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Iced coffee emergency!! Mal finished off the iced coffee this morning! Nooooo! Not on a warm spring day! The horror.

When I realized we were out of iced coffee, I immediately began brewing another pot, but I knew it’d be awhile before a could enjoy a delicious glass of creamy goodness, so I made a pod of “Brew Over Ice” French Vanilla Iced Coffee that I snagged from the NuVal kitchen a couple of weeks ago to try.

IMG_1511 (900x675)

I thought the crisis was averted, but “Brew Over Ice” iced coffee is just not good iced coffee. It’s weak and watery and… pathetic. Boo.

IMG_1513 (675x900)

I put my glass of iced coffee in the freezer to cool it down with the hope of the ice not melting and watering it down anymore. Unfortunately, it still tasted pretty bad after chilling for 20 minutes. Man, I’m such an iced coffee snob.

IMG_1520 (900x675)

I have to admit, other than Marylou’s dessert-like iced coffees, I like the stuff I make at home the best. I don’t really have a favorite brand of coffee (I just buy whatever is one sale), but I brew it strong, like really strong, which is key to a tasty glass of iced coffee. I also think the addition of soy milk, sunflower milk, or coffee creamer is important. Strong + cold + creamy = perfect iced coffee.


This morning’s breakfast was a big bowl of Creamy Coconut Oatmeal. In the mix:

IMG_1518 (900x675)


Today’s lunch was a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich with Caramelized Onion Dip. On the side: Zucchini Fries.

After I finished eating, I wanted a little something more, so I grabbed a Honey Fig-flavored Oikos. De-lic-ious!

Question of the Day

When it comes to certain things, do you ever consider yourself a “snob”?

I’m definitely an iced coffee snob. I’m really picky about what I’ll drink, and there’s been a number of times that I won’t drink a sub-par iced coffee even if I spent money on it. Life is too short to drink bad iced coffee! I’m also kind of snobby when it comes to jeans. I think a good pair of jeans is worth every cent. They look great and last forever!



  1. I’m definitely a coffee snob. I don’t drink it iced often, but I do like strong coffee. When I started my job, I joined the coffee pool. I stopped paying my monthly dues because the coffee is so bad and weak. I’m also a snob when it comes to toilet paper, sheets, and chocolate chips. Everything else I will buy off brand.

  2. I’m a sweater snob. 90% of my sweaters are from j.crew. I just love ’em and no other company makes a great cable sweater!

    I had the most horrible iced coffee last week. It sounded good – maple latte – but was disgusting. I could only take 1 sip before I dumped it. That’s pretty rough considering I don’t like wasting things!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am a snob about a lot of food! I can’t even go into it. Too embarrassing. My husband does say that it’s hard to eat out after having my cooking though, so maybe it’s not so bad?

    I love great iced coffee and am definitely snobby about that too. When in a hurry, I brew it with half the water then pour it over lots of ice, then it doesn’t seem so watered down after the quick chill. I also like to keep coffee ice cubes in the freezer from my leftover coffee that doesn’t get drunk in the morning. They’re great for cooling without watering down too.

  4. I’ve tried to Coffee House brand Brew Over Ice KCups & actually liked them! I always brew it, THEN add the ice, then put it in the freezer for a few minutes & add even more ice. It’s a bit of a process, but I found the taste to be comparable to my favorite, Dunkin Donuts!

  5. Try cold brewing your coffee…then you’ll really be a snob! It’s worth it. Even my strong brewed hot coffee (then colled) doesn’t hold a flame to just cold-brew only. Especially when mixed with your cream/sweetness of choice!

  6. Those Keurigs are so bad for the environment 🙁 But I love that you use reusable cups and straws, so it balances out 🙂

  7. oh man i am such a coffee snob. ever since moving to seattle, my standards for coffee have shot through the roof! there is such a high quality of coffee out here that its tough when i have to travel and drink not-so-good coffee.

  8. I’m definitely a clothes snob. I’ll only shop at certain places. They’re not necessarily high-end (I love going to Wet Seal for going out tops), but if someone suggests somewhere that I think isn’t up to par, I make it known lol

  9. I’m sort of a food snob when it comes to a lot of things I’ll admit. When shopping for myself at least I’ll typically only buy certain types of meat, eggs, and butter. I even insist on getting my own “expensive” butter instead of sharing regular kinds with my roommates haha!

