I’m So Glad I Live In A World Where There Are Octobers

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Good morning and happy October, friends!

October is my favorite month of the year (pumpkin, apple crisp, cozy sweaters, foliage, boots””hey, when can we start wearing boots?!), so I am so, so, so happy it’s finally here!

I'm so glad it's October.

Speaking of October and all things fall, I recently had the opportunity to design a seasonal wreath as part of a project with Wayfair. They sell all sorts of simple wreaths on their website, so they sent me a couple of them for free to decorate in exchange for providing them with a picture of the final product for a slideshow on their website in a few weeks. I love arts and crafts, so it sounded fun to me!

IMG_6704 (600x450)

I wasn’t sure if Michaels would have holiday decorations this early in the year, but I was happy to see they had plenty!

IMG_6705 (600x450)

My purchases (minus a glue gun and glue sticks):

IMG_5395 (450x600)


IMG_5397 (600x450)



I really like how my wreath turned out! Simple yet pretty! Arts and crafts are so fun.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chained to my desk. A bunch of freelance projects suddenly came my way, so those + Health + CNC has me writing and blogging a whole lot. (I still owe you guys a post from my visit to CVS/pharmacy headquarters.)

Lots of computer time means that my needy pug needs to sit ON my lap while I work.

CNC employee

I love my little puglet more than anything, so I make do and work around him. I should probably have carpel tunnel by now.


Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite month?

Do you consider yourself a crafty person?

Do you own a glue gun?

P.S. My friend Abby wrote a great post about CrossFit and Running. Check it out!



  1. very pretty wreath!!! And my brother’s golden retriever, Molly, is too big to get all the way on my lap, but she’ll climb the front half of her body on top of me and then lay over my lap while I’m working… so comfy.

  2. October is by FAR my favorite month. I always said it is when I want to get married. The temperature is just perfect, and the leaves make everything look beautiful. Here in the Hudson Valley, you can see just mountains and mountains of colorful leaves. Like you, I love boots season, plus everything apple and pumpkin. Two of my favorite flavors 🙂

    I am NOT crafty, but I’m great at designing things on the computer! Don’t own a glue gun. That might be a disaster. haha

  3. Ok, you just might win for the best blog post title of all time! An to your point, I could not agree more, I might have to steal that as my tagline for the next month 🙂

    I want to be crafty but the truth is I am not. I am planning a pumpkin carving party and boy oh boy and I am going to try, but it might be a better idea to stick to providing lots and lots of sugar and bubbly champagne haha!

  4. Love the wreath! My favourite month must be december! I love the short days before christmas and to cuddle up with tea, a blanket and some old christmas movies:)

  5. I love fall, and october, mainly because its my birthday month 🙂 I am writing a psot this week about fall decorating, and I make my own wreath and some indoor and outdoor pumpkins!

  6. I LOVE that wreath!! Very cute!

    December is probably my favorite only beating out October by .002%. Christmas is my favorite time of year but I like to soak up everything from October to December because there is just something magical about this upcoming season! Now I think I’m going to go grab a mug of Trader Joe’s Spiced Cider that I quickly snapped up Sunday!

  7. Cute wreath! Don’t you feel so accomplished after finishing that?? I love this whole time of year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Holidays – so festive and fun!! I DO own a glue gun and I really like using it (not that it happens very often!). And I guess I’d consider myself crafty-ish 🙂
    -Sammy @ peaceandloveandicecream.blogspot.com

  8. October by far. I love everything about it, like you said: pumpkin, apple and other fruit crumble (apple crisp for you americans :D), figs, mushrooms, cozy sweaters, the colors, the feel of a nice evening in with tea and a movie, being outside when it’s cold but the sun’s out, boots, … My list can go on and on, I’m obsessed with october 😀

  9. Have you ever heard of crossfit endurance? I just trained for a marathon using that and I crushed my previous time by 45 minutes! I did crossfit 4 days a week and then afterward I did some sort of running workout which was usually a time trial or fast sprints (my longest run in training for a marathon was 9 miles). It worked really well for me! Let me know if you want more info. And October is definitely my favorite month!!

  10. I LOVE Fall so I’m enjoying all of the changing colors, fall smells and food, and the lovely briskness in the air. 🙂

    Sure, I’m a pretty crafty person. We did a lot more as kids but now I mostly do cross stitch and crochet. I love your wreath. It’s very cute and I love the colors!!

  11. It’s funny you wrote this post today because I was just thinking about making a wreath for my door! I’m not a particularly crafty person but I can’t find anything I like so it looks like I’ll be making one on my own. And no, I don’t own a glue gun…at least not yet!

  12. Super cute wreath! I am not crafty at all; I hate DIY’s. I don’t even like to see on buttons that fall off of coats and stuff. I’m all like, “yep, that’s ruined!” I have drifted far from our grandparents’ ideals of what is waste.

