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Good morning! Happy Friday!

I planned to write about Scotty McCreery and his resemblance to a Cabbage Patch Kid this morning, but I thought the topic of Google searches might be more entertaining, especially on a Friday morning!

So, I googled “scotty mccreery cabbage patch kid” with the hope of finding an image of a side-by-side comparison of the American Idol contestant and the face of a Cabbage Patch Kid. (You know someone has done it by now!) Instead, the first photo that popped up in Google Images was this one:


Yep, that’s Murphy. I have no idea how those search terms turned up a photo of Murphy’s pissed-off face, but they did, and, of course, I laughed.

Another funny Google search story happen to my mom a few years back. One autumn, we planned to visit Honey Pot Hill Orchards to pick apples, so my mom used the internet to look up the orchard’s weekend hours.


Well, Google found my mom a whole bunch of ”˜adult entertainment’ websites! Who knew “honey pot” was such a dirty term!?! Needless to say, my mom was pretty surprised!

Last Night’s Dinner

Last night’s dinner was a lot of fun, but I am paying for it today! Mal and I met our high school friend (and wedding DJ), John, at the Union Brewhouse for dinner and drinks.

IMG_0006 (640x480)

Mal and I have big goals in life, so, of course, we immediately grabbed our cards for the 99 Beer Club and got to work!

IMG_0007 (640x480)

I love beer. Theodora loves my love for beer. There’s a lot of love in my life associated with beer. However, I do not love drinking too many beers and being hungover the next day.

I have no idea how the hell I drank 10 beers on a Friday night in college, and then woke up the next morning to run 3 miles, study, and do it all over again the next night. I must have been a super hero back then because I think that type of behavior would kill me now.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m pretty tame with my drinking nowadays. Typically, I drink one or two beers in a sitting. Occasionally, I drink more, but I’m a lightweight, and I know that a third or fourth beer is hangover territory, which usually gets me to stop. I cannot deal with hangovers. I am such a wuss. (FYI: Here are my tips and tricks for drinking in moderation.)

Anyway, I drank three beers last night: Troegs Mad Elf Ale, Woodstock Wassail Ale, Berkshire Brewing Steel Rail Ale. So, I’m a feeling pretty blah this morning. Not terrible, but not great.

IMG_0012 (480x640)IMG_0014 (480x640)IMG_0017 (480x640)

I enjoyed all of the beers, but the Mad Elf was my favorite of the night:

”¦ a cheerful creation to warm your heart and enlighten your tongue. The combination of Cherries, Honey, and Chocolate Malts delivers gentle fruits and subtle spices. Fermented and aged with a unique yeast, this ruby red beer has significant warming strength that underlies the pleasant character of this intriguing yet delicious Ale.

I love malty beers with a lot of flavor. I also typically enjoy ”˜holiday’ brews, so I was really happy with this selection.

IMG_0011 (640x480)

For dinner, Mal and I shared a massive nacho appetizer. I pretty much ate cheese for dinner last night.

IMG_0016 (640x480)


After drinking three beers and chowing on cheesy nachos, I woke up dehydrated with a queasy stomach. So, I chugged water and made a stomach-settling breakfast: toasted Van’s waffles with sunflower butter spread on one side and peanut butter on the other.

IMG_0022 (640x480)

I’m planning to drink an iced coffee once I feel a little more hydrated.

Is It Iced Coffee Weather?

Want to know if it’s iced coffee weather where you live? (It’s always iced coffee weather where I live!) Check out this fun website: Is It Iced Coffee Weather? Just enter your zip code and it tells you whether it’s iced coffee weather or not.

Question of the Day

Do you have any funny/crazy/unusual Google search stories? Please share!

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  1. you crack me up…
    “Mal and I have big goals in life, so, of course, we immediately grabbed our cards for the 99 Beer Club and got to work!”

    Also! I was looking everywhere on here and I can’t remember her name/blog.. but she’s a really funny boston blogger who has a french bulldog… can you help direct me to her blog?

  2. I wish we had something like the 99 Beer Club locally… that sounds like something we would totally be into!

    Oh, and it is DEFINITELY iced coffee weather here in SC! We’ve already hit 91 degrees (two weeks ago!)… I complain about cold weather during the winter and then whine when it actually gets hot again haha I guess I’m never satisfied

  3. I just recently found your blog…I love it! I’m a huge believer in eating well…but also indulging once in a while…so I’m really digging your posts so far! I’m also a HUGE fan of microbrews…this post totally made me thirsty!

  4. Okay so I am going to just say it…Scott looks like Howdy Doody…I dont honestly see the resemblance of the cabbage patch kid but if you google images of Howdy himself I swear to you its Scott.

  5. I have definitely been there on the questionable google search thing. A couple years ago, I wanted to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods’ website. Let’s just say I found out the hard way that their website is actually dickssportinggoods.com, and NOT dicks.com. Oh, and I was definitely on my laptop in the middle of a law school class when this happened. Whoops!

    That’s not a mistake I’ll make twice!

  6. It is totally iced coffee weather here in Savannah! Just switched from the hot to cold cup about a week ago. Love my iced coffee!

  7. I can’t think of one Google search in particular but I do find it funny when I try to Google image something and weird pictures that have nothing to do with what I’m searching come up! That’s hilarious that your dog showed up, what a pleasant surprise! I wouldn’t say he looks like a cabbage patch doll but that’s pretty funny.

    I do remember in middle school going on thewhitehouse.com or whitehouse.com, I forgot and don’t want to pull it up now but realized it’s a dirty website. Note to self: when looking up government websites remember that it’s .gov not .com!

