It’s Friday, Friday

It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

Hooray for Friday! Did this week fly by for anyone else? For some reason, the middle of last week is a complete blur to me. Tuesday and Wednesday, in particular, just blend together into one day. Even still, I’m psyched for Friday to be here. My plans for the evening are as follows:

Hanging out with my favorite guys.

IMG_0017 (800x600) (800x600)

Eating a smorgasbord of leftovers from the refrigerator for dinner.

IMG_0015-2 (600x800)

Watching Horrible Bosses and drinking wine on the couch.

IMG_0001 (800x600)

I am very much looking forward to this evening.

[rewind to this morning]


I tackled my 12-mile run, no problem. Woot!

IMG_0002-2 (800x600)

The weather was absolutely beautiful for a long run”” cool, crisp, and sunny with a slight breeze. It put me in such a great mood.

IMG_0859 (800x598)

The plethora of autumn decorations on my route also put a smile on my face. I love this time of year so much.


When I returned home from my run, I stretched and foam rolled.


Chugged water and munched on some sesame Pretzel Crisps. I craved salt in a bad way after my run.

IMG_0005-2 (800x600)


Once I showered and got dressed, I made lunch, which was two eggs, whole wheat toast with melted cheddar cheese, and an apple. I wasn’t super hungry after my run, but I made myself eat a little something to refuel my muscles.

IMG_0013-2 (800x600)

A little while later, I made myself a cup of coffee and ate some graham crackers, which I spread peanut butter on right after I snapped this photo. The graham crackers just tasted so plain. The peanut butter definitely added a little something to them.

IMG_0019-2 (800x600)

Mal and I are having a low-key evening because we’re off to Portland, Maine bright and and early tomorrow morning. Neither of us have spent much time there, so if you have suggestions for what to see and do or where to eat, please let me know!

Have a wonderful Friday night, friends!

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  1. TGIF!! I had no idea Horrible Boss’s was out, we were just looking for a movie for tomorrow night. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, please go to the Allagash brewery. You’ll need to drive there from downtown Portland, but it’s delightful. Small, sweet, and delicious.
    We went to “Duckfat” ( recently, and the soup and salad were really tasty and inventive, and quite satisfying for a vegetarian. My meat-eating husband loved the duckfat fries, with truffle ketchup.
    Just walking along the waterfront and into the winding streets up the hills is wonderful. Great little shops and galleries.
    Have fun!

  3. I grew up in Maine, Portland is quite a treat. I wouldn’t consider any place in Maine to be a “city” but portland does have it all. Go to the area of town called the Old Port. A great zone for walking and wondering around. go to Becky’s Diner! Seriously – go! It was even featured on ‘Diners, drive-ins and dives’ on the Food Network (I mean you are friends with Giada and all).

  4. Hey Tina! We are having a very similar Friday night over here 🙂

    I lived in Portland for two years after opening up the Whole Foods… AMAZING restaurants and beer for sure. And cheese. You get RAW cheese, raw yogurt, and raw milk. Maine is all about BUY LOCAL. Look out for those stickers/signs 🙂

    There is an AMAZING Greek restaurant on Congress street called Emilitsa. It is beautiful, delicious and authentic. Really I think yo both will adore it!!!

    Also consider Fore Street or Bresca.

    Standard Baking co. for bread and pastries 🙂

    You guys are in for a treat. I met some of the most amazing people in Portland, Maine, made amazing friends and had some of the most amazing meals in my life.. all in Portland. Enjoy!!! I cannot wait to hear all about it!! <3

  5. hey Tina! I live in Portland and LOVE it. I have lived in the Portland area my whole life (Except my 4 years at UMaine)
    You and Mal should hit up the East Ender. You would love all the micro-brews and fancy, yet unpretentious gourmet bar food. It is on Middle Street.
    The mood and look in there is very NYC gastro-pub. The prices are a lot better than other places like Fore Street or Back bay- both are good but very pricey!

    For breakfast, the best best best place in Portland is Bintliff’s. Trust me on that one! I have eaten there many many times and I have never been dissapointed.

    If you are looking for good shopping, head farther north to Freeport. LL Bean, and a lot of other outdoor shops.

    if you are looking for a great place to run or walk around, try Baxter Boulevard. It is 3.5 miles around and it breathtaking views of the bay.
    Have a great time!