  10. Yeah, I can be kind of a snob when it comes to coffee. For iced coffee? it MUST be double brewed (meaning super strong) to eventually balance out when the ice starts to melt. I really can’t stand coffee that’s so watered down that it looks like tea.

  11. I’m definitely a purse snob on a budget. I tend to buy the middle-of-the-pack in terms of prices (Coach, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors), can’t really afford Gucci or Louis V, but I would never use a cheaper bag from say, Target. The others just last longer and are great investments.

  12. You should have skipped the ice then, and it would have (hopefully) been stronger! I’m a coffee snob. I hate Tim Hortons coffee, which is like the #1 coffee place in Canada. McDonalds has gotten better, but I generally hate all the fast food coffee offerings. I prefer Starbucks, for taste, but also because I have the rewards card, and none of the other coffee places around have loyalty rewards!

  13. I’m such a tea snob! Ever since finding a local shop that sells loose leaf, I can’t drink any teas from bags anymore…it’s loose leaf all the way!!

  14. I’m a coffee snob in general as far as brand. You definitely won’t catch me drinking folger’s or maxwell house. Also, i’m a bit of a snob about chain restaurants. I’d rather just eat at some local and unique.

  15. I am definitely a coffee snob. I prefer Starbucks over DD hands down. Starbucks coffee generally tastes the same to me at every location I’ve been to. DD is another story. I just don’t want to waste my money! I also like Cumberland Farms iced coffee. I just wish they offered soy milk. I don’t like chain restaurants either. You won’t catch me in an Olive Garden, Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays etc…

  16. I’m with you on the coffee snobbery. I am picky about hot coffee. I really can’t do Tim Hortons here–which is like Dunkin Donuts and EVERYONE drinks it. Yucky! I prefer to make my own strong stuff or to go to Starbucks and stick my nose up in the air 😉

  17. My husband considers me a bit of a food snob in general, since most of the things I eat are pretty healthy (he’s never met a food he hasn’t liked–especially if it’s free and in front of him!).

    However, he has gotten me on a Ramen noodle kick lately, and I do have quite an affinity for things like licorice and hot tamales 🙂

  18. I’m a dessert snob – I really like good bakeries and if it’s not a good one, why waste the calories on a bad one, right? I just love good desserts! 🙂

  19. I am definitely a coffee snob! I won’t drink bad coffee ever!

    And I am a snob for technology, I need to own all apple products, Yebb I have the whole collection of products 😉

  20. I think I’ve just become a natural foods snob. I was staying with my friend and asked if she had peanut butter and she pulled out “normal” peanut butter (JIF or something) and I just stared at it confused. I didn’t understand how someone could eat that when there are so many chemical ingredients! I just want some peanuts in my peanut butter!

  21. Crisis averted!! I have the same K-cups. Pinterest gave me the idea to brew a k-cup and then pour it into an ice cube try. When that’s frozen, full your glass with the coffee cubes. Brew a new k-cup (same flavor) and voila! Stronger and more delicious iced k-cup coffee.

  22. When it comes to food, it’s cheese & coffee & tea. I only want real cheese, none of that processed, non-fat that tastes like rubber or grated Parmesan in a can. And my coffee needs to be Green Mountain. The tea needs to be Barry’s or Taylor’s Irish tea.

  23. This is random, but I’m a total pen snob. I am picky about what kind of pens I use and hate a dull/ cheap pens more than anything! I’m also a dessert snob…I only settle for the best. 😉

  24. I’d consider myself a hummus snob. I order it at restaurants all the time, so I’ve definitely developed strict criteria for what makes a good hummus!

  25. I’m the SAME way with my iced coffee! Hot coffee, not so much, but my iced coffee has to be perfect. I’ll either throw it away or request something else. I’m not proud to admit it, but I will turn into such a pissy pants if I spent money on bad iced coffee!

  26. I am a sushi snob, but I come by it honestly. I worked in a sushi restaurant for years and now I am very picky. If it has chicken, beef, or cream cheese, I’m not calling it sushi and I’m not ordering it.

  27. Yesterday when I was at grocery shopping I saw Iced Coffee from International Delight, it was pre-made and was in a 1/2 gallon carton, at first I thought it was soy milk! I am sure it is not as good but I was shocked when I saw it!

  28. I’ve recently noticed that I’ve become a hummus snob! It has to be perfectly creamy, but not to oily – I think it’s time I start making my own and stop judging every brand in the store 🙂

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