I Bet You Didn’t Know {Murphy Edition}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Some of my favorite posts to write on CNC are the ones I call “I Bet You Didn’t Know.” If you’re not familiar with them, here are the ones I’ve written so far:

In these posts, I share all kinds of random stuff about my life with you guys (and I hope you find them entertaining). I was going to write another one, but I thought a post about Murphy would be much more fun. Enjoy!

I bet you didn’t know”¦

Murphy doesn’t like birds… at all.

Murphy hates birds, especially if they are on TV””outside he barely notices them””but if he hears chirping or squawking on the television, he bugs out and barks like crazy. And it’s very angry/annoyed barking”” you can tell he really doesn’t like them (or the sounds they make). I asked Murphy what he has against birds, and he told me he doesn’t trust any animal with hollow bones. Ahh, good point, Murph.

[image source]

Murphy is obsessed with sitting ON laps.

Murphy has a one-track (pug) mind when it comes to sitting on people’s laps. He’s truly obsessed with it. If someone is sitting down, Murphy needs to sit on their lap and does everything in his power to make it happen. It’s like it’s his life goal or something.


IMG_0017 (800x600)

IMG_7310 (563x750)

_MG_7590 (640x426)


Murphy hates drama.

Plain and simple, Murphy hates drama. He won’t even watch Girls with me.

[image source]

Murphy is a great listener.

Murphy is such a great listener. I’ll go on and on about a problem I’m having or something that’s really upsetting me, and he’ll just sit there and listen until I feel better. He’s also a really good cuddlier so that helps too.

I really wish Murphy could talk sometimes. I feel like he’d give really great advice too. Pugs are wise little creatures.


Murphy uses “Jedi mind tricks” to open doors.

When Murphy wants to go outside or simply through a door, he puts his little pug head super close (almost touching) to the door and stands completely still until either Mal or I open it for him.


It’s really weird, but I guess his “Jedi mind tricks” work because it gets us to open the door for him.


Question of the Day

What’s something strange/unusual/funny that your pet does?

P.S. CrossFit friends, you will LOVE this Tumbler site: This CrossFitting Life. It is hilarious!



  1. Ok I am proctoring a test right now and this almost made me lol… that would have been awkward. haha! Super cute, Tina 🙂

  2. I love these pictures of Murphy! Bentley has this strange habit of running around my boyfriends couch and jumping over the back of it to sit on our labs versus just getting on the couch the regular way. He has been doing it for months now and it still cracks us up.

  3. Haha these are hilarious! (specially the lap sitting) Bentley, my maltese, always needs to have some form of himself touching you. Even if he just has a paw on your foot, it needs to be there. Silly dogs!

  4. My dog HATES “being naked.” Sometimes we’ll take his collar off just to give him a little neck rub and if we leave it off for more than 10 minutes, he’ll be begging for it to be put back on. He FREAKS out! I’m guessing he associates it with baths, but sometimes we’re just trying to be nice!

  5. If he’s on the bed and you so much as wiggle your toe he flys off the bed with a “how dare you disturb me” look.

  6. My girl cat is so prissy: she wants NOTHING to do with me or The Boy unless a.) she’s cold, b.) we’re trying to do something (generally work on the computer, cook, or do sit-ups/push-ups/planks), and c.) she wants Fancy Feast or to drink out of the faucet. Such a princess.

  7. I have two little chihuahua mutt girls and when we go for walks in the neighborhood one dog likes to walk in one direction and the other dog only likes to go around the block in the other direction. They’ll humor me and their sister by going with the flow most of the time, but sometimes it’s a NO GO. They’ll just sit down with this look “MAKE ME” and they will not go . Cesar Milan would shake his head at me.

  8. the picture of murphy on mal’s lap while under the sink is probably the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while! dogs are funny creatures – my grandmas dog who i watch all the time definitely has a one track mind – she only likes grey toys!

  9. My grandma had two toy poodles – one skinny and neurotic and one tubby and laid back. At dinner time the tubby one (Boo Boo) used to bark, pretending he’d heard the door or something. He did this because he knew The skinny one (Barney) wouldn’t be able to resist leaving his dinner to investigate… Then Boo Boo would gobble that up, too!

  10. Haha this was my favorite post of the week!

    One weird thing my dog does, he will “hide” his treats in different spots in the house. It’s not really hiding since it is usually in plain view. If he sees me looking at it he will pick it up and hide it somewhere else. He always remembers where he leaves it too. Eventually he will eat it but I find his hiding technique hilarious.

  11. When Samson (my dog) is told he’s getting a bath, he proudly walks down to the bathroom, only to bail out at the last second when he loses his courage and runs down the hallway, only to come back, and take off again, ha. Part of him hates the bath itself and the other half likes the feeling off being clean and rolling around to dry afterwards.

    Love Murphy!, he never fails to make me smile.

