Irrational Fears I Had as a Kid and Still Have Today

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Last night, I climbed into bed, got all comfy and cozy, and then noticed that the door to Mal’s closet was open. Most people wouldn’t care (or even notice), but I needed to close it before I could fall asleep. Otherwise, the monsters/zombies/ghosts hiding in there would get me!


Yes, friends, this is just one of my irrational fears from childhood that I still have today. And here are some others:

Seeing Bloody Mary in a mirror

My friends at summer camp scared the crap out of me doing that Bloody Mary stuff, so today I won’t (obviously) say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror while standing in the dark, but I also won’t look at my own reflection in a mirror at night. So when I get out of bed to pee at 2:00 AM, I’ll look at the ground in front of me to avoid looking at the huge mirror on my bureau and continue to look down so I don’t see the mirror above the bathroom sink. Ok, typing that just made me feel like a huge weirdo, but, long story short, I’m not a fan of mirrors at night.

bloody mary mirror
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Getting grabbed by monsters under the bed

I guess I’ve watched too many movies where a long, creepy hand reaches out and grabs someone from under the bed because now I won’t stand next to a bed (any bed – even my own) for an extended period of time. And if it’s dark, I’ll quickly hop into bed just to avoid having my feet on the ground for too long.

[image source]

Getting eating alive by a Great White shark

I watched all of the Jaws movies as a kid, so now I have a fear of open water (and sometimes lakes). I’ll swim in the ocean, but I won’t let the water get much higher than my chest. I want to make sure I can touch the ground and see what’s in the water just in case a shark tries to sneak up on me. So, yea, surf lessons in Hawaii are going to be interesting”¦

[image source]

Contracting some weird disease from feathers

I’m sure this is the weirdest of the bunch and, ok, it’s not really a fear, but it’s just something I tend to think about when I see feathers on the ground… and it’s probably totally irrational.

One time, when I was a kid, I found a big feather and started playing with it. I was probably rubbing it on my face to feel how soft it was or something like that because my mom told me to stop and said I could get sick from touching it. (Bird flu? Maybe she was onto something.) Ever since then, feathers (in the wild) sort of bug me out. I definitely won’t touch them! Ha!

[image source]


Yesterday’s breakfast was something a little different: scrambled eggs with 2 clementines. It was tasty and filled me up, but I missed my banana and nut butter.


Question of the Day

What are some irrational fears that you had as a kid and still have today?

P.S. Mal showed me this site last night: Animals Talking in All Caps. It’s pretty hysterical. Just wanted to share!

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