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Hi, guys! Happy Hump Day! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I feel like Monday and Tuesday totally flew by! Anyone else?

So, this is going to be another one of those all-over-the-place posts where I tell you lots of random things (just like this one). I feel like I am all over the place with my life and thoughts lately, so I figured I’d combine everything in one blog post and just go with it. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m all about spring/summer footwear lately! Since I can’t really shop for new spring clothes (well, ok, technically, I can for maternity stuff), I’m obsessing about shoes. I’m loving these Embellished Thong Sandals as well as these Black & White Striped Thong Sandals. Can I just have them both, please? And, of course, I want these Colorblock Boat Shoes from TOMS (love). I might just need to buy them. I seriously love my TOMS lately. So comfy. Basically, I want ALL THE SHOES.

Since a lot of you guys asked about my homemade iced lattes… I make them in my espresso maker from my friends at Nespresso. It’s the greatest thing ever. It literally takes me 90 seconds to make an almond milk iced latte from start to finish. The pod refills actually aren’t that expensive, and the espresso tastes incredible. I’m a huge fan of this machine. (You can also make hot drinks with it using the steam wand on the side.)

I have an applesauce problem, like a bad one. It’s the most amazing food to me right now, and I can’t stop eating it. I’m going make my own homemade applesauce next!

Baby Haupert has been sooo active lately, especially at night. He basically doesn’t stop moving, and I can feel him rolling and bumping around for hours at a time. Is it possible for babies to be too active? I really think there’s some CrossFitting happening inside my belly.

I planned to make these Mint and Chocolate Fudge Oreo Bars for St. Patrick’s Day, but I never did. I still think I might need to make them, right?

Mint and Chocolate Fudge Oreo Bars averiecooks.com

Reebok has the most adorable new shorts on their website right now, and I want them all. Is it spring yet? And can I rock a huge baby bump with shorts? Yes? I guess I would just need a really long shirt.

I recently restocked on all of the Belli products that I’ve been using during my pregnancy. I actually think I’ll use a couple of them (Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment and Belli Skin Care Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub) after pregnancy too. I love that they actually work and are made from natural ingredients.

IMG_8063 (675x900)

I really love the way that eyelash extensions look, but I hear they’re pretty expensive to keep up with. If you have them, do you think they’re worth the price?

Murphy is obsessed with my Snoogle. He’ll even “snoogle” me out of the way to make sure he’s snuggled up nice and close to it. It’s Murphy’s world… I’m just living in it.

IMG_2060 (675x900)

Mal and I bought tickets to The Book of Mormon. It’s coming to Boston next month, and I hear it’s hilarious, so I just had to purchase us a couple of tickets. Has anyone seen it?

Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival is June 6-8th in Newton, Massachusetts. It’s just days after Baby Haupert is expected to arrive, so I won’t be running, but I will hopefully be there spectating and possibly doing the 2-mile Dog Run on Saturday with Murphy (if I’m feeling up to it). It all depends on Baby Haupert’s plans! Anyway, just wanted to share a few discount codes with you if you’re interested in participating. These codes are valid for 10% off registration of the 5andDime (blogcarrotsncake5&10), Half (blogcarrotsncakeHalf), and Hat Trick (blogcarrotsncakeHat).

Questions of the Day

What’s happening with you lately? Anything fun and exciting to report?

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  1. You’re talk about applesauce in an earlier post totally made me crave some. I got the chunky kind from TJ’s and sprinkled some pistaccios on it. So good.

  2. i just saw book of mormon last night during their opening night in connecticut. i’ve never laughed so hard during a play in my entire life! totally inappropriate, but you’re going to LOVE it.

  3. While I love that Reebok uses girls with muscular legs to model their Crossfit shorts, it also sort of cracks me up to see them next to the skinny legs on the other models. Am I the only one who’s tickled by that? And please, get away from me with those mint Oreo fudge bars!! We would CRUSH those in my house.

  4. Oh my gosh. I am DYING for eyelash extensions, as every time I see them in real life, I am in complete awe. Sadly, I think that’s an expense I’m going to have to forego until I become rich and famous. Darn responsibility…

    1. @Emily @ The Swallow Flies: Agreed! I’ve also found them intriguing. However, I am a very sweaty person when I exercise. I do Bikram Yoga regularly, and I just don’t think they’d hold up with that kind of pouring down your face sweat and heat three times or more a week. At the same time, they look beautiful. Fake lashes aren’t exactly my thing, but I guess it’s the most affordable and practical? Anyone else have any experiences?

