Ideas for a Healthy Bachelorette Weekend

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Alternate title: How to Behave at a Bachelorette Party When You’re Running a Marathon the Next Day

Over the weekend, I drove down to Newport, Rhode Island for a friend’s bachelorette party. Of course, I knew I would be running the Boston Marathon on Monday, but there was no way I could miss her big girls’ weekend away. I knew it would be a ton of fun, so I planned to enjoy myself without going overboard. That said, here are some things I did to ensure that I had a healthy bachelorette weekend!


Brought some healthy snacks to contribute – We stayed in a gorgeous condo for the weekend, so we had a full-size fridge and stove for cooking, so everyone brought food share. I contributed some of my favorite healthy eats, including guacamole, hummus, rice crackers, and a bunch of Blue Diamond Almonds. I brought all of my favorite flavors for the ladies: Honey Roasted Vanilla, Wasabi & Soy Sauce, Habanero BBQ, and Salt N Vinegar. They were a big hit, especially the Habanero BBQ. Have you guys tried this flavor yet? Holy yum!

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Tasted everything – I kept the wise words of Bethenny Frankel in mind for the weekend: “Taste everything, eat nothing.” There was tons and tons of delicious food (hello, Chex Muddy Buddies), so I ate a few bites of everything, but I didn’t go crazy. I enjoyed plenty of fun foods, but I mostly stuck to the healthy stuff, like the Blue Diamond Almonds, which were both satisfying and FULL of (bold) flavors.

healthy bachelorette eats

Paid attention to my alcohol intake – Like a lot of bachelorette parties, our weekend included some adult beverages, but I knew I needed to keep things in check if I wanted to run a good race on Monday. I made sure to pace myself and drink plenty of water in between drinks to keep myself hydrated. At brunch, I enjoyed a mimosa, which was heavy on the orange juice and only drank the pours that I really liked at the wine tasting that we went to at Newport Vineyards. (I dumped the ones I wasn’t crazy about.) Paying attention to my alcohol intake kept me feeling good, but, at the same time, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on the celebration either.

healthy bachelorette

Chat about your favorite healthy things – All of the women at the bachelorette party were into food and fitness, so a lot of our conversations focused on our favorite things to keep us healthy and fit, like recipes, products, and workouts. This was especially motivating and kept health and wellness top of mind all weekend. It was also really cool learning about new ways that other women stay healthy! 

Enjoy a workout together – On Saturday morning, we all headed to The Cliff Walk for a run. It was a fun way to get moving and explore Newport together. Plus, getting our sweat on was a great way to start the day!

health bachelorette finess

And, of course, our workout concluded with an iced coffee stop at Empire Tea & Coffee. I ordered an almond milk iced latte, which was phenomenal.

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Question of the Day

What healthy thing did you do at your last bachelorette party/girls’ night/weekend away? 

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