    Those nachos look pretty rockin’.

  8. Gotta love Google and the interesting things it brings up! My friends always make fun of me because I Google everything! lol. There is no way that I would touch an iced coffee today! 🙁 We are in a high wind warning, it is snowing, and the interstate is closed!

    1. I agree with the comments that Scotty looks like the kid from Mad Magazine! This past Wed was the first time I had seen him, since I was at my parents’ house and don’t usually watch AI. I think he kind of looks like a younger Ron Howard too.

  9. One night in college, my roommate and I were in the midst of an epic all-nighter, and he suggested we have a Hot Pocket snack break. (You know, all intentions of a healthy diet go out the window at about 3 a.m.) Having never had one before, I did a Google search to see what kinds of flavors they had, and the top hits were *definitely* risque! Not such a big surprise in retrospect, but it gave us quite the laugh!

  10. Okay, I have to say it and I’m sure you hear it ALL the time but Murphy is the CUTEST pug I have ever seen! I too have a love for pugs but have not yet had the privilege of owning one. I think my current mutt, Stacey, would love a pug as a brother/sister though :).

    Also, I feel your pain about drinking little and feeling it the next day. I had two light beers last night and have a hangover today…when did we get OLD all of the sudden!

  11. The first warm day of the year (even if it’s in February) I will get an iced coffee. That and Sam Summer start the season for me. 🙂

    My mom once looked up tickets for the Wang Theatre. You can imagine her surprise. Haha.

  12. I think Scotty looks like the kid from Mad Magazine! I don’t know his name but the resemblance is uncanny.

  13. I am loving this iced coffee link! Not an iced coffee day here in NYC. I’ll check again tomorrow. And every day. For the rest of my life.

  14. Oh man, I am so in awe of you being in a 99 beer club. Ever been to Bukowski’s in Inman Square, Cambridge? If you drink every beer they have on tap (there are like 200) within s certain time frame (like 3 months or something) you get your own mug with your favorite dead author’s name on it to drink out of when you go there.

    It is my goal to get my own mug and put LM Montgomery’s name on it (writer of Anne of green gables) so it can hang up there with all the hipster mugs!

    Hee hee!

  15. That restaurant is across the street from my gym! And down the street from my yoga studio! (I get excited easily) I can relate on the drink moderation front – I used to be able to throw em back and cruise through a long run and productive day afterward but now I get into the danger zone once I hit three drinks.

  16. There was one time I wanted to make muffins, but realized I really only enjoy the top parts of them. So I Googled “how to make muffin tops” and among the results were ways to increase the fat around your middle…. why would someone want to do this.?!

  17. Hahaha – too funny that Google found Murphy’s photo for those search terms! I think it’s because “MurphnMal” posted something about that on Twitter, and that’s their profile photo for Twitter?

  18. I’m totally with you on the beer drinking. I LOVE beer, but I get hungover soo easily and I just can’t deal with it. I’m totally worthless and feel crappy.

    I remember a time in college that I was out drinking until 3 am and got up to run 9 miles. Who was I???

  19. I recently typed “cherry blossoms” into google, trying to see when the Cherry Blossom Festival took place in DC. When I opened the first search result it was a mail-order bride/dating site for Asian women…and I was at work. Oops.

  20. Ha, before I finished reading I thought you were about to say you had 10 beers last night! I was thinking you were a Rockstar!

    I googled my name once while I wad bored at work, and I found out there is a rose hybrid that is my exact name, first, middle and last!

  21. YES. It is definitely iced coffee weather, here in Hong Kong. It’s been upper 80*s for the last week!

    Those nachos look totally ridiculous! I’m sure your night out was worth the morning pain 🙂

  22. I’m so jealous you could still find Mad Elf! It was a one hit wonder for me this winter. I had it at my favorite bar one week and when I went back the next the keg was already empty 🙁

  23. That website made my day! I agree it is always iced coffee weather, but most people that saw me this morning with mine thought I was crazy to drink it when it was only 48 degrees out!

  24. I actually have a name for when you google something that is NOT dirty or sexual and you get something dirty in return~ it is called a “GOOPS” (Google + OOPS)
    I think I need to make it into the Urban Dictionary with that one.

  25. I couldn’t remember what the type of knife is called that is used to frost cookies, so I googled “knife to frost cookies” and as soon as I typed in “knife to”, Google suggested “knife to kill people” and “knife to defend myself.” Apparently those are two most common searches, which is kind of scary!

  26. So funny about Murphy’s pic! And I love that website. There is definitely such thing as “iced coffee” temperature for me. I drink it all year, but its the days when I can go to dunkins and not get the extra cup to keep my hands from freezing.

  27. I was just saying to my husband last night that I think Scotty looks like the kid from Mad Magazine, but I think Cabbage Patch Kid is also true.

  28. Well, here’s a little word of advice about Googling: NEVER email a physician online to ask a question you wouldn’t want your dad to know about, even if you think it’s completely anonymous. Because when your first AND LAST names get posted next to the question on a website, and your DAD randomly finds it while running his name through Google, it can be a smidge embarassing. (This happened to me when I was 18 or 19 and I still haven’t lived it down in my family…)

    Anyway – it’s DEFINITELY iced coffee season!

  29. My mom and sister had the same issue when my sister was doing a report on minxes. It’s too funny the things that pop up when you Google seemingly harmless terms.

  30. Mmmm…nachos! I wish I had good google stories like yours….the best I can come up with is getting a lot more than I bargained for when I searched “bachelorette games.”

  31. Mmm, that breakfast looks delish! It’s so funny that your goal is to try all 99 beers- I bet you’ll be finished before the summer is up!

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