How to Get Motivated to Exercise During Nap Time

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Hi, guys!

I am still trucking along with the app from Mountain Athletics from The North Face for my workouts, and they’re going really well. I love the variety, intensity, and challenge, and, honestly, I’d rarely work out if I didn’t have this app right at my finger tips. With life being so crazy lately, it’s been kind of tough fitting in my regular sweat sessions.

I typically use The North Face Mountain Athletics app when Quinn is napping, and I often receive questions from readers about how I motivate myself to work out at home, so I wanted to share some of the things that I do to ensure that I stick with my training. Here goes!


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Make my workout non-negotiable and mentally prepare for it

This is essential for my workouts. If I am wishy-washy about whether I am going to work out when Quinn goes down for his morning nap, I’ll never get it done. The night before or even first thing in the morning, I tell myself: You are going to exercise today. No excuses. I almost make myself have tunnel vision, so I can’t come up with reasons why I’m too busy or too tired. Once I start thinking that way, it’s all over, so I make my workout non-negotiable and then just do it. Additionally, I’ll sometimes put my workout on my daily calendar or To Do list for the day, which also helps me commit to it.


Put on my workout gear

Putting on my workout gear is sometimes half the battle for me, so once I’m dressed, I almost feel like it’s a waste of time, effort, and workout clothes if I don’t exercise. I mean, if I made the effort, I might as well get moving, right? On the days that I plan to do a nap time workout, I typically get dressed first thing in the morning while Quinn is eating his breakfast. He’s usually so focused on his “ba-ba” (and usually cottage cheese), I have no excuse not to get out of my PJs and put on my workout gear. Having fun and stylish new clothes from The North Face also motivates me and put me in the right mindset to get my sweat on!


Set up equipment so it’s ready to go 

Also while Quinn is eating breakfast, I set up the equipment needed for my workout. I sometimes exercise in our basement, but I’d much rather work out in our driveway where I have a lot more space and fresh air. I’ll carry up barbells and plates, dumbbells, boxes, slamballs… whatever I need for my workout. That way, everything is ready to go as soon as Quinn goes down for his nap. Once again, if I make the effort and get everything ready, I might as well use it. It’s really tough to skip a workout or make an excuse when I have exercise equipment waiting for me.

Have a plan

This is also an important part of what keeps me motivated to exercise at home. If I don’t have a plan of attack for my workout, I end up wandering around aimlessly and not really getting much of a workout. If I have a set workout, I’m a million times more likely to push myself and get a quality workout, which is why I love the The North Face Mountain Athletics app so much. All of the workouts are planned out and you get a little preview of the upcoming one, so you always know what’s going on with your training.

IMG_1799 (450x800)

Use a timer

I love working against the clock when I exercise because it’s incredibly motivating and keeps me focused. Once I start the timer, I always finish my workout. No excuses! Plus, keeping track of my time is a good measurement of improvement when it comes to how I am progressing with my fitness.

the north face timer

Utilize quick, high-intensity workouts

I never know when Quinn is going to wake up, so I utilize quick, high-intensity workouts, like the ones in the Mountain Athletics Training app, as part of my regular training. (Here are more of my favorite workouts.) These workouts are efficient, effective, and have helped me reach my goal of fitting in more workouts at home.


Don’t forget the baby monitor

Keeping the baby monitor close to me while I exercise helps me better focus on my workout because I’m not worried about Quinn. I know as long as it’s just a few feet away, I can hear and see him if he needs me.

If you haven’t seen this video from The North Face yet, be sure to check it out. It’s really cool!

Questions of the Day

Moms: When do you work out? If it’s during naptime, how do you get motivated? What type of workouts do you do?

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  1. As a new mom myself, I couldn’t agree more with your tips. I have found that getting ready first thing in the morning endures I stick with the nap workout. If I’m not prepared (dressed and game plan) it wastes precious time and I either can’t make it through my workout or skip. Set yourself up for success!

  2. I workout at nap time also. I find it helps get rid of all the morning stress to make room for the afternoon stress…..especially with three kids!

  3. I don’t workout during nap times – I feel like I have to utilize that time to get stuff done around the house haha I do have to mentally prepares for my workouts and plan them otherwise they won’t get done!

  4. We (my husband and I) work out every day either while she is awake in the AM before nap (if we want to do the same routine, she plays in her play yard near us) or I do one solo during her AM nap. I put on my workout clothes when I first wake up, while the coffee brews.
    I use Fitness Blender or Jillian Michaels. I typically do a max of 20 minutes, so I have time for other stuff during the nap (cleaning up, getting ready for the day, etc) and I do it the minute I put her down, so I don’t get sucked into something else!

