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Hi, friends! How’s it going?


I headed out for an 8-mile run yesterday afternoon, but, unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.


It was a beautiful fall day (seriously, it was one of those perfect fall days you dream about), so I laced up my sneakers and headed toward Southfield to tackle my run.


Things went well at first. I trucked along, kind of slow, but I felt okay. I listened to last week’s Balanced Bites podcast with guest Michelle from Nom Nom Paleo. The conversation between Liz (from Cave Girl Eats and co-host of Balanced Bites) and Michelle kept me thoroughly entertained for a good 2.5 miles.


As I approached mile 3, I started to feel awful. My legs were heavy, and I just wanted to stop running. It was kind of weird. Usually, when I get tired on a run, I can push through. I’ll run slower for a little bit (or walk) and then get back into a groove, but this time it didn’t happen, and I was surprised how terrible I felt less than 3 miles into my run. I just wanted to STOP, which isn’t a feeling I typically get.


I remembered Monica‘s post from last week about dealing with the bad runs and listening to your body. My body just didn’t want to run, so I turned around and ran home.

I didn’t get my 8-miler in yesterday, but I still managed to run (a slow) 6 miles. Considering how crappy I felt, I’ll take it. Hey, I’ll try again tomorrow.



After my run, I came home and made an epic egg and double cheese sandwich. I toasted a bagel, fried up an egg, melted on a slice of cheddar, and then spread on some goat cheese and”¦ WOW! Goat cheese, people. Put it on your egg sandwich. You won’t regret it! (I forgot to snap a pic, but my sandwich looked a lot like the one below.)


After lunch, I wrote a post for the JUNK blog and then finished my holiday wreath for Wayfair. I love how it turned it””simple and pretty!

holiday wreath  (600x450)


A few hours later, I made dinner, which was Potato and Chorizo Dobladas, which is definitely a favorite in our house. I can’t believe we forgot about this recipe””it soooooo good! I mean, chorizo, potatoes, and cheese? How could you not like it?!

A little tip: Mix the oil from the chorizo into the mashed potatoes. Mmmm!


After dinner, I ate all of the pumpkins out of the Harvest Mix that I just bought. I always eat the pumpkins first and then eat a few pieces of the candy corn and then none of the chocolate candy corn. Thankfully, Mal likes the chocolate and regular candy corn, so it works out.


While I ate all of the pumpkins, I watched a couple of episodes of Bethenny. I’ve been DVR-ing her show for a couple of weeks now, and I really like it! Anyone else watching?


JUNK Brands Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a gift certificate to JUNK! Here’s your winner:


I like so many of them! I’ll pick the Caribbean Craze as my favorite

Congrats, Kaitlin! Please email me at tina@carrotsncake.com to claim your prize.

***If you didn’t win, but would still like to purchase some JUNK bands, you can save 15% with code cnc15 at checkout. The code is good through Monday, October 14, 2013.***

Questions of the Day

Do you eat all of the pumpkins first

Are you watching Bethenny? Thoughts?

Have you tried the Potato and Chorizo Dobladas yet? If not, you should!

P.S. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Harvest Your Health Bundle yet, be sure to do so! It’s an AMAZING deal, and you get so many great resources!




  1. I cannot buy any candy corn products as I have no self control! I haven’t watched Bethenny yet, will need to find out when she’s on, I actually like her a lot.

    Thanks for the discount code, going to grab a couple Junk bands!

  2. I eat all the pumpkins first too! I just got to the point where I bought just the pumpkins ha I felt so bad for wasting the chocolate corns!

    I like Bethenney a lot! I think her show is super funny and quick witted! She’s all over the place and I think that’s awesome!

    Thank you for just being human and admitting some days just aren’t meant for running! So refreshing to hear that!

  3. You lunch looks delicious and I’m seriously jealous. And that’s too bad about the bad run. That is always really frustrating :/

    I’ve never heard of the Balanced Bites podcast! I love listening to podcasts while I run, I’ll definitely have to check that out.

  4. 6 miles is better than none! It’s hard sometimes to get running and I know how some runs just don’t happen. At that time you just have to let go of any goals, and make it as far as you can. I don’t listen to podcasts but I think I need to start. That would probably make the time go by faster.

  5. I noticed you’re eating more tortillas, bagels and toast now. Are you using gluten-free products? If so, which brand? Thanks, Tina!


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