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Hello, hello! How’s your Monday going so far?

I just got back from running a bunch of errands. I’m doing a big photo shoot for the recipes that I developed for the Almond Board of California on Wednesday, so I went out to buy some last-minute props and supplies. Tomorrow, I’m shopping for groceries and then cooking a few of the recipes ahead of time. Basically, Wednesday is going to be nuts (pun intended)! I’ve put some much work into these recipes and photo shoot, I just want everything to go well, ya know? I always put so much pressure on myself for these types of things, but I feel like I am really organized with this project (I’ve made so many lists and timelines), so I hope everything goes well!

IMG_0281 (600x450)

FYI: My photos and recipes will be on CNC in the coming weeks. They’re slimmed-down, comfort foods using almonds and various almond ingredients. I can’t wait to share them with you guys!!

Ok, let’s get to some of my eats for the day!


Decaf almond milk latte


Sorry-looking, but delicious two-ingredient pancake with almond butter, chia seeds, and a glass of OJ

IMG_0261 (600x450)


Dried white nectarines

IMG_0270 (450x600)


Annie’s mac & cheese with steamed spinach and roasted Brussels sprouts

IMG_0286 (600x450)

Piña colada coconut milk yogurt with a side of pug creeper

photo (5) (450x600)

I saw this little tidbit in Health (January/February 2014) the other day and thought it was really interesting:

IMG_0269 (600x450)

Exercise with up-and-down motions makes you less hungry? Say what?!

I read this little article early last week, so I took note of how I felt after my CrossFit workouts (jumping verses not jumping). Overall, I can’t really say that I noticed a big difference in my hunger, but there was one particular box jump workout where I didn’t get hungry for awhile afterward. Perhaps related?

Questions of the Day

How do you deal with big projects?

Are you someone who puts a lot of pressure on yourself?

Have you ever noticed that up-and-down workouts make you less hungry?

P.S. If you are free tomorrow afternoon, please join me for a Google Hangout about how to keep weight off for good! Some of my favorite blogger friends will be joining me too!


  1. In September my siblings and I put on a big birthday bash (approximately 80 people) for my parents and I was the “project manager.” I have six siblings so tried to make sure everyone had something they were in charge of. I had an excel spreadsheet with ALOT of tabs to keep track of every little detail. It was nuts but it worked! Party a big success. Not sure I would volunteer to do that again any time soon though LOL

    Good luck with your photo shoot! You will be awesome as usual 🙂

  2. I did a boot camp class this morning (at 5:45, ughhh) which involved jumping rope for 90 seconds in between each block of work. Although I was starving afterwards, I have noticed my hunger levels have been pretty low throughout the day. Wonder if the two really are related? Interesting!

  3. Good luck on the photo shoot. I am sure it will rock! 🙂
    Mmmm….I love almond milk lattes. I find that WF brand vanilla unsweetened produces the best froth!

  4. I *wish* I was good with making lists/timelines for big projects! I’m more of a procratinate then fly by the seat of your pants/work better under pressure type of gal. 🙂

    With that being said – I’m sure your project will work out wonderfully!

  5. I look forward to those almond recipes! I don’t know about up and down movements but anytime I do a super intense or super long workouts I don’t feel very hungry for awhile afterwards.

  6. I put way too much pressure on myself – so much so that I psych myself out! Are you taking the photos yourself? Do you have a daylight lamp/light? We’re having nothing but dark dull mornings at the moment, pain in the bum for food photography! Looking forward to the recipes -just bake almond flour cookies this afternoon!

  7. Just like you I put a lot of pressure on myself! I like everything to be perfect and organized. Leading up to the project I am making timelines and to-do list like crazy! When you run you go up and down and I always feel less hungry after a long run but if I am doing a weight workout I am starving after! That is really interesting!

  8. I LOVE almond butter – especially on pumpkin pancakes – I am addicted to your pumpkin pancake recipe. Can’t wait to try your almond recipes.

    Preparation is key for any big project. Breaking things down in small steps or actions helps…. thus I do not feel overwhelmed.

  9. I just got a few new pretty notebooks for making lists! I am currently making lots of lists for Annabelle’s first birthday party.

    Don’t stress, everything will be wonderful as usual! I can’t wait to see your recipes. 🙂

    I find that I am hungry after a workout, no matter what type!

  10. I actually think that jumping workouts make me *more* hungry – not immediately after, as with any workout for me, but they’re tougher and I think because I burn more calories/use more energy, I’m hungry for more after!

  11. If I plan ahead and don’t procrastinate, I feel much better about big projects! I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself 🙂 I think finishing my thesis taught me how to plan ahead for large projects!

  12. I am notorious for putting a lot of pressure on myself, but I have found that with big projects I just have to sit down and get it organized and then I can accomplish it. I am big on organization and when things aren’t organized I feel out of whack and that is when I tend to get overwhelmed.

  13. Can’t wait to see the recipes! I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself and after the project or task is completed, I always say I’m not going to do that again, but I continue to do it, ugh!

    That’s interesting about the jumping workouts making one feel more hungry. I haven’t noticed that before. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I can do box jumps and double unders again!

  14. what i find funny is running makes me not want to eat for hours. any other exercise-weight lifting, hiit, videos, or especially walking- makes me starving after. so weird…

  15. I do notice with CrossFit that when WODs are chippers or FGB-style workouts, I’m generally not that hungry even though I go after work and before dinner, but after heavy strength WODs (back squats, deadlifts, cleans), I am FAMISHED and can’t get food into me fast enough! Love it.

  16. I’m terrible and always put pressure on myself over the smallest things!

    I can’t say if jumping up and down (box jumps) make me less hungry. I haven’t noticed at least.

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