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My jeans are getting ridiculously tight. I can still button and zip them, but just barely. And, of course, they’re not very comfortable.


Hellooooo, baby bump!


I know all about the hair tie trick for your jeans, but I’m not crazy about it. I mean, it works and all, but I feel like my pants are going to fall down if they’re not actually buttoned. I also looked into the whole Belly Band thing, but I’ve heard mixed reviews: they’re the best thing ever and they don’t really work (because they ride up and roll down, so you end up adjusting yourself all the time). A few of my mommy friends told me I should just skip right to maternity clothes because they’re a lot more comfortable and stylish. I don’t know what to do, but I need to do it ASAP. My clothes barely fit!

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Question of the Day

How do you deal with crowded gyms?

Mommies and mommies-to-be: Thoughts on the belly band? Yay or nay? Should I just go right to maternity clothes?

P.S. I read this article the other day and absolutely loved it””just wanted to share: 6 Lessons on Living Longer and Staying Sharp From a Nonagenarian Track Star. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of being in my 80s or 90s and still CrossFitting and running road races. Fitness for life!



  1. I bought the Be Maternity BeBand and it worked wonders for me up until about week 24. I never had any problems with my pants falling down or the band getting messed up. That said, I eventually had to buy maternity pants anyway, so it didn’t really make a difference in terms of saving money. The maternity jeans I bought from Motherhood Maternity fit well throughout the rest of pregnancy and for the first couple of weeks postpartum when my old jeans still didn’t fit.

  2. With my first pregnancy the belly band was given as a gift from my grandmother and I probably used it all of two times. It does ride up and down and it rolls and it can be hard to get used to.
    I went to maternity cloths as soon as humanely possible. I think I started wearing maternity cloths at 3 or 4 months because I was just DONE being uncomfortable.
    With this pregnancy I have totally embraced the maternity cloths and I busted them out of storage right when I found out I was pregnant.
    If possible, I would have worn them even when I wasn’t pregnant, lol. They are just so comfy and they fit with every curve and bump which is just comfortable. Jeans can be kind of hard if they have the full panel because they tend to fall in the crotch… at least on me. I am a big believer in leggings with long blouses or sweaters and boots… especially for winter.
    Old Navy has some really cute maternity clothing and very reasonably priced. Motherhood is a little more expensive and the style is a bit more matronely than Old Navy which I feel is more trendy and fashionable!
    Good Luck!!!
    Either way… its what you feel comfortable in. They make a lot of cute maternity cloths so you can still feel like you are stylish with the belly. I don’t understand when some pregnant ladies don’t wear maternity clothing there whole pregnancy… they must be really uncomfortable!

  3. Just skip to maternity pants and forget the bands. I was hesitant too about walking into a maternity store and buying a pair of jeans, but once I did, I LOVED them! They were so comfy and felt like Lululemon stretch pants, but they were jeans and your shirt goes over the band so you can’t tell there is no button and zipper. Just do it!!

  4. Haha I don’t deal with crowded gyms. Luckily I live in california so I spend a lot of January running outside and doing circuits in my apartment.

  5. Maternity clothes definitely.. I’m 19 weeks tomorrow and have been wearing them for over a month now. Loft has some great stuff online, and they run 40% off deals a lot. There are a ton of styles out there, not just blousey, which I don’t really like. Some of the nice tops are more fitted and show off the bump in a flattering way. 🙂

  6. I bought 2 pairs of maternity leggings – one capris and one full length – from Motherhood Maternity that I absolutely loved. I would have worn them every single day if I could. guilty fact: I still wear them now that I’m not pregnant just because they’re so comfy.

    I wouldn’t waste your money on tons of maternity clothes though. If possible, I’d borrow them from your sister or look for an upscale second hand shop. They’re so pricey for the little use you get out of them.