  5. So great to see that you use and like Belli products! I just ordered some and I’m anxiously waiting for them to arrive! My dermatologist recommended them to me.

  6. I saw the Book of Mormon last year in NYC. It’s hilarious!!! You will love it or be offended. I personally like this kind of humor in this musical. Love the Reebok shorts too and the Giveaway is pretty awesome! One random thing…I’m looking for new workout bra tanks. I’m not having luck finding any I love right now. Usually Athleta has cool ones, but not in smalls right now. Any suggestions?

  7. Yes, you definitely need to make those st patty’s day treats and then mail some to me. 😉 I don’t know if you saw Gina’s ordeal with eyelash extensions, but she got an infection and it sounded no bueno in my book, although I like the idea of longer, thicker lashes.

  8. book of mormon was great! you’ll have alot of fun!

    love the toms – i have the boat shoes in khaki. while i like them they don’t look so good with jeans (at least on me). tom’s wedges, however, are awesome and soooo comfy! get those!

  9. Be careful when buying shoes. My feet went up about 1.5 sizes over two pregnancies. The ligaments or something relaxes in your feet and never returns to “normal”.

  10. Be careful with those incredibly active babies! Brooklyn was crazy in utero, and well, she is absolutely insane. She is always on the go, and I already can’t keep up with her. Good luck with that one. 😉

  11. Loved this post! I will hopefully be seeing Book of Mormon when it comes into Boston, too… and ALSO hopefully running the 5K and/or spectating the event in June. You’ll be right on my campus! Kind of exciting – I’m a huge fan!

  12. I have eyelash extensions (got them about 6 months ago) and I don’t know if I could EVER go back. I never wear make-up anymore unless I’m doing something special. I wake up and immediately feel “put together” no matter what the rest of me looks like. It must be a confidence thing. I have a fab lash lady which is important because (1) they ARE pricey and (2) there are definitely horror stories out there! I have a few things that I splurge on that aren’t high on the priority list (bills, loans) and this is one of them. 🙂

  13. My baby was super active in my belly, too. She’s 5 months old now and still wiggles all the time 🙂 My dog also loved my Snoogle and then he destroyed it! The only thing that he has ever chewed that wasn’t his!

  14. My son was super active, always kicking and punching and he is exactly the same way now that he’s here. He was the most active newborn! It was borderline ridiculous, but I loved it and love it now that he is 8 mos. So much fun 🙂

  15. I have big plans to do a little spring shopping this weekend since it’s my low mileage long run week lol. I’m anxious to trade in my hoodies, scarfs and down coats for denim jackets, capris and tunic tops…

    And I finnagled a corned beef and cabbage dinner at my folks house this friday. So I’ll have a little belated st. patty’s celebrashhhh…

  16. Ooh goodness if you get one of those suction cup apple peelers (I got this one to make a pie for Thanksgiving –> http://www.amazon.com/Victorio-VKP1010-Potato-Peeler-Suction/dp/B001DLTD1C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395258330&sr=8-1&keywords=apple+peeler), it helps cook the apples quicker & w/o the annoying cutting into cubes.

    I’m seeing Book of Mormon in December (we bought the tickets an entire year in advance because that is how crazy NYC’s Broadway is..) and I am already so excited! Can’t wait to read your review.

  17. I love these posts of your random things! I’m quite the random person, and if I had a blog, most of my posts would be like this haha. One exciting thing is that I just passed the 50 lb. weight loss point. Only a few more to go! And I totally dig the Miller sandals…stripes are my thing this year!

  18. Those embellished sandals are fabulous! I’m putting them on my summer wish list :). I saw Book of Mormon in Boston last year – it is so, so funny! You’ll love it!

  19. Love the falsh lashes once they’re understated! The only make up I wear everyday is mascara and having them would totally bypass the need to put any on and even better….none to take off! Yet to try them though! I’m back in my Toms…not quite at sandal wearing yet. Sweetened or just straight up apple puree? What are you loving it with? I bet a dollop of almond butter stirred through would be amazing!

  20. I’ve been eyeing all the cute spring shoes and clothes lately too! I’ve especially been loving all the cute wedges and sundresses!

    Mmmm homemade applesauce is the best! I’ve heard doing it in the Crock Pot is super easy too! Let us know if you give it a shot.

  21. I saw the Book of Mormon this summer in NYC. It’s hysterical, but you have to just laugh- it could be really offensive to some!

