I Love Exercise So Much {Wednesday}

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Hi, I'm Tina!

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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Hi, guys!

Here are my meals, snacks, and some happenings from today!


Toast with almond butter and banana slices, Fage with honey, cherries, and an iced coffee with chocolate almond milk – loved this breakfast!



After breakfast, I joined my friend Kerrie for a spinning class, which was (OMG) so fun and reminded me just how much I love exercise… like, so much. I really, truly love being active, and I am so happy that I’m slowly getting back into it. Working out is just so darn fun, and it always makes me feel good afterward. It actually makes me wonder why some people don’t like exercise?? Although, there was a point in my life when I saw it as a chore and something I had to do, but things have definitely changed over the years, especially since finding running, CrossFit, and spinning. Hey, it’s all about finding something you LOVE to do, right?

Anyway, spinning without an extra 30 pounds on my body (I still have about 10 pounds to lose) was a totally different experience and a whole lot more enjoyable. When I was pregnant, I felt like I’d lose steam after about 15 minutes, and I couldn’t really push myself when it came to adding resistance to the bike. Today, I felt awesome and dominated the hills in class! Oh my gosh, I had such a blast.


After class, Kerrie and I swung by Everyday Cafe for a couple of iced coffees. I went with Coconut Cream. Mmm!



When I got home, I made breakfast for lunch: scrambled eggs with bacon, roasted sweet potatoes, and ketchup.


After breakfast, I fed Q and then planned to take Murphy to the vet for his bi-annual check-up. I didn’t have a ton of time between spinning/lunch/feeding Q, so I wasn’t going to shower until after I got home from Murphy’s appointment. (I know… I’m gross.) Well, when I was burping Q, he spit up down my tank top, like on the inside of it, right between my boobs. It was a direct shot and dripped all the way down to my bellybutton! Haha! After that, I definitely needed a shower.

Miraculously, Murphy and I made it to the vet right on time. Everything went well with his appointment. He got a couple of vaccinations and then he was good to go. And, as always, he made friends with everyone there. #pugmayor


P.S. The bench he is sitting on in the photo above was super slippery, and he kept wiping out trying to get comfortable on it. Haha! 


Half of a bagel with Creamy Light Swiss from The Laughing Cow, strawberries, and an iced coffee with chocolate almond milk <— Please note: This was my third (decaf) iced coffee of the day. #icedcoffeeaddict



Big salad with chopped up Sweet Potato WedgesHoney-Roasted Carrots, leftover roasted chicken with bell peppers, onions, potatoes, and a big scoop of hummus on top



After dinner, I enjoyed a few (hundred) handfuls of Sweet & Nutty Probiotic Trail Mix from my friends at CVS/pharmacy. They recently launched a new line of snacks called Gold Emblem Abound, which are free from all artificial flavors and preservatives. It was so good, I needed to give myself a little pep talk so I’d stop eating it! Haha! 


The end.

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