I Bet You Didn’t Know IX

Hi, guys!

I haven’t written a “I Bet You Didn’t Know” post since 2014. How is that possible?! It used to be a regular feature on CNC, but somehow I forgot about it. Well, since it’s been nearly 2 years since my last one, I thought it was time for another. If you’re unfamiliar with this blog series, I share random fun facts that you might not know otherwise. Ok, here we go: I Bet You Didn’t Know”¦

I switch my iPhone to airplane mode at night – I read an article that talked about how having your cell phone so close to your head for an extended period of time, night after night, might not be good for your brain. It bugged me out, so now I do it every night.


Speaking of sleep”¦

I sleep with ear plugs – I started using them as a way to dampen Mal and Murphy’s snoring, but now I use them just about every night. (I can still hear Quinn on the monitor.) Similar to the waterfall metaphor in 10% Happier, the earplugs help me visual myself underwater and that silence is so incredibly calming and relaxing, so it puts me right to sleep.

I eat snacks in odd numbers – 3 cookies, 5 crackers, 11 Peanut M&Ms… it feels weird if I don’t!

When counting reps at CrossFit/KFIT, I always could backwards – I like knowing how many reps I have left. Plus, the dwindling numbers are a lot more encouraging!


Instead of turning on the heat upstairs in our house, I use a space heater at my feet in my office – I like to think it saves energy?

I add nutritional yeast to my eggs – I just love the flavor and it adds some extra nutrients, so why not, right? You should try it!


I never update my iPhone or computer and then get annoyed when they don’t work properly – This drives Mal nuts. He’s the exact opposite when it comes to technology.

I haven’t bought diapers or wipes from a store since we discovered Boxed – They make it so easy: Order online (or from the app) and, boom, diapers and wipes are delivered to my front door. It doesn’t get easier than that!

I have a step-sister named Tina and a half sister named Gena – Growing up, spending weekends at my dad’s house was kind of comical.

I drink decaf iced coffee 90% of the time – I switched from the caffeinated stuff a few years ago and then never switched back. I love the flavor and even just the thought of an iced coffee perks me up and puts me in a good mood, so I don’t (usually) need the caffeine.


Never say never, but I think my marathon days are behind me for goodRunning the Boston Marathon last year was easily one of my best days of my life, and I don’t think another marathon experience could ever top it, so I might want it to be my last one.

One of my only regrets in life is not going to school for nutrition – I wish I knew more about what careers were available to me when I applied to college. I didn’t even know was a nutritionist or Registered Dietitian was back then! I looked into going back to school a few times in the past, but it didn’t work out. I still think about it though.

Questions of the Day

What’s one of your biggest regrets in life? 

What’s something you said you’d never do again, but then you did? 

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  1. I went back to school to be an RD and am so glad I did! I actually moved to Boston for a couple of years and attended Simmons College–great program, if you ever decide to do it!

  2. I went back to school to be an RD, but I did it right after my first bachelors in Social Work… So I was young. I finished my Masters as my College friends finished PHD’s and MD’s…
    Agreed I didn’t even know it was a career when I was picking one.
    LOVE my job, and glad I went back. Fun to see others think I have a cool job.

    1. @Emily: Cheese replacement is a common use of nutritional yeast. I use it in meatless burgers and add to vegan mayo. It took me a while to get used to the flavour, but now I add it to my food quite often. It’s rich in nutrients such as B group vitamins (especially B12), amino acids and minerals (iron and chromium between others). Give it a try!

  3. Biggest regret: never spending the winter in Colorado like a ski bum. But never say never!
    Another regret accepting my late college acceptance to UMass, but then again I got into eniugh mischief where I landed!
    I said I would never relocate again for work – then after 12 years I did.
    I never said I would never ditch a job for a job, then after 12 years I did that too!
    I’m a firm believer you can make a change, and you can go to school for nutrition if you so desire. In your case sounds like a great idea you already inspire

  4. My husband and I are the EXACT same with our phones, I never update mine and it bugs him so badly! Currently, I have 18 apps that needed updating, whoops 🙂

  5. have you tried the perfect bar? gluten free. and apparently really good!!!
    they had a demo at costco today.

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