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Hi, guys!

I’m actually on a train to New York City right now. My friends at Reebok (through Fitfluential) invited me to their ZQUICK launch event tomorrow morning, so I’m heading down for the night so I can be there bright and early for all of the activities.


Rumor has it that the event will be complete with music, obstacle courses (so attendees can test out the ZQUICK shoes), and celebrity appearances, including Olympic gold medalist, Aly Raisman. Remember when I saw her at the airport and totally geeked out? I hope I get to chat with her tomorrow! The event sounds like a lot of fun, right? I am really looking forward to it!


Ok, so I bet you’re wondering what these ZQUICK shoes are all about, right? Here’s a little summary and video from Reebok:

ZQUICK takes inspiration from Z-rated sports car tires, which are rated for speeds in excess of 149mph. Essentially, ZQUICK provides the same speed and handling for your feet.

The key to good handling tires is maximum ground contact; in tires it’s called a contact patch. It’s the amount of area in contact with the ground.  More area is better for handling and the more surface area means more distributed force and better grip.

For handling we also wanted to take into account the dynamics of the foot itself. Your foot changes in dimension when you put weight on.  When your foot is completely weighted, it’ s about 5mm wider than when it’s in the air.  That’s your own naturally handling feature.  Your foot spreads out on impact to distribute force over a broader base.  To accommodate for that natural handling feature we built slashes into the bottom unit that go all the way to the lasting board so that your Z-series shoe spreads with you.


And, of course, I’ll be sure to report back all about the event and what I thought about the ZQUICK shoes. And there may or may not be an associated giveaway on CNC too! {wink wink}

Health News & Views

A lot of us struggle with sugar cravings””myself included. In the past, my cravings were so out of control, they wreaked havoc on my mind and body. I was tired, cranky, and dealing with acne breakouts””it wasn’t pretty.

Since then, I’ve managed to gain control over my sugar addiction, but from time to time, I fall into patterns of overdoing it on sweet treats (who doesn’t?). Instead of letting these occasional dessert binges take over my life again, I fight back with a few key strategies, which ultimately prevent my cravings from spiraling out of control.

Here are some of the ways I cut sugar from my diet, and I hope they help you, too!

5 Sneaky Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings


Questions of the Day

What is your #1 favorite pair of sneakers?

Do you have any sneaky ways that you deal with sugar cravings?

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  1. Right now my absolute favorite shoes are my bright pink nano 2.0s. I want to wear them all day everyday, but I try to keep them as my shoes for CrossFit 🙂

  2. Hope you have a great time in NYC! I try to schedule treats as well. I usually go out to eat on the weekends with friends, so knowing that later in the week I’ll be able to treat myself helps me stay on track during the week. But I also believe in treating myself just because, so if I’m really craving something, I’ll have a small portion, knowing it will always be there or I can make/get more.

  3. Lots of cinnamon! I make sure to use it when I’m eating a bowl of fruit too to ease the impact on my blood sugar levels! I try and stir away from nut butters and other otherwise healthy foods that have added sugar as I find if I have a bit I just instantly want more! Chromium is a great supplement for people to take if they’re really finding it hard!
    Nano’s, 3.0 or 2.0…I can’t choose a favourite between the two!

  4. My fave shoes are my New Balance Minimus WT10’s. I feel like I should get lifting shoes for CrossFit, but I just love my trail runners too much even during the WOD! I have a black/pink pair and a bright teal pair and I’m pretending they’ll never wear out. 🙂

  5. OMG…I cannot wait to see your post on this event. I just got an email from Reebok about these and I think I love them. My favorite shoes right now are my Mizuno Wave Runner’s, super comfy and I dont get shin splints as bad anymore.

  6. I love my Nike Free Runs, although they stopped making the exact make of my first pair. I’ve bought another pair since then and the flyknits, but I’m looking forward to adding the new flyknits to my collection soon!

  7. Fave shoes: My trail running Merrell’s! With the slick Hawaiian earth on trails here in Oahu and beach workouts, those lightweight gems have been awesome! I just caught up on the Get Healthy Challenge, and this gal needs MORE WATER!!: http://simply2suitcases.com/2014/02/same-me-stronger-ill-be-jan-27-feb-2-get-healthy-challenge-update.html.

    Thanks for the sugar reminder, I’ve been reaching for unhealthy things a lot this past week, time to kick it back in gear;)

  8. You are going to have a blast!
    I love the Wave Riders by Mizuno!
    If I am eating something sweet like fruit by itself I can usual start to crave other sweets, so I pair it with some PB or Greek Yogurt to lessen the sweetness and add some staying power!

  9. I try to drink something like Crystal Light (1/2 packet usually) that will fill me up with the water and satisfy that sweet craving. I am trying desperately to quell the sugar monster right now so these tips are great!

  10. I actually avoid eating sweet stuff, even fruit, on it’s own as this seems to trigger a sugar high then a crash, so I want more! Straight after a meal seems to be much better and keep me on a more even keel. I also schedule treats – it’s nice to have something to look forward to 🙂

  11. I’m so excited for you! You better believe that I will be following your Instagram today to “geek out” with you!!! Hope you see tons of celebrities and have a wonderful day. Baby Haupert is a lucky guy to be doing all these things with you ; )

  12. LOLed at the video. Pretty good. Loved the huge black guy crying over his sneakers in the end! You know, I don’t have a fave pair of running/gym shoes or sneakers. I’m just happy when I can find a pair that fit that don’t come from the kids dept! I wear a size 3! Impossible to find anything adult sized 3 hahaha.

  13. Are you able to get to the event this morning? I was supposed to go as well, but am iced in (North Jersey)… our jitneys aren’t running yet so I don’t have a way to get to the train. Boo. 🙁 If you make it, can’t wait to hear about it!!

  14. My husband and I are currently saving up for a pair of nanos each- I just know that they will help so much with CrossFit!

    If I crave sugar, a date always satisfys me and more! If it’s a natural sugar like fruit etc, I never feel bad about wanting it.

  15. What fantastic tips, I love the one about not having a sweet treat until after dinner time, best idea ever, I’ve never heard that one before. My sugar cravings tend to hit after lunch & if I start eating sweet stuff then I keep on going in to the afternoon! Thanks for a fab article.

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