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Good morning and very happy FRIDAY to you!

I still have a few more meal plans to make this week, but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging on Friday and over the weekend, so I decided to put together another edition of What I’m Loving Lately. I heard a rumor you guys like these posts! 🙂 Ok, here we go!

Qman asking me to cuddle with him. Oh my heart. Qman knows how much I love to snuggle him (and sniff his hair like a creep), so he’s started to ask me to cuddle, which, a lot of the time, sounds like “turtle.” The first time he asked me to “turtle,” I could not for the life of me understand what he was saying. Haha! We’ve figured it out since! 🙂

IMG_0095 (576x1024)

Roasted Garlic & Chive Hummus from Whole Foods. This hummus is so darn tasty and especially amazing in our DTFN Hummus Chicken Salad. Mmm!

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Trader Joe’s “Ends & Pieces” Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon. My gosh, it’s delicious. It’s thick and flavorful AND much more cost-effective than their regular strip bacon!

IMG_0128 (1024x768)

This AMRAP 10 from Salt Shack CrossFit. My quads and triceps are still SO SORE from this 10-minute workout. Oy. What a butt-kicker.

IMG_0103 (615x1024)

Speaking of CrossFit, this video is what it’s all about. It’s not about the athletes that you see on TV at the CrossFit Games. It’s about the everyday people who improve ALL aspects of their life through fitness. And, I promise you, you don’t need to “get in shape” to start CrossFit. Everyone can do it. “You have to accept where you are and start from there. Everyone starts from where they’re at.”

Speaking of videos, I’m loving our new Designed to Fit Nutrition User Tutorial that our Registered Dietitian, Ashley, made for us. If you’re curious what our new system is all about it, please check it out!

Organic Almondmilk Chocolate Pudding – A friend gave me this pudding to try, and it’s REALLY good. It tastes just like regular chocolate pudding, but dairy-free!

IMG_0130 (1024x768)

Having bulk purchases delivered right to our front door via Boxed. After all these years, we still love Boxed for purchasing diapers, wipes, toilet paper, tissues, batteries, paper towels, floss, deodorant, hand soap… the list goes on and on!

IMG_0120 (657x1024)

Collarless Military Jacket. I’m so obsessed with this jacket right now, and I think it would be so great for Spring, right?? It comes in “washed steel” too (a light blue/gray), and it’s perfectly broken-in. I’m so tempted to buy it, especially since Lucky has free shipping on orders over $50. They’re also having an awesome 40% off sale right now!


Real Food Slow Cooker Recipes (aka the best slow cooker ebook ever)! Seriously, there are so many awesome recipes inside! Each recipe is strictly Paleo and Whole30-friendly, so no grains, dairy, sugar, natural sweeteners, legumes or alcohol – just real food and flavor. And you can get 30% off with code CARROTS30! I promise, you’ll love it! 🙂


Peanut butter mixed with Churro protein powder spread on a rice cake with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Best snack ever.

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Question of the Day

What snack are you especially loving right now? 


  1. Oh my gosh I cannot wait until our son can ask for cuddles! He’s 14 months right now and he’ll reach up to be picked up which right now is the greatest thing (and most exhausting) ever, but I love the cuddles!! That jacket is super cute also!

  2. Churro topping- yes, please! I cannot get enough of iced coffee and a handful of almonds. The flavor is so good and the energy it gives me is perfect for powering through the afternoon.

  3. Great video and information with the DTF Nutrition Plan. I am curious how someone calculates their own body fat percentage without access to an In Body Scale or something.

  4. Cold brew from Starbucks counts as a snack, right (ha!)? I bring a snack to my school sessions so I can eat/socialize with my kiddos, then have real lunch at home. Right now I’m loving baby carrots with a wedge of laughing cow cheese. Kind of like your veggie platters, this helps me to actually eat and not waste the veggies I buy! Plus, it’s delicious!

  5. That cookbook looks like a good one! I wish it was a hardcover book as well but I’m old fashioned like that.

    For a snack, I’ve been enjoying putting some hummus on turkey slices, then rolling them up. Could also do avocado!

  6. I am loving baby carrots. For the longest time, I just avoided them for god knows why. They were on sale the other day and they are so sweet and crunchy!

  7. That is so cute! “do you want to turtle” hahaha!!

    I just started eating meat gradually a few months ago after 10 years of vegetarianism; Tried bacon for the first time recently and I totally get why you are so into it, haha 🙂 will have to try that next time I’m in an area with WF !

  8. I just googled bar facing burpees…oh boy.
    I did something similar in my PowerUp class yesterday…burpee, bounding jump to other side of mat, burpee paired with thrusters. Only a 6 minute AMRAP though. My quads felt like sandbags about half way through that one! Happy weekend!

  9. Such an inspirational Crossfit video!! I’ve been thinking about starting it for a while now and this just might’ve pushed me to just dive in.

  10. I literally just had my second CrossFit class today (which I am loving, btw) and was feeling intimidated – I had to drop the barbell with 65 lbs on it in a front squat and felt so weak while everyone else had over a hundred pounds but the quote from above really helps! I will get there, I just need to be patient and keep working!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. That Crossfit video!!! Thank you so much for sharing! As a PT and a Crossfitter, that video spoke to my soul! I am currently in the process of starting my own little business where I do PT out of my Box. After working with endless patients in different settings, my one thought over the last 2 years since starting Crossfit has been, “If I could just get this person to do Crossfit.” There really is so much that can be gained from Crossfit since there is so much you can do at Crossfit, at any level!! I can only hope I’d get to work with and impact more people like Patti. Love <3

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