  7. I got a really good belly band during my 1st pregnancy. At that time you could only get it online but I don’t remember the brand. Mine did not budge. It took like 6 months before I could fit maternity clothes so the band worked great for me. I honestly was eager to be able to wear maternity clothes so it bummed me out that they were too big (at the time most stuff was under the belly)until I was 6 mos but I knew I would have more children so the investment would be worth it. I quickly learned that the under the belly stuff is not nearly as comfortable as the big panel that goes over the belly. So, I say that you might as well just go for the maternity stuff if you will wear it..I just recommend the panel and not the pants that have a band that sits under the belly. They are ok in the beginning but quickly get uncomfortable. There is something about having that big piece of material over your precious belly that feels so comforting!

  8. I had the Belly Band, it worked for a bit, but man…when I broke down and bought that first pair of maternity pants. GAME CHANGER. My suggestion: go maternity. Old Navy has some really affordable and cute options, as does Target. Splurge on one or two REALLY swanky pairs of maternity jeans (I did, best decision ever, makes you feel all sassy), and then buy a fair amount of leggings. Leggins all day. Good luck!

  9. I did the belly band for a while because I really didn’t think I needed to buy maternity clothes, and it worked just fine. But the second I broke down and put on my first pair of maternity pants, it was like the clouds parted and heaven shined down on my midsection! I never looked back! They’re SO comfortable and I’m pretty sure that I will wear them even after I get this little boy evacuated! For me, I was able to wear non-maternity shirts for a long time, so you can probably get away with not buying those for a while, until they start to look awkward, but pants are a must, in my opinion.

  10. I’m not a big fan of crowded gyms/crowded any workout place, but I know that it’ll all die down a little bit in a few months. When I used to go to the gym, I’d keep my headphones in and just do my thing. I’m not there for anyone else so I’d try hard to focus on what I wanted to get out of my workout. I’m looking forward to reading those tips though!

  11. I’ve used the belly band for my 3 pregnancies (currently 22 weeks with our 3rd). I find they work great for work/dress pants, but not as great with jeans. I’ve been wearing the same one with some of the same dress pants for all these pregnancies and can say I can’t imagine life without it! I do have some maternity pants as well, but when you need to wear dress pants A LOT it isn’t always feasible to buy all maternity stuff when you don’t wear it that long.

  12. I found that Gap’s maternity jeans with the small demi panel worked out best for those in between stages and when you can’t fit back into your regular jeans after the baby. They’re like regular jeans that are elastic and don’t have a huge belly panel. I love(d) mine. Confession…I wore them even when I could fit back into my regular jeans until my husband called me out on it 🙂

  13. I used the hair band trick for most of my second trimester and also for a few months after having the baby. I bought two maternity pants and they are really comfy. I dont see the point in buying the band when you can go from using the hair band to maternity jeans. Also I wore alot of leggings and comfy dresses…much better then wearing pants!

  14. I’m actually wearing a belly band today. They’re not so bad. I haven’t really noticed them rolling too much. Mine seem to stay in place. I am much more comfortable in maternity pants but they only come in so many colors (not to mention I need petite length which is even harder to find) so the belly band is good if you don’t want to wear the same pants every other day :). I have to dress up for work though so that’s why it’s a bigger issue for me. If you’re lucky enough to wear jeans everyday then I say skip right to maternity jeans! They’re SO comfy and stylish!

  15. Belly bands are a stop gap. Great for if you need something before your time in pregnancy but don’t know how your belly and body is going to grow. but you are already half way in, totally jsut get maternity jeans. The ones from Gap are aweseome and will still look cute for afterwards when you are trying to get back back in shape.

  16. I did not like the band but had to use it as maternity pants were way to big for several weeks…what an unconfortable time…oh but soooo worth it! Congrats!

  17. A friend of mine didn’t like maternity pants at first because she wasn’t big enough for them, but at a normally sized 0-2 her pants were uncomfortably tight. She compromised and went and got a pair of stretch built in lower riding jeans and a couple of pairs of slacks in a 4 (or 6?) and was more comfy until the maternity pants weren’t falling off.

    She also said that they were a g-d send when she was losing weight post baby because her hips had changed so much she couldn’t get back into her 0-2 pants but her belly wasn’t holding up the maternity pants.