  12. That’s funny. Sienna is the same especially since I started giving her 5-10 minute mini- massages. After she gets her massage I put her on the floor and if I sit down on the bed again she will get back on the bed and run into my lap and positions herself so that I can massage her spine some more. Can you blame her? She used to want to sit on my lap when I was on the computer but not so much any more. She also goes crazy if she is looking out the window and sees a bird.

  13. I have two cats, one acts like a dog: he does tricks, follows commandes, try’s to to protect you when someone comes to the door. My other cat is just your run of the mill extra cut weird cat, who scratches her left ear all the time.

  14. My dog, Charlie, will randomly drop out of nowhere and roll all around the ground in the middle of a walk. It’s the best when he chooses to do it in a mulchy area because he doesn’t seem to care how dirty he gets.

  15. This was absolutely adorable, I love the weird quirks that dogs have! My brother’s golden retriever, Molly, loves to watch TV (she actually sits there and stares), she ripped holes in her bed so that she can bury her prized toys inside of it, and she does this whole body wiggle whenever I come over because she cannot contain her excitement – it comes out through the wiggle!

  16. Too cute! He’s adorable! My cocker spaniel loves to be anywhere I am – she follows me ALL over the place. My Yorkie on the other hand could care less. If she’s comfortable and I leave the room, she isn’t moving! :0)

  17. The lap sitting definitely just made me laugh! My king charles cav puppy does this lip curl-looks just like Elvis sometimes. He also has a crazy fetish for feet. Whenever I or my roommate is walking down the hall, he will just pounce and bite at them. I think he has to learn one day that that’s not so safe

  18. I have a cat that likes to site on laps but only when you are doing something else. I am sat at my laptop trying to type with Caspar (as in the 3 wise men – not the ghost) lying across my wrists.
    Laptops are only part of his repertoire – I think that newspapers (particularly when doing a crossword) are his specialty.

  19. My cat Barra is also ridiculous about sitting on laps. Saturday morning I was doing yoga at home, and while I was in bridge pose (hips up in the air), he climbed up onto my “lap”, made himself comfortable, and managed to stay there as I came down into cobbler’s pose and back up into bridge. Crazy kitty.

  20. Has anyone ever mentioned that Mal looks a bit like Macklemore? Just saw him in concert and noticed the similarity!

  21. Sashi (my 75 lb Rottie mix) has a short length of stiff blue rope that she will dangle over her face for hours, teasing herself with it, laying on her back, when no one wants t play with her and she’s bored. Its the cutest thing, and I guess its *her* jedi mind trick because it never fails to make me want to play with her! LOL

  22. I’m not sure if its because we have our cat, and Hawkeye is friends with the cat outside, but he will rub his face all over our bellies like a cat does.. and whenever he gets a treat of any kind, he HAS to sit on the small entry way rug to eat it. No matter where he gets it in the house, he runs to HIS mat to eat the treat.

  23. Too funny! My pug Rango actually barks at other dogs on TV! If he sees them he completely freaks out (like he’s going to do something about it).

    My boxer Jake is 90 pounds and insists on trying to be a lap dog. I call him the gentle giant because Rango bullies him around and Jake just lets him even though he could own him in 2 seconds flat!

  24. My dog is a peace keeper. If two people are having an argument or just loudly talking, she’ll bark and jump up around them. Inevitably, they’ll stop to console her and thus, and thus the disagreement will end.

  25. Our older lab mix Pete will not eat a treat while you are looking at him. He will hold it until you leave the room or look away (God forbid he move).

    We just adopted a lab mix puppy and Ruthie has all sorts of weird quirks, haha. The biggest one (for me) right now is how much she loves attacking the bows/buckles on my ballet flats while I walk. Makes for an interesting walk to the car!

  26. Early on my dog learned to say his doggie version of, “yes.”

    It’s sort of an exhale and head nod type of thing.

    Whenever I’m eating or making something in the kitchen he’ll wander in and start shouting, “YES! YES! YES! GIMME SOME!”

  27. I love this, Murphy is the cutest little pug! My dog has this weird habit of running in really tight little circles (not chasing his tail) when he gets really excited, even when you pick him up and put him on a bed or on the couch, as soon as his feet touch the surface he will keep spinning if he is excited! My parents nickname for him is Maytag after the washers and dryers, ha!

  28. Our older Boston Marley is camera shy.. he will not look at the camera, even my phone as soon as I point it towards him he looks away. If I want a pic of him I have to hold something he wants like a toy or a treat

    Our younger Boston Luka will stand right up on your chest and put his cheek against your face when he wants you to love him.. he’s a snuggle bug.. he also loves fur to skin.. I think it’s b/c when we brought him home at 8 wks we snuggled him in bed with us.. He still sleeps between my husband and I, Were Marley likes to sleep at the end of the bed.

    They both like to be under the covers.

  29. My pugs HATE birds too! Tv or in the garden they go crazy at birds and also have a really angry bark whenever they see one. Must be a weird pug thing

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