  13. The wreath is pretty! There have been far too many times that I thought I could be ‘crafty’ and make a flower arrangement or some sort of seasonal decor….but after spending $$ and my lack of patience (as well as lack of creativity) they were all fails!
    I would love to take a class at Michaels where they display what will be made and they help you step by step!

  14. October is definitely my favorite month as well! I wore a pair of my boots a few weeks ago because it was cold in the morning, but then it was almost 80 degrees by the time the afternoon rolled around. I can’t wait for it to stay chilly all day!

  15. I’m a mid-spring kind of person, so April is my favorite month. I do in fact own a glue gun but haven’t used it in a long while, but I like to think I’m on the craftier side of the spectrum.

  16. My favorite month is either October or November – I just love Fall so much (and Halloween & Thanksgiving!!). I celebrated October 1 with some pumpkin coffee this morning. I am so giddy that Fall is finally here!!

    I’m not so crafty, but Tim is! He has a glue gun but I don’t touch it because instead of making awesome crafts I would probably just burn myself.

  17. While I really love summer, I am very happy when fall rolls around and the air gets cooler. So, it’s a toss up between July and October. I really love October through Christmas….such a fun time of year. 🙂

  18. October is my favorite month as well, even more that February (my birthday month!). I love the fall temperatures and seeing the leaves change. Plus, its the transition to hot drinks from the coffee shop! And if you eat pumpkin every day in a week, there is no judgment!

  19. Hands down October. I had my first Pumpkin Spice brewed Coffee (although I think I am more in love with the creamer vs. the coffee but I’ll still take it). And I love arts n’ crafts – I need to make more time for that. I own a very old glue gun, last time I used it was two Halloweens ago while making a “weave” for my husband so he could go dressed as Axl Rose (truth be told too many folks thought he was Brett Michaels which was a shame, they clearly don’t recall that AXL wore the kilt, not Brett. His hair however was fabulous! (I purchased weave tracks and glued them to a bandana – genius).

  20. October is definitely my favourite month of the year as well! I love everything about it…and today just so happens to be awesome since it’s mine and my Mom’s birthday;) that may just add to why I love the month…but Halloween is my favourite with decorations and I just love all the food and drinks this time of year too.

  21. Is it bad that I’ve already broken out my boots?! 😉

    October is my favorite time of year here in Central PA! We always do our family pictures this month because of the beautiful fall colors in the background.

    And yes! We do own a glue gun!

  22. My husband and I call our dog our “dog-child” we love him so much. When we were on our honeymoon my parents were watching him, and I would ask them to send me pictures because we missed him so much.

  23. My due date was yesterday (9/30) but I’m secretly kind of glad my baby didn’t come so that she can have an October birthday instead!

  24. I love October! And crafts! And boots! Ha ha, this post just made me excited. I’ve already worn my boots this year, and I love October because it’s my wedding anniversary, my parent’s wedding anniversary, my husband’s birthday, and my sister-in-law’s birthday. It’s a beautiful month. Also, my mom used to hot glue all of our Halloween costumes because she hated sewing, so I definitely have one.

  25. I absolutely ADORE October! We are currently stationed in Hawaii (oh darn) so I can’t complain, but I am visiting all my family spread across NYC, OH, and AR and loving the FALL! Crunchy leaves! Pumpkin! My favorite time of year;)

    I DO own a glue gun, and am super crafty, always have been. I just really enjoy making things with my hands, knowing that I created it makes it more special to me. I have hope of doing a “all homemade Christmas” soon, where everyone gets a little gift from the heart made by me, instead of a store-bought one. We’ll see if my Mrs. Claus workshop can produce it all in time;)!!

  26. I broke out the boots and scarf for a meeting this morning! I absolutely love April and October. Best months ever. I consider myself moderately crafty (I crochet and attempt to recreate Pinterest crafts), but I have a bad habit of starting projects, then not finishing them…

  27. That wreath turned out great!!!

    October is my favorite month too ( like everyone else), but it’s also my birthday month so I like to celebrate all month long with fall activities! Can’t wait to decorate this week!

  28. I think November is my favorite month. It’s still muggy and very rainy here in SoFlo in Oct, but Nov the humidity and rain start to go away. Plus, I just love Thanksgiving. That and I’m going to Vegas in Nov, so there’s that!!

  29. I LOVE October! Fall & spring are my two favorite seasons. Too bad my birthday is in winter haha. I’m not really feeling that it’s going to be 82 tomorrow though :/

    That wreath is super cute! I like how one side of it stayed plain. It makes the colors on the other side pop out more.

  30. Well look how cute that wreath is!!! LOVE! October is the best time of the year…no doubt! And I can’t believe Christmas stuff is already out in bountiful amounts..I feel like I’m already behind!

  31. I love October in Pa.. leaves are starting to turn colors that crisp air except today is kinda warm, 79 for a high???? Pretty wreath I think Ill make something with the acorns I have collected.

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