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Pretty fancy lamp, huh?

_MG_1419 (426x640)

Well, it didn’t always look this way. Mal and I found a pair of them in his parents’ barn and they were a total mess.

4509 (640x480)

The lamps were covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs.

5025 (640x426)

And completely not working.

5053 (640x426)5065 (640x426)

They even had bird poop on them.

5057 (640x426)

Yes, bird poop.

5080 (640x426)

But, despite their initial appearance, I saw the potential.

5052 (426x640)

With a little tender loving care and a special Portfolio Bottle Lamp Kit from Lowes, I transformed these ugly barn lamps into sophisticated master bedroom lamps.

Each lamp repair kit cost just $10 and included everything that I needed (parts, directions, etc.) to rewire and repair the lamp. It was actually fairly easy to do– and I didn’t electrocute myself!


I ended up buying new lamp shades from Kmart, but, even still, the lamps were very affordable in the end. Let’s just say they were definitely cheaper than buying new lamps, which are weirdly expensive.

_MG_1411 (640x426)

Now, one of the lamps is on Mal’s bedside table and the other one is on my dresser. You can see more photos here.

_MG_1419 (426x640)IMG_1406 (427x640)

So, if you have a lamp (or two) that needs to be repaired or you stumble upon a broken one with lots of potential at a yard sale or flee market, you now know there’s a way to fix it! Happy DIY-ing! 😀



    1. Thats good to know! I just finished the Girl who played with Fire and I was so po/ed at the ending, I threw the book across the room! I need to find Hornets nest!

  1. Lamps ARE weirdly expensive. We shopped for bedside lamps about a year ago, and I was shocked to find out that most have three-digit price tags.

  2. I’ve actually been looking for lamps lately and you’re right, they’re ridiculously expensive and not even that cute! I’ll have to try finding one at the Good Will or a garage sale this coming spring, thanks for the tips!

  3. Hi

    I came across your blog via a couple of other blogs I read like Dietitian on the run. And I just wanted to say is that a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book I spy on your table! I am almost done with the book and find it very good, what do you think?

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