bought a new thermostat, but that didn’t help so we call a repairman. He told us that he couldn’t find anything wrong but he cleaned a sensor and adjusted some things (I don’t actually know what) and $165 later, we’re working fine!

  2. We keep it really-Chilly! Here in Princeton we keep it at 54 when we sleep! I know. That’s kinda cold hu? But we keep our living area 65 when we are there 🙂 New Englanders- we can handle anything! Just like Ice coffee when it’s 10 below…

  3. Oh no! Well I’m glad you’re not snowed in as well. Spring certainly can’t come soon enough! I do not like to camp in the slightest. And my favorite sleeping temperature is on the cooler side so I can snuggle under the covers.

  4. We had that happen to us this winter as well. Thankfully we also having a wood burning stove and a heating blanket on our bed, so we were able to stay pretty warm! I’m glad they got someone out there for you so quickly!

  5. Yeah!!! Glad your heat got fixed. Being cold in the winter is the worst! Hopefully Mother Nature will warm up soon here in the Northeast and we’ll all be warmer soon!

  6. I grew up sleeping in a frigid house so I love to sleep in a cold room with lots of blankets. My husband, not so much. We meet somewhere in the middle so we both can sleep comfortably.

  7. I like camping, but not when its cold! I like early summer or early fall when its crisp enough for a sweatshirt and hoodie in the morning and evening, but not so cold I can’t sleep.

  8. I like the house chilly, 65 ish and we all sleep with ceiling fans. If it is one degree warmer everyone is uncomfortable. Thankfully, when the boys were babies the master bedroom was downstairs and we kept it a bit warmer for them updataris. Now we are all on the same floor. They don’t seem to mind…we just throw on more blankets for the colder nights.

    Love Q in his hoodie!

  9. Now that I am in my 40’s I defintely like sleeping when it’s cool. My body heats up at night now like it never did and I am roasting! I throw open all the windows in the bathroom when I am getting ready in the morning. Even in 4 degree weather!

  10. Oh no! What a drag, especially since you just had it fixed. The joys of home ownership, right?! And no, I’m not a huge camping fan… There is something about running water and cleanliness that makes me want to come back to a home each night of a vacation 🙂

  11. I can sleep with it cold, just cannot get out bed if its too cold!
    LOVE camping, but we just bought a ‘camp’ house up Lake Winni, so glamping it will be!

    We use Alvin Hollis, have had them for 16 years(Weymouth based). They are great and always get someone out asap (if you ever need a backup service!)

  12. Quinn looks so cute in his hoodie sweater! I keep my house around 67-68 during the day (depending on the weather outside), but I like it around 64-65 to sleep…plus I use a fan year round. Ha. I like it to be chilly so I can bundle up with my blanket & quilt. 😉

  13. I live in an old neighborhood near a coastline – so in the summer, summer storms cause frequent power outages. Once a tree caused a power out for a week and I remember my mom saying “it’s just like camping” to comfort us. Since then, every time the power goes out, we make a campfire dinner, tell ghost stories and go along with the camping thing! haha!

  14. Awww cute little boy in his hoodie! I love a cold house at night. Gives me an excuse to pile on the blankets! Since being with my husband, the human furnace, I almost never get to use my duvet, so any chance to use it I will take!

  15. Same thing happened with our furnace. Needed a good cleaning and change of filter but thankfully it was back up in running in no time. It’s old and the tank needs to be replaced… Next winter! Camping? No thank you. The only place I camp is at the Ritz Carlton!

  16. Oh man, that has happened to me except it was 100 degrees in my house and the a/c wouldn’t work. Twice it happened in the same year, in a brand new house. The builder wonders why the community is suing them because no one’s a/c or heat has worked properly. I think I’d rather be cold than hot.

  17. Our heater has been doing the same thing! We had it fixed last year after coming home from a weekend in Vegas to frozen toilet bowls! Our house was less than 20 degrees! But, it continues to have issues every now and then. I like it to be a little bit cooler when I sleep, but it is never a good feeling to wake up because the heater is out. Glad you got it fixed!

  18. So frustrating with a baby! But replacing everything is probably super expensive. I like the temp just a little bit chilly but not cold. I like to sleep with a blanket on but don’t want to be hot.

  19. My husband is temperature control freak, so we keep our heat at 65 (if it’s freezing out and we have company, I can bump it to 68!, woo!) and turn it completely off at night! I actually sleep 1000x better if its cold, especially since I like to sleep with a blanket or super cozy duvet, but I ALWAYS sleep with my feet sticking out of the covers (I think I have body temp control issues or something? haha). Glad you got your heater fixed!

  20. Oh my goodness, I am in total tears from laughing at this post! Not that you had no heat, that sucks, but the picture of Q in his high chair drinking from the bottle for some reason had me laughing SO HARD. THEN when I realized you guys piled into the bathroom while Mal was getting ready to leave, that just cracked me up again. And after dropping Quinn off to be nice and warm, you got an ICED coffee… Ahh, it is posts like this, little peeks into your every day life, that I really enjoy 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. @Annie Atherton: Oh, and I LOVE camping, but I have not dared to brave straight up tent camping with kiddos. We have rented a Yurt the past 2 summers, and this summer my husband would like us to upgrade to a cabin!

  21. I prefer my house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But we had the same thing happen to us two months ago. We have oil heat so our pipes couldn’t handle how cold it got here (MD). So we too were “camping” for a while. Ours went out in the evening so to my Mom’s house for the night it was. Fun winter times right?

  22. I feel your pain….our furnace doesnt have enough gas pressure to it so when it drops below 10 degrees it craps out on us. There were a few weeks in February where it was below 0 outside and 43 degrees inside. We had to set the alarm every two hours to manually turn our furnace back on so we didnt wake up to a freezing cold house! I like to sleep in a warm room but with no blankets. My husband grew up in Puerto Rico so he sleeps with all the blankets plus long underwear and pjs on!

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