How Do You Like Your Yoga?

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Hello, hello! How’s your Wednesday treating you? I hope well! I’ve enjoyed a nice day so far.


This morning’s breakfast was a French Toast Breakfast Scramble with Teddie peanut butter, which, of course, I went back for a second and third scoop of. I was really hungry when I woke up this morning, so I also added some extra egg whites to my scramble. And I drank a glass of (decaf) iced coffee with SO Delicious Nog Coconut Milk.

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After breakfast, I met Kerrie at Starbucks for some coffee and blogging. She recently started a blog for her business, so I’ve been helping her with it.


While we worked, I sipped on a decaf eggnog misto (1/2 decaf coffee + 1/2 steamed eggnog). The barista gave me the option of having the eggnog mixed with regular milk (like they do for the lattes), but I opted for straight up eggnog, which was a seriously delicious decision. Eggnog me!



A little while later, Kerrie and I packed up our things and headed to Open Doors for a fabulously sweaty hot power yoga class. I hadn’t taken a hot yoga class since the 2nd Health Living Summit in Chicago, so it had been awhile… I forgot how much I like it! I loved the fast pace and sweatiness of today’s class, so I ended up buying a 3-pack of classes, which I know will get used in the coming months. Winter in New England? Hello!



After yoga, I came home and threw together lunch, which was a turkey burger with BBQ sauce and some Sweet Potato Wedges. While lunch cooked, I snacked on some peanuts and a few pieces of cheddar cheese, which, obviously, aren’t pictured because I was starving and didn’t think to whip out my camera as I chowed down as soon as I walked into the kitchen after yoga. You know what I’m talking about, right? Feed me mode.


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Question of the Day

How do you like your yoga? Hot? Slow? Flow? Power? What’s your favorite kind? 



  1. I’m a vinyasa flow girl all the way. I’ve tried kundalini in the past, but it just wasn’t me thing. I keep thinking about trying a bikram class, but I’m a little intimidated. Maybe that will be one of my 2013 resolutions!

  2. I am a hot yoga addict–the Bikram rendition to be more specific. I cannot get enough. I love the challenge and the amazing exhaustion you feel once taking your last Shavasana.

  3. I know “feed me mode” all too well! That is me between the time I get finished running in the city after work and the commute back across the river to Hoboken. I walk through the door and to the fridge in a hunger daze!
    I keep telling myself to take more yoga and after every class feel amazing…yet I still only make it once a month, if that.

  4. I took hot yoga and although I liked how I felt, it just wasnt ‘enough’ for me. I like to feel sore after a workout, and to feel my own earned sweat (not from the heat).
    And I feel some yoga may be to slow.
    I like a fast, sweating workout. Actually, the Jillian Michaels yoga DVD I got last year is a great workout when I dont have time to hit the gym

  5. Definitely power flow warm yoga! This one class I try to attend semi-regularly does a lot of core work within one short hour and it’s not too hot that I’m melting.

  6. I’ve been meaning to and wanting to try hot yoga for so long now but I chicken out every time! I’m nervous that it will be too hot for me. Do you ever get dizzy or kind of claustrophobic in the room at all?

  7. Since getting into yoga a bit more this past year, I’ve realized it really depends on how my body is feeling and what my mood is… If I’m super sore and just need to relax, I love a good gentle yoga session. However, if I’m in the mood to move and get a little sore, I prefer more of a power yoga type session. I have yet to try hot yoga though! I’d love to someday.

  8. I love all kinds of power flow (regular, warm, hot). I also seek out instructors who incorporate a lot of difficult balances and inversions (hello scorpion!) into their classes.

  9. I got a 30-day pass Groupon to this bikram place once, and I HATED it. I hate heat in general (especially working out in it!), but this was just ridiculous. I couldn’t even hold half the poses because I was sweating so much and everything was slipping. It didn’t help that it was the same 20 moves in the same order each time. I’m cheap, so I went just about every day that month, but I hated every second of it.

  10. Favorite yoga = 75 minutes of a non-heated, but non-A/C Power Vinyasa! The teacher at the studio I go to is 9 MONTHS PREGGERS & still teaches the most vigorous flow I’ve ever taken!

    My friend actually teaches yoga @ crossfit & they’re having an hr long charity yoga class (donation-based) followed by (free every Sat) WOD! I’m going to be a noodley-sweaty mess. 🙂

  11. I LOVE hot yoga and try to practice 2-3 times a week. I typically enjoy Hot Vinyasa, which involves flow, strength, core, and lots of deep stretching. As a runner, my hamstrings are very grateful for this. Yoga is such an important part of my life both physically and mentally!

  12. I used to do Bikram about 7 years ago. I was addicted. It always felt so good to leave the studio into the fresh cold air. I tried it again last year and I just could not take the heat. maybe it’s because I’m older and just can’t take extreme temperatures. I know there is a hot yoga that is not quite as hot as Bikram studios and I may try that

  13. I love fast paced yoga! I teach vinyasa yoga as well as yoga sculpt. It’s fun because I can get such a good workout doing something I love.

  14. I love hot yoga of any kind. It helps a ton with my arthritis and gets a great sweat going. The studio I’ve been going to the last few months is Moksha, and they have their own flow which I really enjoy, and they have a great yin class which is always good to calm the mind 🙂 Glad you are getting back into some hot yoga classes!

  15. Hot Power Yoga! I’ve tried hatha, vinyasa, and bikram, but can never get enough of hot yoga. I feel I’m getting a great workout and stretch at the same time! Love it!

  16. I love Bikram hot yoga. I feel cleansed and refreshed after I leave the class. I never clock watch either. I have not been for a year now, but need to get back for some classed this winter.

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