  22. I LOVED Book of Mormon – I live in NYC, and a few months ago I was lucky enough to win the lottery they run 2 hours before each performance. You show up, put your name in, and the winners get two front row tickets for only $39 each! It was amazing. Several other shows do that too, FYI for the next time you’re in NYC!

  23. I’m a future eye doctor, halfway through my training, and while I think lash extensions look gorgeous, they definitely concern me. I’ve heard so many not-worth-it horror stories – did you read about Gina, the Fitnessista’s experience with them? ouch. Even if nothing goes “wrong,” they can really interfere with the natural function of your eyes. Your natural lashes are surrounded by hundreds of tiny glands that lubricate the surface of your eye and keep it comfortable and pain-free. Lash glue can block these glands and cause dry eye syndrome, which can be anywhere from mildly irritating to extremely painful. There just isn’t enough research out there about lash extensions’ effect on eye health – I imagine that even if you had problems and got them removed, the residual glue blocking your glands could take a very long time to resolve. Some people might never notice this, but the millions of people who already have mildly dry eyes could make it much more uncomfortable with lash extensions. I also feel like aestheticians just don’t know enough about the eyes to safely apply them – if anything, eye doctors should be doing it to ensure safety (assuming the glue/materials were proven to be safe, which they haven’t been.) Glue allergies are also an issue – it’s such a sensitive part of the body. People with sensitive skin or lots of allergies would be wise to avoid them. So anyway, I love the look of them but I don’t like the risks 🙂 But if you do decide to get them, I certainly wouldn’t judge & I’d be interested to hear about it!

    1. @Samantha:

      Thank you, I needed to read this! I’ve been wanting them too but eyes are not something to mess around with…they are totally gorgeous though!

      I have a friend who’s been going to the same person for about 3 years so I would be more inclined to trust someone who charges $$ but does an amazing job with no complaints.

      It scares me there are groupons for cheap nail places to do eyelash extensions!! 🙁

  24. Tina, don’t feel bad about the applesauce. I had a serious obsession with butternut squash while I was pregnant with my daughter. Then she came out with red/orangey hair…… Best thing ever 🙂

  25. Thanks for linking up my bars, Tina! That is so sweet of you! And I owe you a big huge congrats about expecting – what wonderful news and I am so happy for you guys!!! I hope that you’re doing great and this is just so nice to hear!! xoxo 🙂

  26. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and my baby moves all day long! Last night, my belly looked like there was an earthquake happening inside. It is the weirdest and the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced!

  27. I’m a Mormon, and I was curious enough to go see The Book of Mormon – keeping a very open mind and knowing to expect to be offended…I really enjoyed it! Sure, it makes fun of us and can be crude at times, but I liked it a lot, and I know you will too!

  28. I have major shoe envy over here. I just found out that I’m a wide-width food. Do you know how many cute shoes you can find in a wide width? Pretty much zero. My spring sandal shopping is now an epic journey full of heartbreak and overcoming obstacles.

    And you must make those Fudge Mint Oreo bars. For the good of humanity.

  29. I LOVE my eyelash extensions!!! I’ve had them on and off for about 4 years and I’ve never had any problems. I pay around $40 to get them filled and the fill lasts about 3-4 weeks. It’s totally worth the money for me because it takes about 60 seconds to swipe on some powder, bronzer and some lip gloss and I’m out the door. As your lashes go through their normal growth cycle, the extensions will fall off (since they are glued to your lashes). Some places will do a “patch test” where they apply the lash glue to your skin and wait about 30 minutes to see if you’re allergic. My only recommendation is that if you try them and decide they aren’t for you, let a professional remove them. The first time I removed them myself, and I ended up ripping out my own lashes. They eventually grew back, but it was the longest 6 weeks of my life…:0)

  30. I love spring clothes the most! You can start to wear the cute summer clothes but still pair them with a nice pair of jeans and boots or shorts and a long sleeve top! I can’t wait for darn winter to end! Those brownie bars look amazing. If you make them, please send them my way too 🙂

  31. I tried eyelash extensions! They were cool BUT I don’t recommend them. First, you can’t wear mascara with them, which I feel limits what they can really do. Like, maybe good for a vacation, but not really worth the time/money. Second, you have to be very gentle with them so I found I washed my face very carefully when I had them…so my face just started to feel kind of dirty from not being able to really scrub.

    In my opinion, you’re better off doing Latisse. It really works and the results are better than extensions. (And you can wear mascara.) Also, for the money, the amazing lashes last much longer!

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