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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! Happy Friday!

I haven’t done one of these I Bet You Didn’t Know posts in awhile now, so I figured it was about time for another one. That’s said, here are some things that I bet you didn’t know!

Half of all American adults have worked in a restaurant at some point in their lives (National Geographic, May 2014). Doesn’t that seem like a lot? I waitressed all through college, so I spent my fair share of time working in restaurants, but that number definitely surprised me.

IMG_3012 (900x900)

A banana is technically a berry, but a strawberry is not. Whoa. Mind blown.

IMG_3014 (900x900)

The first cassette tape that I ever owned was Tiffany’s self-titled album, and the first CD that I owned was Blind Melon’s self-titled album. A group of us at CrossFit was talking about our first album purchases the other day, so I thought it would be fun to share this random piece of info on CNC. Plus, I just really love hearing what people’s first albums were!


I am absolutely obsessed with Rainbow sandals. They’re the most comfortable flip flops ever and they go with just about every outfit, so they’re low-maintenance and pretty much the only shoe I wear all summer long. My current pair has been loved to death, so I am really hoping Mal buys me some new ones for my birthday. (I keep dropping hints about how worn out and gross my old ones are. I hope he catches on!)

Not all saturated fat is bad for you! Some of it is even good for you. Side note: I actually heard a segment with Michael Pollan on NPR yesterday after I wrote this post, and he said just two out of hundreds of studies linked saturated fat to heart disease. Eat your bacon!

You dont you need to do hours and hours of cardio to lose weight. Check out this podcast with Abel James. His thoughts on the exercise component of losing weight and having a great body are really interesting. Basically, he says you need to get your diet in order, utilize high-intensity intervals in your training, and NOT spend hours working out.


Questions of the Day

Have you ever worked in a restaurant?

What was your first cassette tape and CD?



  1. I don’t recall my first cassette tape, but I do recall that my first CD was also Blind Melon!!! I loved that CD!!!

  2. I completely believe that restaurant stat just based on the people I know. I worked in the bakery of an Italian restaurant through most of high school and waitressed a bit as a senior in high school. I much preferred the bakery, as did my dad since I got to bring home broken cookies.
    My first cassette may have either been Tiffany or Debbie Gibson. My first CD, unfortunately (because I’m actually not a fan) was Mariah Carey’s Daydream. I have no idea who bought it for me. Too funny!

  3. I worked in a restaurant throughout high school and college. It was lots of fun and quick cash!!

    I can’t remember my first cassette or cd, but I remember recording country music off of the radio. I’m pretty sure my first cd was a single!! I was a dork!

  4. So here’s my question about rainbow sandals… do they feel too tight for you when you first buy them? I’ve heard great things about them, but when I try them on, they always feel way too tight and I worry that they’ll just give me blisters and not stretch out enough for my feet. I do have a little wider feet, but just curious how long it takes to wear them in or if you ever felt the tightness?

    1. They weren’t tight on me, but like any new shoe, they take a little while to break in. Definitely no blisters though. They’re super comfy! 😄

      1. I actually DO sometimes get blisters from new pair of Rainbows before they are broken in. But they are still my absolute favorite sandals because once you break them in they are so darn comfy! The key I’ve found is to make sure that the first several times I wear them I will not be doing a ton of walking. If you break them in by wearing them in shorter spurts at first, they won’t give you blisters.

  5. my first job at 15 was Mcdonalds and I worked all restaurant jobs through high school as I wanted to be a cook. hmm first cassette I don’t remember but it was most likely NKOTB and my first CD was boys 2 men that my parents bought me for Christmas, I also still have my first CD player and it still works 23 years later, I use it for camping lol!

  6. Never worked in a restaurant ,a good the for all concerned. My first 45 was Wild Thing by The Trogs LOL. I’m old.

  7. My first tape was Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All”, I remember it so vividly as the plastic part of the case was bright orange. My first CD was Hole…I can’t remember the name of the album!
    I still work in a restaurant every weekend. I have a master’s degree and a good full time job, but I choose to work on the weekends for many reasons- I’m making money rather than spending it, I have a ton of fun there, I have been there for 7 years, so I’m close with the people I work with, and I wear a pedometer there and on average I walk at least 5 miles per shift…better than laying on the couch all day!

  8. It would be great if everyone worked in a restaurant at some point–then they might give their waiters a break and not be so hard on them. Or rude! Saying that and I was just a hostess.

  9. My first cassette was Ace of Base!! haha

    And yes, I worked at a coffee shop all through college and Olive Garden in high school.

  10. I started working at a small, family-owned Italian restaurant when I was only 12 years old! (I got a work permit from the city.) I worked almost every Friday night (fish fry – big deal in WI) from 7th grade through my senior year in college. It was definitely a learning experience.
    First cassette tap: Culture Club!

  11. So I’ve never worked in the front (or back) of the house…. I guess the side of the house! LOL… As in the office. I started in food service administration as a clerk at a retirement residence a year or so after college — and then now I am a Certified Dietary Manager, Food Protection Professional.

    And I think my first CD was The Lion King. Can’t remember cassettes but I’m sure it was a Christian one from church… Either that or just the good ‘ol hit record button when your favorite song is playing on the radio.

  12. First cassette tape was probably Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation 1814. First CD I bought was Sting, Ten Summoner’s Tales. Both awesome 🙂

    The first vinyl record I bought was the Batman music that Prince wrote for the ‘first’ Batman movie 🙂

    I owned a big collection of all these formats but those are the first ones I bought with my own (birthday) money 🙂

  13. Just gave my 2 weeks at my restaurant– I’m sure I’ll be a waitress again someday, but it’s gonna be strange to not actively identify as “in the industry”. I love/hate it as everyone does, but maybe a little more on the “love” side. 🙂

    I don’t know about my first tape, probably something as a kid my parents got for me”¦ but my first CD that I picked out and bought myself? Nelly Furtado’s “Whoa, Nelly!” I listened to it every night for MONTHS. This was pre-mp3 players. Still love that record.

  14. I just want to say that I have been reading your blog every single day for months now and I can’t believe how addicted I am to you and peanut butter fingers! Congratulations on your baby! You are about to know love like you never have. Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    My first CD was Crazy Sexy Cool by TLC. I’m not sure if it was my first tape was but I listened to Madonna’s Material World religiously as a kid.

  15. I think that restaurant stat should be more! I think everyone should work in some type of customer service field at least once in their lives.

    My first tape was NKOTB Hangin Tough and my first CD was Bryan Adams Waking up the Neighbors. I still have them both for nostalgic purposes.

  16. Love this post! I was at a health coaching conference all weekend and definitely had the latest studies about saturated fat on my radar, as well as the cardio component of exercise-fascinating stuff!

    My first CDs (I got them both for Christmas) were The Wallflowers (don’t remember if it was self-titled or actually called One Headlight?) and Third Eye Blind self-titled album.

    I have never worked in a restaurant and kind of feel like I’m missing out-I’m one of the only people I know who has not!

  17. First cassette tape was VANILLA ICE (ice baby). haha! my first CD was “four” by Blues Traveler. I stand by both.

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