Hump Day Eats

Spring has sprung on the South Shore! Well, sort of. It still doesn’t 100% feel like spring, but we’re getting there!

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Breakfast yesterday morning was simple, delicious, and nutritious: plain yogurt with sliced banana and Fiber One Protein Maple Brown Sugar sprinkled on top, which I received as a free sample. It’s definitely tasty, but it has a lot of sugar in it, so I am treating it more like store-bought granola than cereal. I also drank a glass of freshly pressed green juice with breakfast. In the mix: baby spinach, celery, apple, cucumber, and mint.

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Murphy was feeling restless after breakfast, so I set him up with his treat ball to keep him entertained while I did some work in my office.

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Off he went… like a total freak. It’s so funny how pumped he gets about this treat ball. I really need to take a video next time. It’s ridiculous. 

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The treat ball kept Murphy occupied for awhile, but, eventually, I heard whining coming from the living room since the evil heat grate was holding his toy hostage. I saved the day by freeing the treat ball from danger and, once again, the pug was on his way, chasing it around the house (like a total freak).

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Around noon, I took a break from working to reheat some Broc-Cauli Chowder with Bacon for lunch (recipe is from Practical Paleo). I absolutely love this recipe, and it is so easy to make. I made it with half fresh cauliflower and half frozen broccoli, but you could totally make it with all frozen veggies (even other kinds of veggies!) in seriously a matter of minutes. It is such a great recipe!

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I was still hungry after I finished eating my soup, so the second part of lunch was the rest of my Earth Bowl from Sweetgreen. Mmm! I love this salad so much!

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While I was finishing up my lunch, I heard the mail arrive. Murphy heard it too and ran out onto the front porch while barking at the mailman. He’s such a bully sometimes. The poor mailman is such a nice guy and even gives Murphy Milk Bones on occasion. You think he’d be a little nicer to the guy that gives him treats. Anyway, yesterday’s mail delivery included a special package for Baby Haupert!

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Kelly sent him some adorable clothing and a homemade hat!

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Seriously, this hat”¦ it’s the cutest thing ever. Mal loved that the colors will match all of Baby Haupert’s Oregon gear. Of course, that’s the first thing he thought of!

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Mid-afternoon, I snacked on a No-Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Bar along with an iced decaf almond milk latte.

IMG_8230 (900x675)

I actually ended up eating two bars and then decided that I should eat some “real” food instead of going back for a third or fourth bar. I find that when I eat a lot of sugar, I just want more and more of it. Kind of like Pringles””once I start, I can’t stop””so I typically shut down the thinking that I want another treat after I’ve had one. If I mentally prepare myself to have, say, one brownie and then cut myself off, I’m usually good to go. If I have two or more brownies, it’s all over. I’ll keep going back for more. Long story short, I grabbed an apple and snacked on that instead.

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A couple of hours later, I made dinner, which was pasta with a meat-sweet potato-spinach sauce and topped with shredded Parmesan. It turned out so well, and the recipe will be on CNC next week!

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I was super lazy for the rest of the evening and watched True Detective with Mal (and Murphy) on the couch. My stomach started to grumble right before bed, so I mixed together some yogurt, applesauce, and Fiber One Protein Maple Brown Sugar to snack on. Delish!

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Question of the Day

What did your meals and snacks look like yesterday? Please share! 


  1. I’ve been at the hospital this past week while my Mom recovers from open heart surgery. For breakfast I used hot water at the hospital to make instant oatmeal and mix with berries I brought from home. Also, I picked up a bowl of low-fat chicken noodle soup for lunch. At the market earlier this week, I picked up 1 piece of baked salmon and tossed it in a salad to bring to the hospital for dinner.

  2. I am def intrigued by that cauli-broc soup. I will have to check it out!

    Yesterday I ate some delicious chicken & asparagus at a dinner where a prof chef who goes to our church put on a dinner for us. It was so delicious! If only I had a chef in my home all the time”¦.. 😉

  3. Looks like a delicious day of eating! My pups love those little treat games too, its too funny to watch. Ours usually gets stuck under a table though and you always have to come to the rescue. Sometimes I get less work done because I am constantly saving it! Yesterdays’ eats were something like this :egg white veggie omelet with toast and pumpkin butter, snack: Quest bar, lunch:Chicken with couscous, butternut squash, and broccoli, dinner: Pork tenderloin with black rice and asparagus, snack: 1/2 scoop red velvet ice cream with greek yogurt and a homemade banana oatmeal cookie!

  4. I don’t really remember what I ate yesterday other than Chipotle, but I wanted to say that the photo of the Johnny Jump Ups made me smile 🙂

    Happy Spring!

  5. Looks like a nice balanced day of eating. I started my day super early before teaching a group fitness class with some plain greek yogurt. After class I had a protein shake, overnight oats with a banana and a mug of tea. From there it was a green smoothie, and apple, mixed nuts, a glass of almond milk, another mug of tea, coconut water, and pasta with turkey meatballs and kale for dinner. The only thing missing was a sweet, like those vanilla no bake bars. I’ve been meaning to do a WIAW post on my blog, but never seem to take pictures of every meal. I’ll get to it one day for sure!

  6. Oooo that dinner looks so good! I’m the same way with sugar, once I get some then I go crazy! I also try to think – okay, are you really hungry? Then eat some REAL food and not just dessert for a meal! Haha

  7. Yay for spring! What a cute lil beanie – I love it!

    Lots of my eats yesterday consisted of quick and on-the-go options. Breakfast was cereal with berries and milk, lunch was a chicken and cranberry salad from the airport, and dinner was a mediterranean pizza at a restaurant called Mellow Mushroom. It was all super delicious, but I’m looking forward to a day of NOT eating out!

