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Good morning! Happy, happy, happy MONDAY to you!

I haven’t written a “I Bet You Didn’t Know” post in quite awhile, so I figured it was time for another. If you’re unfamiliar with this blog post series, it’s basically just a bunch of random fun facts that you might not know otherwise. It always ends up being an interesting post, so here we go!

Since last Christmas, we’ve read Qman “The Night Before Christmas” nearly every night before bed. Last winter, my mom gave Quinn this book (it was once mine), and he instantly fell in love with it. He likes hiding little toys behind the different pop-up scenes, so we do it every night as part of his bedtime book routine.

then night before christmas pop-up book

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Cake is my #1 favorite food, but 95% of the time, I only eat a few bites from the slice. But, 100% of the time, I eat ALL of the frosting. And sometimes I eat other people’s frosting too. Like, for instance, Mal’s frosting because he likes the cake and not the frosting as much, so I usually end up eating double frosting to make up for it. 🙂


I’m back at KFIT! They recently starting offering a 3:30 PM class and it works perfectly with my schedule, so I’ll likely be there once a week now.

kfit bootcamp

I celebrated Mother’s Day four months late. My mom, sister, and I planned to get together for manicures and pedicures, but it took us nearly 4 months to find a day that worked for all of us. We finally went on Saturday, and it was nice catching up and being pampered. FYI: My nail color is “Over the Taupe” from OPI.

OPI_Over The Taupe

I’m addicted to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bars. That is all.

chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar_thumb[1]

When I feel like a good blogger, I feel like a bad mom. When I feel like a good mom, I feel like a bad blogger. After 2+ years, I’m still striving for the right balance.

I’m excited for fall because now I can wear my Hunter Boots all the time! Yesssssss! And, related, I’m totally obsessed with these two-tone Hunters. Somehow I need to justify owning two pairs. Love, love, love!


CVS Health makes lollipops for allergy relief. Isn’t this a fun idea for kids (and adults)? They’re grape-flavored lollipops that help with allergy symptoms, including itchy throats, sneezing, runny noses, etc.


Murphy sleeps in a bean bag chair because he gets too “excited” about dog beds. We found this affordable and washable one on Amazon, and he totally loves it. (Doesn’t he look regal in the photo below?)


Qman is super into cooking tongs lately. He uses them for everything: Picking up toys, bringing me random items from around the house, and even eating food from his plate, which I realize isn’t encouraging proper table etiquette, but, hey, at least he’s eating, right? (Related: Qman has been doing SO MUCH better lately– sitting at the table, trying new foods… he even asks to “eat” nowadays, which is a total 180 from what we were dealing with before. He’s really come a long way.) Anyway, Quinn napped with the tongs yesterday afternoon, which was adorable/weird. Truthfully, I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but he agreed to go right to sleep if he brought them to bed and he kept his word. He immediately laid down and went to sleep. Well, ok then. Tongs for the win!


Question of the Day

Parents: What’s the strangest thing your child has ever slept with? 

What is your favorite piece of fall attire? 

Any other Quest Bar fans out there? What’s your #1 flavor? 



  1. Mitch slept with his fire truck but that’s not too odd. The tongs is hilarious! I love quest bars but go back-and-forth on my favorite flavor. Cookie dough is always a top contender. My favorite piece a file attire is a tie between tall riding boots and puffy vests.

  2. When will Q move into a toddler bed? We moved our June 2014 little guy in July and it worked out so well. We were nervous at first.

  3. The frosting is my favorite part too!

    My son went through a phase where he was obsessed with the vacuum cleaner attachment., you know the longer cylinder piece that connect. He wanted to take it to bed every night.

  4. one of the things I get most excited about for fall is darker nail polish colors – I love yours!!

    that photo of the baby monitor, with Quinn and the tongs is HILARIOUS- the little guy knows what he likes!

  5. Have you ever heated up a Quest bar in the microwave for a 5-10 seconds? That flavor would be super yummy – like a fresh, not quite baked all the way cookie!

  6. My 3yo son is OBSESSED with balloons so we literally have over 20 different mylar balloons in the house right now (thank you dollar store lol). 80% of the time he just has to have balloons go to bed with him, not by the bed but actually tucked in the blankets towards the bottom. It’s so odd but it makes him so happy 🙂 I stay will him until he falls asleep and then pull them out and put them back for the next day.

  7. I used to be obsessed with quest bars until Costco came out with their version and now I haven’t looked back. Some people think the chocolate chip cooking dough is too sweet but I think it’s DELICIOUS. I think if you are an icing person (versus cake) you will definitely understand!

  8. Ugh, I’ll never understand those people who don’t love the cake icing!! I LOVE the icing and rarely finish the cake (I don’t enjoy it enough to waste the calories on it).

    Also, Quinn + cooking tongs = cutest thing I’ve ever heard here on CNC! I literally laughed out loud while my heart exploded at the same time! 🙂 He’s one of a kind.

