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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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By the time I got home from Sweetgreen yesterday, it was just about time for Murphy‘s afternoon walk.

IMG_8254 (900x675)

It was a beautiful day (I think spring is finally here???), so I grabbed my iPhone, headphones, and headed out for a pug+podcast walk around the neighborhood. 

Yesterday, I listened to an episode of Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio, which was all about fecal microbiota transplants and, not surprisingly, it was totally fascinating. Other parts of the world are having so much success with this treatment, but the U.S. is still years behind. At the Taymount Clinic in the United Kingdom, the success rate for C. diff remission is 100% while people are dying from it in the U.S.! Crazy, right? I hope with more research, this treatment will become available for IBD and IBS patients too. Anyway, if you’re interested in this topic, definitely check out Chris Kresser’s podcast.

IMG_2398 (900x675)

Midway through our walk, Murphy and I found a quarter, which probably isn’t that exciting for most people, but the pug was pretty pumped about it since he is getting closer and closer to buying something with his found earnings. (We’ve been collecting the loose change that we find on our walks all winter long.) I bet he buys a dog treat with it!

IMG_2402 (675x900)

After our walk, I suddenly felt so exhausted, like I needed a nap or something. I’m totally not a napper (I always wake up more tired and cranky), so I relaxed on the couch and read a magazine. Usually, I’d power through my sleepiness (and then go do a million things instead like the psycho that I am), but I just went with it yesterday. Baby Haupert is doing a lot of growing in the next several weeks, so I figured if I’m feeling tired, I should probably listen to my body and chill out. Plus, I’ve had the grossest cold and cough since the weekend, so some rest probably wouldn’t hurt.

IMG_2406 (675x900)

A couple of great money-saving tips from this month’s issue of AllYou:

  • “Know your price points! My stock-up price for toilet paper is 25 cents a roll. Whenever it costs that little, I run to the store; if it’s higher, I skip the sale.”
  • What savings strategy has made the biggest impact on your life: “Saving every $5 bill I get. It makes a huge difference! In the past few years, I’ve saved around $7,000.”

IMG_2408 (900x675)

The rest of my evening involved dinner, laundry, and watching a couple of episodes of True Detective because it’s Watchathon Week! Woohoo! I’m planning a Girls marathon in the coming days. I haven’t watched it since the first season, so I am really looking forward to catching up!

Questions of the Day

Are you a nap lover or hater?

What savings strategy has made the biggest impact on your life?

Have you seen True Detective? Thoughts?



  1. How did you do this? “Saving every $5 bill I get. It makes a huge difference! In the past few years, I’ve saved around $7,000.”

  2. I wish I could nap, but I have the same problem–I wake up all confused and more tired, even if it was for a short time.
    I automate savings. I have two deductions taken out of checkings and put into savings twice a month.
    I’m also so excited it’s Watchathon Week! Just in time for Game of Thrones to start! Have heard True Detectives is really good, but haven’t seen it.

  3. I typically only nap when I physically can’t fight it anymore and just know I need a quick cat nap. If I’m feeling particularly worn out and just need a break I will read or have a little couch time like you.

  4. LOVED True Detective! It’s strange and dark, but refreshingly different! I love McConaughey’s character. Enjoy!

  5. Great savings tips! I love simple and easy ways to save a little extra cash. These seem much more manageable than extreme couponing 🙂 I have always picked up loose change on the street and usually can save about 80$ every couple of months just from change that I find. Murphy can get an awesome amount of dog treats if he keeps finding change 🙂

  6. I want to love naps, but like you I always feel more tired afterwards, so I usually power through them as well.

    Don’t buy things just because they are cheap or items I will never wear/use. Even if I find a super sale item on macaroni and cheese, I know I am never going to make it, so I don’t buy it. And that top that is 50% off that looks like something I already own or I ‘kind of’ like, I know I have to fight the urge to buy it.

  7. Wait, wait, backtracking to fecal topics: have you read “Gulp” by Mary Roach? It’s an insanely engrossing (and just plain gross, sometimes) look at the human digestive system, from spit to, well, fecal transplants. She devoted some good space to shaming American medicine for being too squeamish for treatments that could improve the lives of thousands of people. I recommend it as a read for people with interest in health and food — especially if you have someone to whom you can read out loud the really repulsive stuff.

  8. Ohhh yes, when I have the time available for a nap, I definitely take the opportunity! I save all of my $1. I have an envelope at work and a bag at home where all the spare dollars go – it’s my ‘someday wedding’ fund!

  9. Nap hater! It’s not that I hate them per se, but I have never been able to successfully nap. I always feel like I should be doing other things instead. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise though, because it takes me literally 1.7 seconds to fall asleep every night!

  10. i love naps! then again, i’m a college student and will take any sleep i can get 😉 on days i have to go to work early i end up coming back to my room and napping for an hour or two before going to class. works like a charm!

