Vacation in the Pouring Rain

What a beautiful day for some sightseeing on Cape Cod!

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(I’m so happy to be home right now. A hot shower and dry clothes never felt so good!)


Since the weather forecast called for rain, we all decided to sleep in and then make a big ol’ breakfast together this morning.

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5 humans + 2 dogs = madness in the kitchen.

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My breakfast included a veggie scramble with crumbled feta, a slice of bacon, and banana slices with a scoop of peanut butter on the side. I also drank an iced coffee with soy milk and a glass of OJ. It was pretty much the perfect rainy morning meal.

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After breakfast, we drove to downtown Hyannis to do some exploring. Sadly, the weather didn’t want to cooperate and it rained the entire time.

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We tried to stay dry, but no luck. We were totally soaked by the time we got home.

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For lunch, we went to Spanky’s Clam Shack, which initially seemed like a great place, but we were not all that impressed with it. Everything on the menu was insanely overpriced, which, of course, we expected since it was summertime on the Cape, but the food was nothing special.

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I assume people go to Spanky’s for the outdoor seating and ocean views, not the food.

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Even though none of us were especially psyched about our meals, we still had a nice time together at lunch.

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I ordered a salad with grilled shrimp on top. The shrimp was awesome (brushed with lemon, garlic, and chopped parsley), but the salad was pretty pathetic”” you know, tons of iceberg lettuce with barely any other veggies. I should have known! I totally fell into the salad tourist trap!

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After lunch, we walked around the downtown area of Hyannis in the rain and did some shopping. I bought a lighthouse Christmas tree ornament and my sister bought this adorable sign for her house:

IMG_0038 (500x375)

Eventually, we got really sick of the rain, so we popped into a little café for some coffee and brainstorming about how we could spend the rest of the afternoon.

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At the café, I ordered an iced soy latte with coconut syrup. I <3 coconut.

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While enjoying our coffees, we bounced some ideas around until someone suggested a trip to the arcade. Brilliant!!

IMG_0044 (500x375)

IMG_0043 (500x375)

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A short while later, I had the biggest smile on my face”” mostly because I beat Mal at “Hoop Fever! I forgot how fun arcades can be!

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I think everyone really enjoyed themselves!

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IMG_0059 (500x375)

Doesn’t this fortune teller look like Lady Gaga?

IMG_0060 (375x500)

Cocktail hour is just about to start! See ya!


  1. The rain yesterday was terrible (at least in Boston) so I feel your pain. My parents have a place in Hyannis and my husband and I do go to Spanky’s sometimes. I probably wouldn’t go there in the rain though since the best part of it is definitely the outside seating, harbor views etc. I usually get the lobster casear salad as my meal and I personally love it that and have recommended it to others who like it. Otherwise a lot of the menu is fried and I just feel yucky after eating it haha. Oh and also, Spankys has really good cocktails. So if you ever go back, go on a nice night and order some yummy drinks 🙂

  2. tinaaaa that spot is a total tourist trap!! I couldn’t believe everyone who was recommending it!?! ah well. better luck next time. The rain wasn’t any better in Boston.

      1. @Tina: Too bad!! Maybe next time! If you’re looking for any other places to try, Inaho in Yarmouth is the best sushi around. And I really love the Island Merchant on Main Street in Hyannis for a nice dinner out.

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