  9. My fav quest flavor is the apple pie. Although, you should try the FitElite cookie dough bar from Robert Irvine if you like the chocolate chip cookie dough mmm 🙂 Also, I recently stumbled upon the Combat Crunch bars from Muscle Pharm, and the texture (in my opinion) is much superior to Quest bars and reminds me of a candy bar. <3

  10. For the Hunter boots did you find that you wear a smaller size than what you typically wear? I want to order a pair but reviews show that people usually order a size down, wasn’t sure what to do, especially since I’ll probably wear them with thick socks during the winter. thanks!

    1. I’m usually a 7 and ordered a 7, and they fit fine. The Hunter socks are pretty bulky, so if you’re in between sizes, I’d definitely order up!

  11. This post cracked me up! I could relate to so much! I definitely love frosting more than cake and the Cookie Dough Quest Bar is by far my fav, but I’m really curious to try the Blueberry Muffin that just came out. As for my daughter (who is a day younger than Quinn), since last xmas I have sang “Silent Night” to her every night before bed and currently she has to have a toy hammer in her crib lol. My favorite fall accessories are definitely boots and leggings. Bring on the cool weather! I’m ready! 🙂

  12. My 22 month old has gone to sleep with his kid sized djembe (African drum). I love wearing boots in the fall and I have never had a Quest bar, but I love peanut butter chocolate chip LaraBars

  13. My son slept with a water bottle for some time. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. He would carry the thing with him everywhere he went even though it was empty. Kids are just funny people.

  14. Tongs in bed There must be some magical quality to tongs, because I can sometimes get my son to eat foods he wouldn’t otherwise eat if I let him use tongs.

  15. This line:
    “When I feel like a good blogger, I feel like a bad mom. When I feel like a good mom, I feel like a bad blogger.”

    Ever since I had a kid I’ve felt like a bad blogger, bad employee, bad supervisor, bad spouse and bad mom. I can’t find a balance yet either. 🙁

  16. So far I love the brownie flavor quest. I LOVE everything about this post!!!! I love hoodies, boots, and fall colored nail polish!! My son sleeps with a bear but so far that is it. He is younger than Qman so when he does choose what to sleep with I will definitely write it down!!!! I’m with you on the train to balance work and mothering!

  17. My husband and I swap cake and icing as well! Match made!

    Murphy looks dapper!

    I have a Quest Bar problem too! I love to eat half with my coffee most every morning……why do they have to be so expensive!
    I recently started making homemade ones using VitaFiber. I haven’t ‘nailed it’ on the recipe though……

  18. With you on the frosting! I end up eating all my husbands off his plate! And my 2.5yr old daughter slept with a can of sardines at about 20 months old. Lol She became obsessed with them after finding them in the pantry and would take them everywhere! Thankfully novelty wore off after a few days! ….I was addicted to Quest cookies n Cream bars for about a year…now I’m on to the cookie dough flavor! Been having one every morning for my breakfast! 🙂

  19. One night on the baby monitor we noticed that our toddler was sleeping with his sunglasses on. So funny!

    And the Quest banana nut bread bar is pretty fantastic 🙂

  20. I used to be hooked on Quest Bars. Looking back I really do think there was something addictive about them. I went to bed at night thinking about having one with my coffee in the morning. I have since switched to RxBars and will never go back. They are satisfying without that “I need to have one” feeling. Pumpkin Spice and Maple Sea Salt are my favorites:)

  21. I’m with Mal, more cake less icing. I have to ask, how is the aftertaste with those allergy lollipops? We used to have these lozenges that were grape but left this awful chemical taste in your throat.

  22. Couldn’t resist replying to this one. The strangest thing my son slept with was a fan! It was a small portable fan (not much bigger than a half gallon of milk) and for a couple weeks he was obsessed with it. It was never plugged in of course, but he would carry it around the house, wave goodbye to it in the morning before daycare and once slept with the fan in his crib. Kids can be SO FUNNY!!

  23. EVERY single year since I can remember, we’ve read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve! Yes, I still force my dad to read it to everyone and make everyone come sit and listen. Now that my brother has a baby girl, the tradition will continue!

  24. Bha ha about your frosting comment! That’s totally me! I tell my husband we make a great team because he likes cake and isn’t too fond of frosting, so I eat the frosting, he eats the cake….and sometimes I eat double the frosting. Frosting is the BEST part-not the cake 🙂

  25. frosting forever! honestly its my favorite food. i actually think i could eat an entire cake’s worth in a sitting.

    the tongs thing had me dying! he is the cutest kid ever 🙂

  26. My 2 yr old fell asleep with a granola bar in her hand! She was begging for a snack so I let her have it, and she fell asleep without taking a bite! LOL

    My favorite Fall attire is EVERYTHING Fall – sweaters, boots, flannels, scarves. I live in Florida, so that’s actually my winter attire down here 😉

    I’m excited to read your newsletter! And I really relate to what you said about feeling like *either* a good mom or a good blogger, not both at once. It’s hard doing both. I feel like “balance” is a myth!

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