  18. I was so happy when I put on my first pair of maternity skinny jeans. They were so comfortable! I never tried the belly bands but did try this other pant expansion thingy. Wasn’t that useful.

  19. I wore a belly band with my second pregnancy and did have to adjust it quite a bit throughout the day. On the plus side, it gave me just a little bit of support so my belly felt better and more comfortable. As a lot of these other mommies have recommended, I would go to Target or Old Navy and get some maternity clothing. It is comfortable to wear and there are quite a few cute styles too!

  20. The belly band is big ol’ waste of $$. I found that there is an awkward inbetween stage where you’re not big enough for maternity pants but unable to wear your regular jeans. Try wearing leggings with a really cute top. You’ll get into Materntiy pant soon enough.

  21. Old navy has some pretty cheap & good maternity jeans. I bought a pair & liked them! I was pregnant during the summer though, so I wore a ton of skirts (with elastic waistband) & only needed 1 pair of pants. So I never tried the belly band! But I did do the hair elastic trick for awhile & it worked for me 🙂

  22. I didn’t know about these Belly Bands when I was pregnant. I just did maternity clothes. You look so cute. Your belly is precious!

  23. I got a belly band when I was 8 months pregnant. Haha I little late in the game, but it was ok. it didn’t support anything but it was a bit comforting to know it felt snug around my belly. The darn thing did rise and roll and all of that and it didn’t keep my pants in place. I didn’t wear ANY maternity clothes. I just sized up in my outfits. I lived in maxi skirts and maxi dresses in the latter part and you’d be amazed how great outfits look when you belt it. I belted everything! 🙂

    I rarely went to the gym when I was pregnant. I exercised outside, got some fresh air, and soaked in a bit of Vit D :).

  24. Just go to maternity pants. They are so comfortable – I had a hard time switching back to regular pants after the baby was born!! I got quite a few of my pants at Gap maternity on sale or clearance. They also had ones with a smaller elastic waist so you don’t have to rock the full on coverage ones at this point.

  25. I remember being 16 weeks and having to unbutton my pants to drive home from work. Switched to maternity pants that day. I would skip the belly band…maternity pants are super comfy and you can actually find really flattering ones. Gap.com is great for cute maternity clothes and I found great things at Macy’s too! Good luck!

  26. A cute pair of maternity jeans was the best investment I made this pregancy. I started wearing them around 18 weeks, with the full coverage waist folded down, and transitioned to the full coverage waist upright by around 24 or so weeks. I also picked up some maternity leggings, but it is only now (I am 34 weeks) that I really think that investment is paying off (I am way more a jeans girl than a leggings girl, but the leggings do feel hella nice now that the belly is so big). I’ve also finally given up and started wearing my husband’s x-large tshirts to the gym, since I’m too cheap to invest in maternity gym clothing.

  27. With my last pregnancy I didn’t even try the belly band, the idea of walking around with my pants undone was just not working for me!! But, I HATED maternity jeans!! I got some cheap pairs of maternity jeans and they were constantly falling down. I preferred just to go up a size in regular jeans for that in between phase – those jeans came in handy after I had my baby too! But, this time I plan on investing in some nicer maternity jeans in hopes that they fit better! I hear the Loft and Jessica Simpson’s maternity jeans are actually pretty good.

  28. Initially you can also just get regular jeans a size bigger than normal. You will be able to wear them again postpartum

  29. Thank god for maternity jeans. I gave in early at around the 2nd or 3rd month and got the Old Navy demi panel jeans which were amazing right up until about 23 weeks or so when that band got a little too tight for sitting all day (I still wear them if I’m running around on the weekend). Now I’ve moved on to full panel jeans from ON and they are all I want to wear! They’re reasonable (especially if you catch a good sale) and make me feel somewhat put together. Just do it, you will not regret it!

  30. I had a band thing and I agree that they are a bit useless and won’t last for very long anyway. Get a good pair of maternity jeans and you won’t look back. Don’t get a pair that are too cheap as they fall down all day and that’s annoying! A nice pair will be incredibly comfortable and there are some gorgeous styles around. I still wear mine just for the comfort!

