Irrational Fears I Had as a Kid and Still Have Today

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Last night, I climbed into bed, got all comfy and cozy, and then noticed that the door to Mal’s closet was open. Most people wouldn’t care (or even notice), but I needed to close it before I could fall asleep. Otherwise, the monsters/zombies/ghosts hiding in there would get me!


Yes, friends, this is just one of my irrational fears from childhood that I still have today. And here are some others:

Seeing Bloody Mary in a mirror

My friends at summer camp scared the crap out of me doing that Bloody Mary stuff, so today I won’t (obviously) say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror while standing in the dark, but I also won’t look at my own reflection in a mirror at night. So when I get out of bed to pee at 2:00 AM, I’ll look at the ground in front of me to avoid looking at the huge mirror on my bureau and continue to look down so I don’t see the mirror above the bathroom sink. Ok, typing that just made me feel like a huge weirdo, but, long story short, I’m not a fan of mirrors at night.

bloody mary mirror
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Getting grabbed by monsters under the bed

I guess I’ve watched too many movies where a long, creepy hand reaches out and grabs someone from under the bed because now I won’t stand next to a bed (any bed – even my own) for an extended period of time. And if it’s dark, I’ll quickly hop into bed just to avoid having my feet on the ground for too long.

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Getting eating alive by a Great White shark

I watched all of the Jaws movies as a kid, so now I have a fear of open water (and sometimes lakes). I’ll swim in the ocean, but I won’t let the water get much higher than my chest. I want to make sure I can touch the ground and see what’s in the water just in case a shark tries to sneak up on me. So, yea, surf lessons in Hawaii are going to be interesting”¦

[image source]

Contracting some weird disease from feathers

I’m sure this is the weirdest of the bunch and, ok, it’s not really a fear, but it’s just something I tend to think about when I see feathers on the ground… and it’s probably totally irrational.

One time, when I was a kid, I found a big feather and started playing with it. I was probably rubbing it on my face to feel how soft it was or something like that because my mom told me to stop and said I could get sick from touching it. (Bird flu? Maybe she was onto something.) Ever since then, feathers (in the wild) sort of bug me out. I definitely won’t touch them! Ha!

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Yesterday’s breakfast was something a little different: scrambled eggs with 2 clementines. It was tasty and filled me up, but I missed my banana and nut butter.


Question of the Day

What are some irrational fears that you had as a kid and still have today?

P.S. Mal showed me this site last night: Animals Talking in All Caps. It’s pretty hysterical. Just wanted to share!



  1. I definitely am afraid of something grabbing me from under the bed. I have filled it up with shoes/sweaters because we don’t have much storage, but I still jump out of bed in the middle of the night! It’s so funny how things stick with us, even though we know they are completely irrational.

  2. UM, hilarious about Bloody Mary… because I still do a version of the same thing. Whenever I walk into a bathroom where the lights are off, I shut mine tight until I flip the switch. You never know! 😉

  3. I cannot sleep with any door ajar/cracked. It doesn’t matter if it’s the closet door or the bedroom door. It has to be closed before I can fall asleep. I even tell my kids that if they come into my room at night while I’m asleep that they must close the door, otherwise it wakes me up. Totally random and weird, but that’s me :).

  4. I thought I was the only 30 year old who still felt that way about mirrors at night!!! Thank goodness I’m not alone!!

  5. As I was reading this I read your first four then read the next title: Breakfast. For a moment I thought that was your next fear and was very amused. Mine is clowns. I hate them!

    xx Kait

  6. These are great, and relatable! Bloody Mary… No way am I looking in a mirror in a dark room. I have a fear of band aids. So weird, but it must be in line with the dirty feathers on the ground.

  7. I absolutely love this post. I was cracking up because it reminded me of myself. I have many of the same childhood fears that have carried over to adulthood: open closet doors hiding monsters or serial killers, open water and sharks (I have never swam out past torso high waters in the ocean). One addition: clowns. I have pictorial evidence that I hated clowns from a very early age: me screaming at 3 months old next to Ronald McDonald. Stephen King’s it did nothing to help this last phobia.

  8. I can definitely relate to some of those fears especially the mirrors and feathers. They both creep me out big time!

  9. I have all of those fears as well! I also don’t like looking out windows at night, I am scared a face will pop up! Other than that my only irrational fear is cottonballs. yes, i am so so scared of them. I cant touch one let alone look at one, they just give me the creeps!

  10. BLOODY MARY. YES. I never actually did the Bloody Mary thing as a kid (too chicken), but knew about it…and to this day, I absolutely must look at the floor when nearing a mirror in a dark room until I turn the light on. I actually just did that a few nights ago when grabbing something from our basement bathroom.

  11. Bloody Mary! Ahh my cousins made me SO scared of her as a child at THanksgiving. One of my students was telling others in my class about her the other day, too!
    ALso.. I have a huge fear of being pecked alive by birds.

  12. LOL I remember being freaked out by the whole Bloody Mary thing. I’m glad that’s not a real thing.

    Also, that animal website is hilarious!

  13. That is SO funny, because I have the same.exact.fears! Well, the first 3 anyway, ESPECIALLY the mirror one. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it 🙁

  14. Tina I have the same fear of feathers too! My sister and I were discussing ths recently. It must have been something kids our age were taught to avoid.

  15. Yes, the closet door must be shut at night for me too (still) and I avoid looking at the mirror in the dark too because of childhood Bloody Mary fears! I also think about something grabbing me from under the bed, so try to move quickly if I get up in the middle of the night. I even freak myself out sometimes just sitting on the edge of the bed at night, with my feet flat on the floor because I think of the scene in Pet Cemetery when the baby slits the dad’s Achilles tendon with a scalpel from underneath the bed!

    It’s funny how some fears never disappear. I admit these fears have lessened, but are definitely still apparent!

  16. I am not sure how I’m not afraid of open water. Not once but TWICE in Hawaii I came super close to sharks. One time I was out snorkeling and I could see people on the shore waving to come in so I started swimming back…little did I know I was swimming right towards the shark! I never actually did see it, but I guess I was a couple feet away at one point.

  17. I have your same nighttime irrational fears! I’m glad there is another adult out there with them since my husband makes fun of me all of the time for them. We have a full length mirror in our bedroom that faces the door, so I hate it when I have to get up in the dark since I can still see my reflection in it when looking down. I’m always worried I’ll see something scary in that reflection!

  18. A little late on this one, but I’m SO glad to see that someone else still has the Bloody Mary in the mirror fear! I feel like a total crazy whenever I go to the bathroom at night, but I can’t look in the mirror!

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