I <3 Potatoes

Hi, friends!  :mrgreen:

It’s a beautiful fall day here in Massachusetts!


Best season ever.


I woke up craving peanut butter this morning, so I whipped up a Sweet Breakfast Scramble with canned pumpkin and added a massive scoop of Teddie peanut butter to it… and then went back for an equally huge second scoop.

IMG_4539 (750x563)

I also drank””not one””but two glasses of coconut-flavored Dandy Blend with breakfast.

IMG_4541 (750x563)

After making pumpkin spice Dandy Blend the other day, I gave coconut a try this morning and it turned out awesome. I just added a few teaspoons of coconut extract to my Dandy Blend when I mixed it up. Mmm! So, so, so good!



A few hour later, it was lunchtime. On the menu was leftovers from last night’s dinner””steak, roasted broccoli, onions, and red potatoes””but with some avocado in the mix for some healthy fat. Let’s hope this combo does the trick!

IMG_4543 (750x563)

Speaking of potatoes, I was recently asked by the National Potato Board to be one of their judges for the Ultimate Potato Recipe Contest with Better Homes & Gardens. Eat delicious potato recipes and pick my favorite? Sign me up!!! Next month, I’ll visit Better Homes & Gardens in Des Moines to help judge the entries, so you guys will hear all about it on CNC!


The Ultimate Potato Recipe Contest runs until the end of October, so if you’d like to submit a potato recipe, there’s still time. The deadline to enter is October 31, 2012. You can win $500 and have your recipe featured in an upcoming issue of Better Homes & Gardens.

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite way to eat potatoes? Feel free to share a recipe link!


  1. I eat bowls like that all of the time, some veggies with meat and avocado on top. So good!
    I love sweet potatoes the most, but roasted red potatoes are a close second! They’re not as starchy as russet potatoes.

  2. Ok, so you have me hooked on two things now!! Sweet Breakfast Scramble and Dandy Blend!! Complete yum!! The Dandy Blend I have while I am at work in the afternoon, I can’t give up my coffee!! 🙂

  3. How cool! I don’t eat too many potatoes anymore, mainly because I hate cooking them, but if I do it’s a sweet potato with coconut oil or garlic mashed.

  4. That’s so cool that you get to be a judge! I don’t necessarily love potatoes as a whole, but I do love sweet potatoes. I always say, if there’s a sweet potato in the house, you have yourself a meal! I can always whip up something tasty with just one sweet potato. My favorite is sweet potato fries, of course, but this yogurt-stuffed sweet potato recipe turned out very good, too!

  5. i didn’t know you had teddie on your open sky! thanks to you (kidding sort of) i’m now addicted to this pb and my wegman’s stopped carrying it. after a frantic and unsuccessful search of every store around here, i finally ordered a lot of it direct from teddie. this confirms that i officially have issues!

  6. How do you prepare your Dandy blend? I always just add how water and mix in a cup but I see you use a French press, do you think it brews better this way?

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