  11. I LOVE naps!

    I also LOVE all savings strategies 🙂 My favorite is to automate your savings- start low with $15 a paycheck if you think you can’t afford anything more than that, and have it sent directly to your savings account! As you get more comfortable, bump it up by $10 or $15 until you’re putting a good chunk of money into savings automatically every paycheck!

  12. Thanks for the heads up on the podcast. I had a fecal transplant about a year ago because I could not get rid of a c. diff infection. It worked like a miracle! If only it had helped my Crohn’s; had the worst flare of my life a few weeks later. Interested to hear more opinions on it for IBD.

    And like you, I am a terrible napper.

    1. @kate: also a fellow Crohn’s suffer, I had a doctor at the hospital tell me there doing testing on worms that would only eat the diseased tissue in those with crohn’s and IBS he said he went to a seminar on and it and was very interesting. I’ve also heard of the fecal transplant sounds gross but I would rater do something that’s works and is gross then putting all these chemicals they give me in my body. too bad it did not help your Crohn’s.

  13. The only time I take a nap (35 minutes, no more!) is when I’m going out in the evening! I’m so used to being in bed by 11 that if I know I’ll be out in to the early hours its the only way I’ll make it!

  14. I love the top pic of Murphy. I always find my pug in the afternoon sunshine. She moves her spot as the sun moves throughout the afternoon. Love it!

  15. I am NOT a napper. I usually feel worse when I wake up. my husband, however, needs a daily nap to power through the day and wakes up feeling refreshed and recharged. I never feel that way! lol

  16. My husband and I FLEW through True Detective. I don’t have words to describe how much I loved that show. It made me see Matthew Mcconaughey in a whole new light. Before I only knew him as a romantic comedy kind of guy. He and Woody Harrelson are flawless together.

  17. I’m the same as you – I often want to take naps, but whenever I do, I wake up even worse and super cranky! I’ve never heard of anyone else being like that…glad to know I’m not the only one! 😉

  18. I’m not always good at bargain shopping, but know that if I bring my lunch to work four days a week, it will probably be healthier and cheaper than buying lunch everyday. Between that, and making Starbucks trips a once-a-week treat, I have definitely been able to save a little more!

  19. Interesting idea on saving $5 bills! Mr Science saves any change he has. All those dollars and quarters add up quick.

    I might have to start a coffee shop fund now that I’ve switched to freelancing full-time so that I get out of the house more 😉

  20. when I first got sick with Crohn’s I tried taking naps because I was tired all the time, but I also feel worse after taking one. If I see a good price on something I know I use I will stock up. today I got a like new computer chair off craigslist for $30 mine was falling apart and this one looks brand new.

  21. love Chris Kresser’s podcast! we learn so much.
    and I’ve never been a napper, but since becoming pregnant I have been napping more, very weird for me. but know it’s important 😉

  22. True Detective was so good! I was so sad when it ended. I wonder who they are going to get for the next season…. Enjoy!

  23. Big napper here! I picked up the nap habit in college. I would schedule one every day. Love them! Don’t get a chance to do it so often now.

    Money saving strategies?? No matter what, my husband and I put $100 each in our IRA every month. It is an automatic draft and it is a priority. By the summer, we are bumping up the contribution.

    Loved “True Detective”! I hear there is another season in the works because the first season was so successful. I love the crazy dialogue by Matthew. Fabulous.

  24. I try to take a nap on Sundays. Just a little recharge.
    Automatic deposits are my savings strategy. I pay bills every month and I pay myself with an auto transfer to savings.

  25. I found a $20 bill the last time I was walking at 7 am. try as I might, I can’t recreate that find. …True detective -awesome. took some getting in to. the first few episodes of Girls were not my favorite , but it got better towards the end of this season. Bates motel is better this season than last0awesome.

  26. As of lately I can’t get enough naps; I’ve been so tired! Usually I don’t do naps because if I take one , I won’t sleep during the night. I’ve been taking long naps and slept through the night, and still feel tired! Crazy!! I have never watched True Detective, but I am caught up with Girls!

  27. I love naps but I have to be careful because if I take too long of a nap then I am groggy and tired the rest of the day. Even though I’m always tempted to take one I tend to better without them.

  28. I’m a nap “MUSTER”!! I work night shift so my days off usually require an afternoon nap to feel normal 🙂 as for saving some dough, the Hubs and I made a rule to only go out for one meal a week. This has saved us so much money which we are putting towards a down payment on a house!

  29. Girls is the best. I have every episode of Season 3 on my dvr box waiting for a rainy Saturday marathon.

  30. Love that Murphy saves his found money…too cute!! No naps here, not with 3 kids 🙂

    As far as savings, we bank money per paycheck for college educations!

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