  6. Portland is so pretty! You’ll love it. I have a couple reccos: Fore Street for a nicer dinner – farm to table; everything is fresh and seasonal. J’s Oysters is a casual dive bar-looking spot right on the water with an AMAZING selection of oysters, steamers and everything in between. Also – Grace Restaurant is a great place for drinks and/or dinner. Its an old church converted into a restaurant. Very cool. Have fun!

  7. Oooooh – go take a free tour/tasting at Shipyard Brewery! They were right next to our hotel when we were up in Portland and it was one of my favorite brewery experiences. Plus, they have an AWESOME store!

  8. Portland suggestions: Green Elephant for Thai food, Hot Suppa for comfort or breakfast food, Otto for pizza. Also for an amazing beer selection- Novare Res Bar!

  9. I’d do anything to go to Maine right now! I am from a small town outside of Portland and miss the area! Everyone who has given suggestions so far is spot on. Grace is a very cool atmosphere considering it was an old church! I only went there for drinks, never for food…but have heard great things! If you are in to seafood I would recommend DiMillo’s which is right downtown or if you are okay with heading into South Portland I would highly suggest going to Joe’s Boathouse or Salt Water Grille! Joe’s and Salt Water have very pretty views and great food! Definitely walk around the Old Port. Pretty cute area. Gritty’s is a fun downtown bar to check out! Great local beers there and live music at night! I could go on and on but I will leave it at that. Enjoy your time there, I am jealous!! 🙂

  10. I cannot get enough of the fall foliage and decorations this year! I think my Dear and I are going to head out into the mountains this afternoon to soak it all in… Yay 🙂 Hope you had a restful and enjoyable Friday night!

  11. So…we have friends from portland and they always take us to Local 88 for breakfast ( This place has a little bit of a hipster vibe, but the food and coffee are fresh and well done. I always recommend going. At night we usually end up at Nomad for drinks (Think dark basement, heavy wood tables with benches and a beer list as long as my arm. They also have cornhole set up outside, but i don’t know about this time of year).

  12. go to ri-ras, gritty’s or bull feeny’s for beverages (GREAT BEER!!!). all three are really fun places. ri-ra’s is right on the water. also, otto pizza..IS amazing. highly recommend. enjoy, portland is SO fun.

  13. If you’re looking for a quick sandwich place, check out Market Street Eats on Market St. Everything is super fresh and delicious, and they have a huge selection. Quirky little place to eat, or take the food to go and sit on the Eastern Prom to enjoy the water views. Thank God for the nice weather this weekend – we’ve been getting so much rain lately, so enjoy the sunshine!

  14. our favorite restaurant is portland is fore street (in the old port). you would love it.

    if you go on the early side, you can put your name in and sometimes snag a table day-of. it’s worth a wait…

  15. That song was stuck in my head all morning too! It looked like the perfect Friday evening! 🙂 I love your mug! I have anthropologie mug that has an “H” on it that I absolutely love.

  16. Flatbread Company on Commercial Street has amazing pizza with local ingredients. My husband and I actually took a food tour of Portland that was quite enjoyable. I suggest the food tour if you have time. Great way to see parts of the city and eat along the way. Also, Two Fat Cats bakery had the most amazing whoopie pie ever.

  17. Check out the Portland Maine Foodie Walking Tour. My husband and I went on it for our anniversary when we were visiting Portland and it was so fun. You could still make Sundays! Also – check out Vervacious down on the water – they have the coolest spices and sauces – oh and Oprah loves them too! Have fun! Oh Oh Oh and Duck Fat!!! Get the fries!

  18. I just moved back to Portland from Boston, and I love it so much! The Pepper Club is an awesome restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have great vegan and vegetarian stuff, as well as stuff for carnivores. For something sweet, try Beal’s Ice Cream- they have great frozen yogurt, or Standard & Company Bakery. For a great run, do the trail around back cove. Enjoy!

  19. Portland is going to be a blast!(by the time I read and commented, you’ve prob already been there and back) Your fridge is SO clean…you might have just motivated me to do a wipe-down of ours

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