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Hi, guys!

I just landed in Austin a little while ago, but I wanted to share a quick recap of my impromptu “day date” with Mal yesterday. He had Monday off from school, but Quinn’s daycare was open, so we used it as an opportunity to hangout just the two of us. I mean, it was “free” childcare since we have to pay for it if he goes or not. And, well, childcare just gets expensive, especially when you go out for a nice meal and then need to pay a babysitter on top of that. I dunno why I’m rambling about this, but I’m envious of those of you who have family nearby to help out for free. Anyway…

Our morning started like a lot of them do: Up and at ’em before the sun, iced coffee, breakfast, pug walk, and then getting ourselves ready for the day. After dropping Quinn at school, Mal and I headed to the gym for a workout.

The workout started with box squats and then finished with a 12-minute AMRAP of Double-Unders, Wall Balls, and Ring Rows and Dips (for me). My lungs were on fire for this one!

The workout was definitely a fun one – short and sweet, but high-intensity and a great way to kick off the week!

Wearing: Nike Dri-FIT Knit Women’s Long Sleeve Top, which is a staple in my wardrobe. I love these kinds of long sleeve tops – for working out, obviously, but I wear them as part of my work-from-home attire on a regular basis. They’re just so comfy! 

After CrossFit, we swung by Coffee Shack for a couple of iced coffees.

After that, Mal headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few groceries while I went to CVS to get a flu shot. I was actually on the fence about getting one, but after hearing about how bad the flu has hit this year, I decided it was time. Although, the nurse told me it doesn’t kick in for about 2 weeks, so, yea… I’m still not fully protected, but better late than never, right?

After that, Mal and I headed home to shower and check a few tasks off our To Do lists. He needed to swing by Home Depot and return some tools to his friend, so I hopped on my laptop for a couple of hours before meeting up for a late lunch date. Of course, we picked Scarlet Oak Tavern! 🙂

I ordered the Cuban sandwich without a bun – basically, “meat and cheese in a bowl” as Mal pointed out – with mixed greens, pickles, and chips on the side. All of it was delicious!

Our last-minute day date was such a nice way to spend some quality time together, especially since I won’t see my family again until Friday morning.

Question of the Day

Did you get your flu shot this year? 

What’s the cost of a babysitter in your area? 



  1. I always get the flu shot! Always! Ugh. Sickness.

    Our sitter is in our neighborhood she’s 14 – we pay her 10hr. Have another sitter who we don’t love as much she’s sort of boring for our boys, her mom only lets us pay her 5.00hr. We would love to obviously use her more but they love the other girl because all her fun games like hot lava monster! so she’s worth the extra $$$

  2. We’ve done the same thing with daycare and school. Our son loves going and once or twice it’s worked out to have a day date with my husband. We even took a day off work around the holidays so we could tackle our shopping list together. It was really fun and less stressful than going it alone.

  3. Thank you for getting your flu shot! Today is actually the fourth birthday of one of my best friends’ twins – one of whom died from the flu in 2016 at age 2. If just one more person had gotten the flu shot, or stayed home when they were sick, maybe sweet little Jude might still be here today. Here’s his legacy, if you’re interested:
    (Please share if you’re willing! She’s had some high-profile people share – Chelsea Clinton! Justin Trudeau! – and the more people who get the flu shot, the better!)
    Thank you again. Today, of all days, it’s nice to read that someone got their flu shot.

  4. Since I’m pregnant my OB gave me the flu shot back in September, but I get it every year after I got a bad case of the flu in my 20’s. It was AWFUL – I was out of work for a full week. We are the lucky ones who you are envious of – my inlaws live in our town and my parents are close as well so we’ve never hired a babysitter. BUT we have definitely done the “day date” thing when we both take a day off and send Nora to daycare too…We once dropped our kid, went out to breakfast and then drove to a brewery to buy beer. Parents of the year!

  5. No, flu shot no no no. It is only estimated around 10% successful this year. It suppresses your immune system making it way more likely for you to get the flu or another nasty bug. Everyone I know around me that got the shot, got the flu. It also contains crappy ingredients like last year it contained cocker spaniel kidney cells and aluminum- lots of dementia patients have excessive aluminum in the brain. (unsure about this years ingredients). Unfortunately the children and people who are dying most actually WERE vaccinated and MOST were given TAMIFLU. Which has horrible horrible side effects and risks in itself. It is actually banned in Japan. The flu shot is one of the biggest scams out there. Vitamin D, elderberry gummies or syrup, a good raw live probiotic and lots of sleep can help you fight the flu. If you get any symptoms, ocsocillium, which is a homeopathic medicine you can buy at a health food store, is shown to be more effective than tamiflu, and is safe for children as well. Stay healthy!

    1. Almost every single death I’ve seen in my area from the flu, was a person who got the shot

      Tina, you should read the actual vaccine insert for the flu shot!! Definitely do a little more research on it for next year! I’d suggest trying to do some extra things to boost your immune system…elderberry syrup, sodium ascorbate, and then all the other healthy stuff you do! Prayers you don’t get it!!

        1. This is a blog post, but is written by a doctor who was an MD but switched to holistic practices. It has great informational links. And again, read the actual insert for the flu vaccine, not the paper they give you!! I know you care about what goes into and on your body, so I really was shocked that you got a flu sho (I’m totally not saying this disrespectfully!!!). I’m just urging you to look into it as you have skincare and food:)
          And if you happen to get the flu (I pray you don’t!), PLEASE avoid Tamiflu!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am glad that you got the flu shot. This year was the first time, I received one! The Flu struck both of my housemates and four of my coworkers. They were down for the count! Miraculously, I have stayed healthy!

    The flu has hit California so hard this season, pharmacies have run out of medicine to treat it, emergency rooms are packed and the death toll is rising.
    State health officials say that 27 people younger than 65 have died of the flu in California since October. That’s compared to three the same time last year (cited from

    Good for you for taking care of yourself! Also, your day-date looked fun…workout-errands…and lunch with the lad 🙂

  7. I got my flu shot a few weeks ago and I had a real hard time finding it (I got it at CVS in Boston) — great that you were able to find a CVS that had it available still (when I called a few weeks back, many places were all out). I don’t always get the flu shot, but after hearing about those that passed away, never again. I just heard on the news about another person, she was healthy active and days later gone. It is isn’t that I didn’t know that people could get really sick, and some die — but all the stories this year got to me.

    Have you gotten the flu shot in the past?

  8. I haven’t gotten a flu shot, mostly because I kept forgetting. My husband is on my back about it, but I did hear it was only 10% effective this year. I’m going to do some research on it, because I’m NOT an anti-vaxxer by any stretch of the imagination. I actually usually get so angry when I hear someone hasn’t vaccinated their children. So…I guess I should stop skirting the issue and go get one?

  9. I am right there with you regarding the babysitting issue/no family around. Our family is all 12+ hours away so we rely heavily on babysitters when we want to have a date night. 3 kids (7,5, 1.5 yrs) and we pay our high-school junior $15/an hour. I feel like that’s a good price for having 3 young kids, but it sure does quickly add up once we get dinner and do something else for date night. My hubby and I see all our neighbor friends around us have their family over all the time to watch their kids and we keep telling them how thankful they should be! Oh and we live in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis.

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