  31. Pregnancy is such a special time in your life. Enjoy it, and that includes being comfortable. Buy yourself some maternity clothes that fit your style and can be mixed and matched. Having some cute & comfy clothes and a good fitting bra makes these special months much happier 🙂

  32. I had to use the belly band (it wasnt that bad) because my pants didnt fit but i was too small for maternity pants to look right!

  33. I hated the belly band. I had to pee ALL THE TIME, so it was just one more thing to have to adjust every time I went to the bathroom. Plus, I felt like I was constantly adjusting it every time I stood up again from sitting. I started wearing maternity pants around 17 weeks. I started with a pair of demi panel ones from Gap (bought off Ebay) and never looked back! You don’t need much of a bump to fill out demi panel jeans. It’s essentially just a stretchy waist band. The full panel jeans were a little weird when I didn’t have much of a bump (I didn’t get a real bump until 3rd trimester, but I carry very low so my jeans felt tight early on). I didn’t need maternity shirts/sweaters for quite a while. I’m at 34 weeks now and can still wear some of my longer pre-preg sweaters with a tank underneath. But as for pants, maternity all the way!

  34. The belly band never worked for me. Once you give in to the maternity jeans you will Love them(at least I did). But I was surprised that I went through more than one size of maternity jean(blush). Old navy has maternity yoga pants that are AWESOME. And they will work the whole pregnancy (most likely) . And one cute pair of jeans will carry you pretty far. In my opinion. 😉

    And… with my first pregnancy I bought two maternity stretchy under shirts at Target… I have pretty much worn them non stop through both pregnancies and nursing. They cover your belly (even after baby until things go back) and they are a great under shirt for nursing. Who knew that purchase would be one of my best?!

  35. 1. The Belly Band is useless!
    2. Demi-panel pants from the Gap. Get them.
    3. If you live near a Pea in the Pod store, invest in a pair of their nice (expensive) maternity jeans. I had a pair of Joe’s Jeans that were maternity, and I thought the $100 or so was totally worth it.

  36. 100% go with maternity pants! I am pregnant with my second and am skipping the hairband trick and belly band and going right to a great pair of maternity jeans. The Pea in a Pod has great designer jeans that will last – they have lasted four pregnancies (two of mine, and I lent them to two of my girlfriends during their pregnancies). They fit like regular jeans and allow expansion for your belly. I found I bought my regular size and they fit for my whole pregnancy. Good Luck!

  37. I say either bite the bullet & get some maternity clothes now or just buy a size that fits your body now. That way, you’ll have them for post partum because if there is any time in the next year that you will HATE maternity clothes, it’s going to be after baby!

  38. I loved the belly band but had already used it for awhile when I was this far along. Maternity clothes are so comfy I would say just bite the bullet and get some

  39. Follow the advice I was given and buy a pair (or two) of non-maternity pants a size up from your normal size. They are useful during this transition as well as the transition back down after baby is born. Maternity pants didn’t stay up so well for me during the middle phase and constantly adjusting myself drove me nuts! Dresses were also my best friend throughout. I hated having anything touch my belly! Good luck!

  40. I love reading your blog and Congrats to you guys, I’m so happy for you both and Murphy!!! I’m not sure on the belly band I just went straight to maternity clothes but I gotta say I just got an email today from jcrew and they now have maternity jeans and I know your a fellow jcrew fan so if it was me I’d head in that direction. Take care!

  41. I’ve of the opinion that a few “investment” maternity pieces (great jeans, a new bra that actually fits) are worth the money, and if you’re going to spend money, it makes sense to buy them sooner than later so you get more wears out of them 🙂 Other than that, I bought a couple less expensive pairs of pants and cheapie tees from Gap, Target, and Old Navy. Also, I was pregnant last summer and bought a few non-maternity maxi dresses that I plan to rewear this summer. Have fun shopping!

  42. I say go maternity. I used the bellaband for running to give me extra support and it worked great for exercising. It was too annoying for everyday use

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