It’s a Tough Life for This Dog

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Poor Murphy. He lives a tough life.


Murphy is often forced to do things that he doesn’t want to do, like walk by empty garbage cans on trash day. (They freak him out every time!)


On our walks, he’s also forced to walk by The Donkey.



Is that The Donkey?!?


Eeeeek! 😯


But, Murphy also gets to do fun things.


Like play at the park.


And chew sticks.




And get lots of hugs and kisses from Mom.




But, eventually, playtime at the park has to end.


But, Mom, I don’t wanna leave! Wah.


It’s a tough life for this dog.

Off to dinner!



  1. Poor li’l guy! Between the donkey, the trashcans, and not getting to stay at the park FOREVER, he is a strong one!

    VERY cute!!!!!!

  2. hahahhahahha. I love it. Frank gets scared every time a car drives by us on our walks…he flys onto the grass as far as he can possibly get from the car. His face also scrunches up. I think we should both have to walk with Beware of Scary dog signs 😉

  3. HAHAHA! This post cracked me up! I love it. Poor Murphy…lots of scary things in the world! Heck, that donkey would freak me out. 😉 How does he feel about garden gnomes?

  4. Awww MURPHY. Such an expressive face! 😀

    PS: I kind of love the font that you have for when we’re typing comments…what is it?

  5. Awww I LOVE pugs (I have 2)…they are so fun!!

    Is that a FLEECE you have on? Holy cow that sounds nice about right now. I don’t forsee myself getting to even wear longsleeves anytime soon… 🙁

  6. This makes me smile and think what a life in the day of my furball Clifford is like. It involves destroying things with zippers, sleeping in the exact middle of us at night and playing fetch 8,000 times.

  7. Awwwe… the life of a dog is so rough! I always wonder what’s going on in their head, and if they could talk… what kind of voice would they have? My dog, Shiner, is 110 pound black lab and I’m convinced if he talked, his voice would be like Berry White 🙂

  8. I love CNC in general, but Murphy just puts it over the top for me! I love dogs in general and have two of my own. Murphy seems like such an expressive little guy, kind of like my lab Bailey. His personality comes through so well in your posts. Murphy posts make my day!

  9. I’m not sure if its new or if I just noticed, but I love the “previous post” link at the bottom of the post. So useful!!

  10. Oh my! Just wait until Murphy catches sight of those inflatable nylon Halloween and Christmas yard decorations. My big dog becomes a big baby during the holidays!

  11. Can I please come visit and play with Murphy?! He’s so cute!

    One of our cats is terrified of the broom – runs out of the room every time I bring it out!

  12. I love when you have posts on Murphy! 🙂 My crazy dog has a fear of a 2X2 area of our backyard. She literally will walk around it, sniff it, then run in the opposite direction with her tail tucked. Silly dog 🙂

  13. ha! i love this! my shih tzu gets freaked out by empty garbage cans and she is terrified of garden gnomes. i’m not even going to talk about if a kid on a bike rides by. not pretty!

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