How to Get Your 4 Year Old to Stay in Bed Until 7:00 AM

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Hi, guys!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours was jam-packed on Saturday, but fairly low-key on Sunday, which was much-needed. I’ve been battling a nasty head cold (and I honestly didn’t think a single human could sneeze so much in 24 hours), so I’m glad that we just hung around the house yesterday – for the most part. You might have seen a video on Instagram Stories about our Trader Joe’s grocery haul. But, other than that, we didn’t do all that much. Anyway, I wanted to share a quick recap from our weekend, so here we go!

We were up and at ’em on Saturday morning. Quinn really loves waking up before the sunrise! I mean, I really do love his ” go get ’em” attitude, but Mumma would love to sleep later than 5:30 AM at least every once in awhile! Ha!

Once Mal was awake and we were ready for the day, we headed to the YMCA for a workout and playtime for Quinn in the kids’ room. After that, we went straight to soccer and then CAVA for lunch. The Hauperts are seriously lovvvvving CAVA lately!

And Quinn at a few bites of falafel at CAVA! We told him in was a “hummus ball” since he loves hummus so much, and he didn’t even hesitate. Woohoo! New food!

After lunch, we headed to a birthday party at Juniko, which was quite the cool place. I’ve driven by a zillion times (it’s right on route 53), but never stopped in. They teach all sorts of fitness classes, including martial arts, aerial yoga, and more. I heard their Little Warriors class is great for kids! Anyway, the birthday party was A LOT of fun, and Quinn had THE BEST time!

After quite a busy start to our day, we headed home for some downtime. We attempted nap time with Quinn, but it was a no-go. He ran around at soccer and Juniko, so I’m surprised he didn’t sleep at least for a little bit. I know I was ready for a nap! But we were out the door about an hour later for a playdate and dinner at our friends’ house.

We had a great time at our friends’ house (so many laughs!!), but after a few glasses of wine and a snuffy nose that just wouldn’t let up, all I wanted to do was sleep. But knowing Quinn’s track record with waking up early, I knew I wasn’t going to get all that much.

Thankfully, my girlfriend came to the rescue with the best idea ever. She told Quinn if he stayed in bed until his clock lit up, he would get a prize. She even hooked me up with plastic bug (pictured below) to give him in the morning! We tried a reward system with Quinn’s clock back when we first got it for him, but he always told us it was “broken.” The prize, especially coming from someone else, was exactly what we (I) needed to sleep in until 7:00 AM. It was truly glorious! And, of course, Quinn was psyched for his prize! 🙂

After that, we enjoyed a slow morning – complete with eating pancakes and reading magazines in bed!

It was actually Quinn’s idea and ended up being so fun, we want to make it a regular Sunday morning activity! 🙂

Question of the Day

How (the heck) do you get your kids to stay in bed until a reasonable hour of the morning?



  1. I have very little advice about getting kids to stay in bed in the morning—mine usually sleep in and I’m getting them up in time to do school (we are home schoolers). Obviously everybody has different sleep cycles. Some of my kids fall asleep readily, some have inherited my tendency to insomnia. But my seven year old goes to bed around 9:30, sometimes later, and sleeps in general until 8 or later. Maybe giving Quinn a slightly later bedtime, not huge, just adjust it ten minutes each night maybe, would help? Also when my oldest was about 4, we were expecting #2 and I went full-out on teaching him how to get his own cereal, pour his own milk, and entertain himself a bit in the morning so Mom could sleep in a little and get her rest.

    Once Quinn is going to full time school that starts at 8, though, you may be glad he’s an early riser! Nothing’s worse than rousting a sleepy kid out of bed who really needs/wants to keep sleeping!

  2. When our first daughter was a baby we made it a habit to set her internal clock by never getting her out of bed before 7am. Even if we had to go in and “help” or give her a paci, etc 7 times between 6-7am, we never got her up or let her think it was morning/daylight. Eventually her body got used to it and now at 4 years old she never wakes up before 7am – generally she’s up around 7:30. Daughter #2 is 10 months old and we did the same thing with her and she sleeps until 7-7:30 as well. One or both of them may actually be awake before 7am on any given day, but they just lay/play/sing in their beds until we get them. We also have the ‘okay to wake’ clock for our 4 year old, but don’t have the need to use it yet. Currently she understands its safest to wait in her bed until we come get her.

  3. My son did great with the ok to wake clock. Maybe just sticking with it? My son has never woken up on his own before about 6:30 too. I have to wake him up for school lol. He’s always been a night owl. Good luck!

  4. My daughter is an early to bed, early to rise person, like me. She is generally out of napping, (maybe 1x a week, only at school, we don’t even bother on weekends–she is Quinn’s age.)
    On non nap days, she is asleep by 630. On nap days, usually 730/8.
    Her green light goes on at 610–she usually wakes between 5- 545 to use the bathroom, then has to stay in bed quietly. Depending on how early it is, she goes back to sleep.
    If she does that, she gets dessert that night. 🙂 If not…NO DESSERT! The horror, lol. It’s worked great for us! I would much rather have her not nap and get 2+ hours at night with my husband/to myself.

  5. No idea – my kid has always been an early riser (like 5/5:30am) and we’ve just accepted it and go to bed early too!

  6. I think he’s too only for a nap. If you took out the nap and were consistent with it he would start sleeping longer in the night. Kids only require so much sleep and if he is getting some of it in the day he’s going to either go to bed later or get up earlier!

  7. I’ve always just put my son back to bed if he got up early. Even as a baby, I’d settle him back down and take a shower if necessary. Now he’s 5.5 and will sleep 10 hours no matter when he goes to bed. We put him to bed around 8 during the week, he falls asleep by 9 and up at 7am. I have more trouble keeping him in his bed at bedtime than anything.

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