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Happy Labor Day, friends!

I was super lazy yesterday, so I woke up bright and early this morning to get some work done. I went into my office like I normally do, pressed the power button on my computer, and then went to make breakfast while I waited for it to boot up. About 10 minutes later, I came back and noticed that my computer didn’t start. Weird. Maybe I just didn’t press the button hard enough, so I pressed it again. Nothing. I pushed the button for 15-20 seconds hoping to reset it. Nada. Then, I used the Internet on my iPhone to Google solutions. No luck.

My poor computer

Finally, I called HP customer support. We tried to troubleshoot the problem over the phone, but nothing worked. Eventually, I was offered the option of sending my computer to HP to have them fix the problem. They told me it would take 2-3 days to get the shipping materials to my house, so I could pack up my computer, and then 7-10 business days to actually fix my computer. They couldn’t guarantee that my hard drive would be saved and the whole thing would cost me $317. Once I heard all of these details, it was pretty obvious that this wasn’t my best option, so I told the HP customer service representative, “thanks, but no thanks” and hung up the phone.

IMG_4543 (800x600)

At this point, I sort of panicked. My computer wouldn’t turn on at all, and I hardly ever back it up, so there was a high probability that I would lose everything on it. I had a feeling my computer was totally dead, but maybe there was still a chance the hard drive could be saved. I remembered there was a computer repair shop not far from our house, so I gave them a call. With it being Labor Day and all, I figured they’d be closed for sure, but someone answered! And he told me to bring my computer by! Yay!

smiling on the outside

So I grabbed my computer and hightailed it over!

IMG_4546 (800x600)

I arrived at Computer V.I.P. a short while later and met the guy I talked with on the phone. He was great””super friendly and helpful””and after only a few minutes of chatting, I knew we were on the same page.

IMG_4547 (800x600)

He said a power surge from last night’s thunderstorm likely fried my motherboard. (I have no idea why my computer wasn’t plugged into the power strip on the floor RIGHT NEXT to my computer?!? FML.) My computer is probably dead, but, hopefully, the hard drive can still be saved. I’ll find out in a day or two.

RIP computer

Unfortunately, my blog post with my Stitch Fix review is on that computer along with all of the photos I took for it, so I’ll (hopefully) publish it later this week. A bunch of you guys left comments and questions, so, in the meantime, here’s a short review: Stitch Fix is my new favorite thing, and I will definitely, 100% do it again. I ended up keeping 2 out of the 5 pieces (one pictured below), and I love, love, love them. Everything fit, and I loved what was selected and sent to me.

IMG_4383 (552x800)

After I dealt with all of that computer stuff, I stopped by Whole Foods for a quick grocery shopping. We had a good amount of food leftover from last week’s shopping, so I only needed to pick up a few things. Here’s this week’s meal plan:

  • Sunday: Lime Leaf
  • Monday: Spaghetti squash with a ground turkey and spinach sauce
  • Tuesday: Garlic Mustard Drumsticks with beet salad and potato salad
  • Wednesday: Cheesy Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Kale Salad (recipe coming soon!)
  • Thursday: Chicken salad with TJ’s sweet potato tots and green beans
  • Friday: Out to dinner
  • Saturday: Wing it

IMG_4548 (800x600)

Question of the Day

Have you ever had a computer die on you? (Please tell me everything will be okay.)



  1. My macbook has issues where sometimes I think it has completely died and then I can revive it. Multiple times my boyfriend has saved it from when I have thought it has completely died!

    Fingers crossed for yours!

  2. I’ve had a mac die and get revived and the harddrive had to be replaced but they were able to save everything on the old one. Sometimes it’s the “shell” sort of speak that gets fried but the information inside is protected. Good luck!!! And now you’ll set up some daily automatic backup right?!!! =)

  3. As soon as I read about the Stitch Fix website, I went directly there and signed up! I can’t wait to receive my first shipment, and thanks so much for introducing that!!

  4. It will be okay. 🙂 Fingers crossed for it! My Mac died slowly from “Corrupted files”which meant NOTHING could even be backed up because there was no way to tell if it was corrupted….gotta love computers.

  5. My last HP laptop had a motherboard issue that killed it too, but fortunately they were able to recover the hard drive so I didn’t lose anything. I don’t know what caused the issue though, and now I just avoid HP. Good luck with yours!!

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