I’m Really Good at Making Egg Sandwiches

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Hi, guys!

Check out last night’s dinner! IT WAS SO GOOD. I made an incredible egg sandwich with Swiss cheese, bacon, and arugula. Holy yum x 10!

IMG_8691 (900x675)

I’m really good at making egg sandwiches””and smoothies, too! Those two things are definitely my specialties!

IMG_2734 (900x900)

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, Mal and I finally moved our patio furniture up from the basement. I’m so glad spring is finally here. It was one long, cold, and snowy winter!

IMG_2711 (900x675)

IMG_2715 (900x675)

We ended up sitting on our back porch for hours, chatting and hanging out with the pug.

IMG_2726 (900x900)

Murphy is the most persistent little bugger and still tries to sit on my lap even through there’s not much space.

IMG_2728 (900x900)

It’s Murphy’s world, I’m just living in it…

IMG_2730 (900x900)

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Question of the Day

What food(s) are you REALLY good at making? What’s your specialty? 



  1. you can’t really EVER go wrong with egg sandwiches!! have you ever tried putting some jam and cheese on it?? so good!! my specialty is probably oatmeal or smoothies – two other meals you can’t really ever go wrong with and a million possibilities!!

  2. I’m really surprised (maybe disappointed) that you never acknowledged the boston marathon events, whether last week or this week, given that based on your prior posts Marathon day is supposed to be one of your favorite days of the year… Especially since you’re a Bostonian.

    1. After what happened last year on CNC, it’s not a topic I want to talk about publicly anymore. I’m sorry that I disappointed YOU, but I acknowledged, mourned, and celebrated Marathon Monday in my own way.

  3. That sandwich looks amazing, including the bread!
    My 21 month old feels the same way about my 34 week baby bump, tries to squeeze herself on no matter what!

    How come no Marathon Monday post this year? You are usually so psyched about the marathon!

      1. @Tina:

        Arg sorry, it should have occurred to me it was an intentional omission. I can certainly understand not wanting to discuss it publicly.

      2. @Tina: @Tina:

        Hi Tina – Thank you for your response. I’m not aware of what happened last year, so didn’t think you had purposely omitted this. Sorry about that

  4. I’ve never made an egg sandwich before but yours always look wonderful and make me want to try one day!!

    I’m good at making stir-fry. I only started making it about a year ago but I love throwing in tons of veggies because I’m not great about eating them otherwise. I want to expand my vegetable garden this year and learn a few more good recipes as well. Exciting stuff 🙂

  5. You have been posting the most delicious sandwich photos ever since you announced you were pregnant! Sandwiches are by far my favorite food group (LOL!) so I’m loving all of the ideas from your blog 🙂

  6. Haha, your pug is ADORABLE. I love their little curly tails 🙂
    And egg sandwiches= life. So versatile, and seriously cannot go wrong with any combo! 🙂

  7. I had an egg sandwich for dinner last night as well. They never disappoint. I’m great at making homemade pesto. It makes for a lot of clean-up (the food processor) but it tastes great and is so much better than store bought pesto.

  8. Your sandwich looks so good! I love adding arugula because it has such a delicious and unique taste. I am really good at being the third party. If there is a discussion, I can find the middle ground and offer a solution. For some reason I can cut through people’s opinions and just see the facts. Odd, but actually a nice skill to have!

  9. I wish I could join your Twitter chat, but I’m teaching a double-header set of group fitness classes tonight during that time (Pacific time for me of course).

    I’m a pro at making pasta combinations. I throw the strangest things into pasta, to which I always call a “cacciatore.”

    Egg sandwiches and smoothies are both tasty items, so those are good skills to have.

  10. I’m great at cooking and baking. My specialty is definitely healthy and low-calorie muffins, breads and cookies. My director has told me many times I should stop being a consultant and start my own business. I know I’m talented but there are so many others out there who are much more talented than me. Maybe someday!

  11. Everytime you post egg sandwiches, I wanna make one. Looks delish!

    what happened last year on your blog re: marathon?

    I def. understand not talking about it.

  12. Risotto, Omelettes, Waffles, and homemade mac and cheese 🙂 Yum…all of which have been “health-ified”

  13. HA HA HA Perfect timing on this post. Last night my husband and I were teasing each other and I asked him what he would do if I couldn’t cook anymore. He responded by saying he’d make us egg sandwiches every night!
    I’ll definitely try to make the chat!

  14. I couldn’t resist commenting to say that I’m very surprised you didn’t mention the Boston Marathon at all either on the bombing anniversary or yesterday on the day itself. Given that you’re a Boston area blogger and runner, I feel like it deserved to be mentioned.

      1. @Tina: I was also unaware of what happened last year with your post (and I’m still not sure!) but I completely understand that you wanted to talk about other things now. I apologize.

  15. Looks delish! Where did you get the bread? I love focaccia, but it’s always so “bready” – yours almost looks like bagel thin!

  16. It was so nice on Monday in DC and I took advantage of the screened in porch too! Nice to see Boston’s weather was porch sitting weather too!

    I’ve perfected certain types of pancakes (alas not the 2 ingredient type – I’ve got to be more patient!), various oatmeal recipes, frittatas, and a veggie saute-up (fry pan, med-hot heat, oil, onions – a must!, salt, various veggies/greens/legumes/potatoes – tadah! you’re dish is served). That focca bread & the rest of the sandwich looks so good.

  17. That sandwich makes me hungry. I may need to have one soon.

    I’ve perfected making pizza from scratch. It’s the only thing I’ve ever made where people have requested it (friends, significant others, etc.). I think of myself as a not so great cook, so to have that kind of praise is important to me. It’s become a kind of ritual when I make it — I always channel memories of making it with my Mom (and sneaking bites of sausage or mozzarella when she wasn’t looking) when I make it, so maybe I accidentally infuse it with love. Maybe that’s why everyone loves their mom’s cooking more, because of the love infusion. 🙂

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