I Ran 10 Miles {Last Week’s Workouts}

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Hi, guys! Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful weekend so far!

Fitness-wise, last week wasn’t a great one for me. I was struggling with a flare, so, obviously, I didn’t feel 100% or super psyched about doing any sort of physical activity. However, I managed to fit in a few workouts, including a 10-mile run (which was awesome), so I actually feel pretty good about last week’s workouts. And, hey, I’m starting to feel better now, so I’m planning a glorious return to my usual fitness routine next week!

Sunday: Falmouth Road Race (7 miles)


Monday: CrossFit

I didn’t go to a class, but instead did a 13-minute partner WOD with Mal. Our box hosted an internal throwdown this weekend, so the owners asked us if we wanted to test out one of the workouts for it””mostly just to give them an idea how long it would take. It was a fun workout, but after running 7 miles the day before, my legs did not appreciate the 400m kettlebell carries. Thank goodness for my partner!

photo (5)

Tuesday: Interval workout

photo (4)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 10 miles

The last time I ran 10 miles was October, so I was kind of nervous about tackling this distance again, especially when my insides were not cooperating. I woke up super early, did all the fun UC stuff, and then got myself ready to run 10 miles. Most of the time, my digestive system shuts itself off when I exercise, so I hoped it would behave itself and not give me any issues. I also told myself if I felt like crap (literally), I would cut the run short. No big deal.

photo (7) (368x533)

I grabbed my summer running gear, Lemon Sublime GU (I can’t remember the last time I used one of these), and headed out to tackle 10 miles.

photo (6)

Let me start off by saying that 10 miles is FAR! Ten miles. Running. That is nuts to think about.

I remember back in my marathoning days, I considered 10 miles a “short” run. But being out of the long distance running game for awhile now, anything over 5 or 6 miles is long for me, so 10 miles seemed especially overwhelming.

photo (9)

I did the old “break up the long run into shorter runs” and mentally split the distance into two 4-mile runs and one 2-mile run to make it seem more manageable.

photo (8)

I ran four miles out, away from my house, and then ran four miles back home. At mile 8, I stopped by my house to re-hydrate. (I probably should have taken water with me or planned a water stop earlier in my run because I was SO THIRSTY!) I only stopped for a few minutes, but getting going again for those final two miles was not fun. My lower back and legs instantly tightened up, so I felt stiff and robotic when I started to run again.

photo (10)

I definitely struggled through the final two miles (I also think part of it was mental since the longest I’ve run in awhile was 7 miles last weekend, and I was all in my head with doubting myself), but I finished 10 miles. Woohoo! I was so proud of myself””still am!

photo (11)

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Question of the Day

What workout last week are you most proud of? Feel free to brag! I love hearing about your successes!

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