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Here’s how to shovel snow:

Ask someone else to do it! 😉

My husband just spent the last three hours shoveling snow””from the driveway, front walkway, and back porch. He also cleaned off both of our cars. Here’s seriously my hero.

Shoveling snow in the freezing cold is pretty much my worst nightmare, so I am very thankful for Mal right now. I owe him big time!

Mal doesn’t usually let me ”˜get away’ with slacking on household chores (I don’t let him either!), but I’m glad that he let this one slide. I guess I’m cooking dinner tonight!


This morning’s breakfast was egg-cellent!

_MG_6370 (640x426)

I had an egg sandwich with melted cheddar and bacon on Rustic Organic Wheat from Whole Foods. (FYI: The Rustic Organic Wheat is delicious and inexpensive!)

_MG_6372 (640x426)

On the side, I had some sautéed mushrooms.

_MG_6377 (640x426)

And iced coffee with soy milk.

_MG_6379 (426x640)

It was an all around satisfying meal.


I thought this morning’s breakfast would hold me over until lunch, no problem, but around 10:30, I started to crave something sweet. I drank a lot of water this morning, but my usual mid-morning craving kicked in anyway. I satisfied it with some candied pecans. I figured sweet + protein + fat was the best way to go.

_MG_6362 (640x426)


I spent the rest of the morning dealing with some blog issues, so I didn’t think about food again until my stomach started to growl a few hours later.

Last night’s Beef Bourguignon was calling my name!

_MG_6401 (640x426)

Lunch also included a piece of toast with Garlic Gold nuggets and butter.

_MG_6403 (640x426)

_MG_6412 (640x426)

After lunch, I indulged my sweet tooth with peanut M&M’s and a piece of chocolate-covered toffee. Mmm!

_MG_6418 (640x426)

I’m not going to lie, I am seriously craving more sugar now, but I’m not going to let myself give in. Right now, it’s all about mind over matter for me!

As you know, I’m not eliminating sugar from my diet all together, I’m just trying to make it a smaller part of it. Hopefully, my body will learn to ”˜like’ these smaller indulgences!



  1. Glad you got the shoveling out of the way but there’s always more to do when the next flakes hit…darn!

    Blog issues. I am switching to self hosted WP and just am dealing with servers, dedicated,questions, concerns, etc so hopefully your blog issues are resolved b/c all the tech stuff behind blogging can make one wanna pull their hair out 🙂

    And your sugar cravings? Well, it happens to the best of us!

  2. Oh man! I live in Florida and I want to move to a state with seasons and snow! I have always loved the cold and snow. But after seeing this I will make sure I have a good man, like Mal, to do the shoveling! Yikes! Also, I had to Google the way to tie a scarf!!! I had no clue how to make it stay put and cute at the same time.

  3. It gets much easier as time goes on…the cravings go awAy or are at least less strong. My hubby’s shovels for me too–looks like we both got lucky!! 🙂

  4. Yeah for superhero husbands! It’s great isn’t it?
    I gave up sugar a few years ago. I was eating bags of candy like there was no tomorrow, and just decided one day to stop. I have little to no cravings for sweets. I can look at entire plate of cookies and not want any. I love to bake and usually put fruit in my baked goods to sweeten them. If I am baking for family or friends then I will use sugar.
    I think you have done well staying in control:) Enjoy your evening!

  5. Shoveling snow is the ban of my existence! Really, I would rather scrub the world’s dirtiest toilet with my bare hands and a toothbrush.
    So happy I have a wonderful hubby to take this chore as well. 🙂

  6. thankfully, i’ve never had to shovel snow. growing up in portland, or, there was really never any snow to shovel. although i’m in cleveland now, i live in an apartment, so i never have to shovel any snow myself. props to mal!

  7. My dad just got a snowblower for Christmas and it has been one of his all time favorite gifts. It saves so much time and strain. But what a good hubby to do it for you 😉

  8. Wow – I moved to TX recently after living in the north / midwest my whole life… I miss how pretty the snow looks but I definitely don’t miss shoveling or being snowed in!! So nice of your husband to do that 🙂

    I don’t know how you have just a small handful of m&ms, and don’t go back for more. I find I have to stay away from sweets all together because I’m not capable of stopping at a decent serving size. How do you overcome the mental battle, or keep yourself from mindlessly grabbing more??

  9. I’m glad to see you’re back up and running again! Website didn’t work this morning (or your RSS feed). Great snow photos. I don’t mind shoveling. we just need SNOW!

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