  5. You touched on this a bit, but you said that you don’t know when Quinn is going to wake up. I remember so many times, I’d get my little down for a nap, and BAM, it felt like they woke up immediately! I love that you prep everything before hand, that way you can jump right into the workout as soon as he is asleep. Great plan 🙂
    There is nothing more disappointing then settling in to do what you had planned for naptime and hearing the baby cry. This happens to me nightly, I climb into bed to finally go to sleep and BOOM, kid wakes up and needs me. It makes me think I will never sleep again 😉 And my kids are 4 & 6

  6. Great tips! As a mom of two, I can’t always rely on synchronized naps (but it is totally amazing when that happens!), so I try to make it to a stroller boot camp class at least twice a week and then my other workouts are fit into little pockets of time when everyone is content. Getting into my workout clothes first thing definitely helps there and high intensity training is my friend!

  7. I don’t have any kids, yet, but I think the same applies for everyone when it comes to planning workouts. I do feel like getting dressed and getting everything ready is half the battle. I usually like to run in the morning before work so I try to always get my clothes/watch/earphones ready the night before so I’m not running around looking for anything and wasting time because, if that happens, I feel stressed and rushed through my run!

  8. I’m a new mom (baby is 8 months old) and work full time. The only time during the week that I Can find to work out is at 7pm. I take 7pm classes at Shred in Quincy (spinning or pilates) because my husband is home from work by 6:30. I really wish I could fine time to work out during the morning because I’m out of the house by 5:55 am for work. I also make the effort to walk as much as I possibly can with the baby. In addition to working out at Shred, I walk atleast 1-2 miles with the baby most days. On the weekends, I take a 8am class and/or walk to the park and make myself do lunges,squats and other things there.

    1. I also have a baby and work full time and I can only work out at 7 pm. It’s hard to stay motivated : I cannot wear workout clothes to work and I get to pick up my baby from daycare after work, go home and take care of him until daddy come home. It’s hard to leave the house after that.

      However, I recently noticed that if I skip the gym at the beginning of the week (Monday and Tuesday), I’m less likely to work out during the remaining of the week : so I have to kick myself in the butt and leave the house for the gym on Monday no matter what so I can stay motivated with my workouts for the whole week 🙂

      1. @Miriam:

        Its nice to see someone is in a similiar situation. I pick up the baby from daycare too. However, I sign up for all my classes for the week on Sunday night and make myself go. I always feel a little guilty leaving my baby even if its for an hour but I realize I have to do this for myself.

  9. My little dude is almost nine months and it took me a while to find my rhythm, but I’m a 5 AM gal myself. If I don’t get up and get it over with, it’s so easy to lose steam or motivation in the evening, especially since the baby can be unpredictable. I’ve been getting up for 3 circuit workouts a week at 5 or 5:30 and running on at least one of the alternate mornings. Then, I usually walk or run with the stroller on one or two of my circuit nights. Weekends are a free-for-all, but since I put the work in M-F, I let myself fudge a bit on weekends!

    Lay out workout clothes the night before. Put my circuit workout schedule by the door (I’m the weirdo doing burpees in my driveway!). Just GO!

  10. GAH! I love this top. And I had to babysit my niece one day, so I set up camp in my basement with a baby monitor every time she went down. I ended up doing 3 separate 30 minute sessions throughout the day, so it was a good solid day!

  11. I attended one of their workouts last week at the Common and nearly died from just the warm up! They’re no joke, but I plan to go again!

  12. I do the same thing at nap time every day: jumping jacks, pushups, weights and planks. I have a little routine that seems to work for me! Although, I don’t have to factor in taking pictures of myself doing said exercises like you do. That would feel so very strange!

  13. You said three great things “No excuses”, “Non negotiable” and “Mentally prepare”. I totally agree. I’m a believer in just set your mind to it and get it done.

  14. I’m a recently new stay at home mom (quit my job for school that’s now over!) but my son doesn’t always go down for a nap. So I wake up super early in the morning and I’ll work out before anyone else is up. Depending on my workout, I’ll do the cardio part in the morning and the other half after my man goes to work. Usually my son is up by then but he watches and does his own “I wan workout.” That way he sees that it’s something I enjoy. But I also have my clothes ready to go in the bathroom so first thing in the morning they’re right there in sight. And I have a thin planner that all my workouts go into. Also proving to myself that I don’t need a gym is good too. I’m smaller now from working out at home and training for a half than I was pre-pregnancy when I was hitting the gym.

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  16. I love how you are motivated to keep on working out to maintain a healthy body, even when your son is napping! It made me realize that no matter how busy we are, we always have that “spare time” so might as well utilize it in exercising and maintaining our healthy body than making crap excuses. This post will be a great help for me to reassess my schedules and I might have to download the app to guide me as well. Thanks!

  17. Great post!! I think this will help a lot of moms and dads to fit in a workout at home. The doctor always recommends to nap when baby naps so why not workout when baby naps. That way your still getting in your daily workout. Whether your workout out at home because your prefer it or you have a baby to look after, it is sometimes hard to find the motivation to work out because in your home you have so many distraction. Having a plan of your workout I think everyone should have a plan, it makes your workout more effective and runs smoothly. I like to have a timer when I am working out at home but this can’t go a miss when you have a baby napping. It will get harder once your son stops napping, what will you do then for a home workout?

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