Ice Ice Baby

Look at that pug face! Murphy seems so concerned!

_MG_9351 (640x426)

I still have no idea why Murphy was freaked out. Maybe he was just in a mood? Or maybe it’s all of the icicles hanging off our front porch?

IMG_9321 (640x427)

IMG_9319 (427x640)

They’re quite ominous, especially for a little dog. Plus, they drip water on his back when he goes outside, so he already doesn’t like them. 

_MG_9327 (640x426)

_MG_9340 (426x640)

But, they are kind of pretty, right?

_MG_9328 (640x426)

Pretty enough for me to whip-out my camera and snap fifteen shots of them!

IMG_9316 (640x427)

I’m so weird.


Before I left for the gym this morning, I snacked on half of an English muffin. I’m not sure I was really hungry, but I felt like I needed fuel to lift weights.

_MG_9308 (640x426)


At the gym, I met Julie for Body Pump. Julie and I first met back in April at the Body Pump 73 launch. Now, we’re internet friends and real life friends!

After class, we stopped by Marylou’s for coffee and catching up. I had a Sugar Cookie iced coffee with milk. I worried that it might be too sweet, but it was just right. Sometimes, the coffee from Marylou’s is insanely sweet! I swear that place is for sugar addicts.



As soon as I got home, I broke into a package of Livin’ Spoonful Crackers. Remember my obsession with them? Well, I’m still obsessed with them, but Livin’ Spoonful sent me their newest flavor to try: PIZZA! It’s so delicious””packed with flavor and tastes just like pizza.

_MG_9361 (640x426)

Lunch also included a Gingerbread Smoothie.

_MG_9367 (640x426)

Best smoothie ever.

_MG_9362 (640x426)

iRun Like a Girl

I hope you’re following me because you do not want to miss this deal!


I run year-round, so I’ve learned a thing or two about how to stay warm while hitting the pavement. I’m in love with this performance jacket and beanie I just discovered!

This hat is especially awesome and is a must in cold weather. It’s lightweight and sweat-wicking so it doesn’t get all itchy and sweaty. The jacket is also made of the same performance material, so it’s a great top layer over a t-shirt for spring and fall runs. Best of all, it says, “i RUN LIKE A GIRL” down the arm, which always gives me that cool “I’m a runner” feeling. It’s inspiring!

Check out the hat!! SO COOL! Perfect for ponytails!


I love this deal so much, OpenSky offered to email the deal again this afternoon for new followers, so if you want to buy the iRun Like a Girl Performance Jacket and Beanie Bundle, just follow me here.

Off to celebrate Cookie Friday!!! Did you celebrate today?


  1. LOVE that picture of Murphy. I read your blog everyday and almost always send pass on the pics of Murphy to my friends while we are chatting online at work… he’s become famous among my friends and really brightens up the workday 😀

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s what I was going to say!! Ice is pretty on other peoples houses. We’ve already had some water dripping on our windows on the ice dam side of the house. Scary!

  2. What an adorable pup! My German Shepherd could care less whats hanging, dripping or pouring from above. He just wants outside ALL THE TIME to play frisbee. He has no limits, not even -12 degrees. Crazy dogs but we love them.
    Murphy has the most hugable face!

    The pony tail hat is pretty cool. I tried one before but I guess I wear my pt too high.

  3. I did celebrate cookie friday by eating 3 chocolate chip cookies (although I usually do this everyday if there are cookies around, not just cookie friday!). I’ll probably have at least 2 more after dinner as well.

  4. I took the same pictures of my house yesterday! I was like obsessed!!!
    And I’m so jealous you have a MaryLous near you. I’m craving an Almond Joy!

  5. It was years before I saw icicles hanging froma roof until this past winter! Before that, it’d only get cold enough for little baby ones to hang off of cars. Poor Murph looks so scared! And you’re definitely not weird to take 15 pictures of them..I took that many of a windchime today! haha

  6. I don’t want to sound like a dork…but please be careful with those icicles. They are beautiful but very dangerous!

  7. Poor puppy! He does look freaked out! All the pics of your dog make me want a pug even more than I already do! He’s so cute.

  8. wow Murphy is so cute!!! that’s definitely a picture worth printing and putting into a frame for display in your house!!

  9. I thought icicles were pretty too until after Christmas when I came home to find water leaking into four rooms in my house because of ice dams, and had to pay $1,250 to get them removed. Be careful! Those things can be vicious!

  10. Firstly, I am based in Australia and found your blog recently and read it now everyday.
    I am envious of your cold winter right now (i like the cold), we are sweltering under 42 degrees celcius heat today and have been for the last week. This morning we decided to do one of our regular boot camp classes, outside, wow it was hot!!!
    If you love your running gear, we have a great shop in Australia called Lorna Jane, its all inspirational sporting gear and super comfy…i am addicted. The flashdance pants are fabulous!
    Hope Murphy keeps warm, trying to keep my labrador cool in this hot weather. Love your blog.

  11. I do believe that my Pug, Flora, needs Murphy as her boyfriend. 😉 She’s been quite freaked out by all things winter-related lately, so she comprehends Murphy’s concern. Oh, those crazy Pugs of ours!
    And yes, we in Western Mass. can relate to those behemoth house icicles!!
    P.S. I concur that Marylou’s coffee is overly sweet at times, but dang, it’s tasty.

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