  8. That chowder looks awesome! And my pug does very similar things as Murphy–especially when it comes to treats and toys! I’ve been pretty sick for the last week so I’ve been trying to find the most appetizing things to eat. I had my usual toast for breakfast (with coffee and coconut milk), a homemade sweet chili stir fry for lunch (with TJs Sweet Thai Chili sauce and cilantro, broccoli, carrots, tofu, etc.), and after Pure Barre I had a chocolate protein shake with coconut milk, Sun Warrior chocolate, and half a banana. For dinner I had a spelt english muffin topped with New Zealand sharp cheddar and avocado with a sprinkle of salt. That’s my new favorite combo 🙂 Have a great one!

  9. My meals and snacks are always so much of the same during the week. I had eggs with spinach, black beans and hot sauce, then an apple with pb, then a spinach salad with chicken, afternoon snack was cottage cheese and cucumber, then for dinner I made Shakeology since I was headed to a meeting. Boring but does the trick for me!

  10. i made myself some pancakes before work. the unhealthy non-protein kind ;).
    Then, at work I went wild with a large bag of m&ms. Finally at lunch I went to a hot/cold salad buffet across the street from my office and got some roasted brussels sprouts, roasted turkey, and 2 veggie dumplings and some leafy greans on top.
    Dinner was peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat and a KIND bar (sea salt and dark chocolate) which was awesome. So basically not such a stellar day. lol!

  11. I still need to try that applesauce/yogurt combo! Can’t believe I haven’t yet–I’m a yogurt parfait kind of gal!
    Oh, can’t wait for the sauce recipe. Sounds delicious!
    Yesterday’s eats were pretty similar to any other day. Taco salad for dinner with the husband’s guacomole. Love his guac! So simple (I like being able to taste the avocado and not masking it much), but so good!

  12. My dog is the same way with the mailman. What a total nut. He will literally run the border of the invisible fence barking at the truck as it drives past.

    My dog is also totally afraid of our heat vents. That and the vacuum.

  13. I love mixing greek yogurt with pb and granola! So delicious! Some other snacks I like are pb microwave cookies, quest bar creations, fruit with pb (anything with pb basically!) protein smoothies 🙂

  14. Great day of eats! I a bunch an egg omelet for breakfast with an apple on the side an awesome salad for lunch and then some tuna and a bunch of veggies for dinner and topped off the night with some Greek yogurt and peanut butter! 🙂

  15. My day started with a veggie scramble that was delicious. For lunch, a turkey and veggie panini with spicy mustard and dinner was pasta for us, too!

  16. I am definitely making those cake batter bars in the near future! My food choices yesterday were so off, a lot of cold, creamy things: yogurt for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, a DQ blizzard, and then yogurt for dinner 😛 of course I added things like PB, cereal, and veggies, but it was a weird day all together!

  17. I’m still dealing with some morning sickness so my meals have been odd at times but yesterday and today I’ve felt like I’m starting to over come it, *knock on wood*

    Breakfast: Quaker Oats brown sugar squares cereal with banana/raspberries and almond milk. yum!!

    Snack: a handful of pretzels and some pineapple

    Lunch: half tuna salad on light wheat bread with some chips

    snack: trail mix

    Dinner: My dad cooked dinner so the food was abundant! I had baked haddock with coleslaw, french fries, onion rings, a roll and three chicken wings. haha My dad tries to have some variety for me, apparently everything was calling my name.

  18. In the afternoon I had one of my favorite snack combinations of all time….an apple, a coffee, and a cookie! I work right near Faneuil Hall, so I went down to Quincy Market (since it’s finallly nice in Boston!) and got a Heath bar cookie. Delish!

  19. those no bake vanilla cake batter bars look so good! i’m going to have to try nikki’s coconut butter soon.. it sounds amazing!

    best thing i ate yesterday was pizza from a local place with mushrooms and bacon (best pizza toppings ever)!

  20. I always make sausage and eggs for breakfast. I had a bacon cheeseburger (minus the bun) and coleslaw for lunch. Dinner was homemade marinara with meatballs over spaghetti squash. It was wickedly delicious. My snack was Paleo almond butter chocolate chip cookies. I think I had two, but may have lost count!

  21. I can’t wait for your sweet-potato meat sauce recipe, sounds so delicious!!
    Meals for me yesterday…Since I’m pregnant, the only thing I’ve wanted for breakfast this past week are egg sandwiches on pumpernickel bread with a little sriracha sauce, so that’s what I had. The rest of the day was leftover pork curry over salad with a homemade lara bar for lunch, a chai green tea latte in the afternoon, paleo salmon cakes, roasted butternut squash, and asparagus for din, and PB & banana to end the day… plus a few thin mint cookies 😉

  22. It was spring in NW Ohio on Monday. Now back to winter – 34* and rainy – luckily not snowy!

    I bought Nikki’s coconut butter just to make these bars! I’m excited to try the new pistachio flavor!!!

    Had to work early and wasn’t feeling great in the AM – Breakfast – Activia yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, nuts and seed

    Snack – Belvita blueberry biscuits (was supposed to be with breakfast), banana, and a Dreaming Cow Cream Top Yogurt (great grass fed cows that are allowed to free roam…texture is different than the Greek I’ve become accustomed too, but still good).

    Lunch – chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce on 1/2 bioche bun

    Snack – carrots, snap peas, cauliflower, and broccoli with hummus

    Dinner – chili with a mustard greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette with nuts and seeds, slow-pressed juice of apple, carrots, 1/2 beet, and some pineapple

    Snack – coffee flavored yogurt with dark chocolate chips and peanuts. yum! I LOVE having yogurt for dessert.

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